Free Giveaway: Bob Greene’s Total Body Makeover DVD

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So apparently Bob Greene is Oprah’s personal trainer. He is credited with giving Oprah an exercise and nutrition plan that has actually helped her maintain a healthy weight.

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Obviously you must know by now that Oprah started off huge, lost a ton of weight, ballooned back up again, lost it again, gained it all back, etc… But from what I understand, thanks to Bob Greene’s workout plan and nutrition tips, she is finally maintaining a healthy weight.

Free Product Alert!

Allow me to announce Project Swole’s most recent free giveaway: Bob Greene’s Total Body Makeover DVD.

I haven’t watch this, nor will I, but I can tell you what it says on the DVD package.

  • An 8-Week Program for Maximum Results in Minimum Time
  • 8 Express Workouts on 1 DVD – Customized for Every Level
  • Nutrition and Diet Advice
  • Motivational Tools
  • Bonus: A 24 Page Makeover Plan

The workout plan is a full body routine used 3 times a week. (Just like my full body workout routine, full body routine plus HIIT for women, or full body routine plus HIIT for men.)

There are many options available to customize the routine for your needs – beginner to intermediate, how to personalize your routine; and options for flexibility, balance, and strength training.

The DVD itself runs about 115 minutes.

So, if you have no interest in any Project Swole programs, or if you want to try something different, feel free to add your name to the list of people who would like to get this DVD for free.

All you have to do to win is post a comment on this thread and cross your fingers. I will randomly select someone to receive this DVD on Sunday, February 14th at 12 midnight EST (roughly).


These comments and reviews come from other people who have used this product.


  • The nutritional plan is easy to follow.
  • Teaches you how to battle emotional factors that cause overeating
  • Author is a well-respected expert in field
  • Author is endorsed by Oprah


  • The exercise program has been called “tough”. (Probably by overweight middle aged lazy American moms.)
  • There is no online support. You get the DVD, that’s your support.

Diet and Nutrition

Greene outlines five rules you will need to live by to cut calories and lose fat.

  • end emotional eating
  • eat breakfast everyday
  • drink plenty of water
  • limit alcohol consumption
  • define a time to stop eating each evening

I think I mention those rules in every post I write about anything on Project Swole. Go figure.


The Total Body Makeover is a 12-week program that demands commitment. Start by focusing on fitness through cardio, strength and functional training.

  • Beginners should perform a high-intensity aerobic workout 15 minutes daily.
  • Intermediates should exercise for 30 minutes.
  • Advanced athletes should perform 45 minutes of the exercise.
  • Increase these times by two minutes each week and commit to exercising 6 times each week.

Those are some great exercise tips I guess. Based on all these ‘great’ reviews, you can decide if you’d like to win this DVD for free. I’ll even pay the postage to ship it to you.

Comment on this thread before Sunday, February 14th at 12 midnight EST to be eligible to win. If you win, I will e-mail you to ask you for your shipping address, so provide a legit e-mail address please. I will never give out or sell your personal information to anyone. Good luck!

If you don’t want to wait, click the Amazon link to the right and just buy the thing.

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  1. Im very interested about learning more information on pancreatic cancer. I have been doing research on this type of cancer for almost two years!!

  2. I would love this to give to my father…
    He is quite overweight and his health concerns me. He becomes more willing by the day

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