Top 10 YouTube Female Fitness Influencers of 2022

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YouTube Female Fitness Influencers

When you can’t go to the gym, you can watch videos on Youtube. Every year, the Youtube community grows, with creators sharing their fitness experiences, ideas, and tactics with their fans in order to inspire them to live better and happier lives. Viewers from all around the world are flocking to Youtube to work out their favorite YouTube Female Fitness Influencers. Fitness superstars with millions of followers are reaching out to audiences all over social media with customized experiences and diet plans.

Check out the top 10 Youtube Female Fitness Influencers that might serve as your personal trainers, online or offline.

1. Yoga With Adriene

You’ve probably heard of Yoga With Adriene. Everybody surely has for several good reasons. Adriene’s objective is to reach as many people as possible by providing high-quality, free yoga videos. The free Yoga video library is large, giving customers plenty of opportunities to select a practice that matches their mood.

Yoga with Adriene offers numerous series for Youtube users who are new to yoga, such as Yoga for Beginners and Foundations of Yoga. If you’re ready to take it to the next level, the sweat-including Yoga for Weight Loss or Total Body Yoga soundtracks will come in handy.

2. Kayla Itsines

Kayla Itsines has been a female personal trainer since 2008. Her success as a dynamic fitness influencer has won her a spot on Forbes’ list of Top Fitness Influencers and Time’s list of the top 30 most influential people on the internet.

Itsines is most known for her Bikini Body Guide exercises, but she also has best-selling books and a hugely successful fitness app. Her films and videos provide adaptable routines that may be followed online by almost anyone.

3. The Fitness Blender

Daniel and Kelli, a husband-and-wife team, founded Fitness Blender. The channel has over 600 free, full-length fitness videos, with more being uploaded every week.

With so many incredible and inspiring videos to choose from, whether you’re a recovering couch potato or an excellent athlete, you’re bound to discover something that piques your interest. Along with full-length training videos, you’ll find useful information on health, fitness, nutrition, and other topics.

4. The Popsugar Fitness

Popsugar Fitness, led by Anna Renderer, provides fitness courses, workouts, and exercises for anybody looking to lose weight, reduce stress, and live a better lifestyle.

You’ll be working out alongside Anna, other fitness professionals, and Hollywood’s most sought-after celebrity trainers in all these videos.

Popsugar Fitness also allows you to participate in the most popular and amazing fitness programs and trends, such as P90X, Barre Method, Victoria’s Secret workout, and more.

5. Blogilates

On her channel, professional fitness teacher Cassey Ho offers full-length Pop Pilates, PIIT28, and entertaining Bootcamp Sculpting sessions. Cassey has been filming Pop Pilates videos on Youtube for ten years, and her audience is always rising, with people eager to use her useful fitness schedules, tips, and techniques. You can discover videos on her channel as one of the top YouTube Female Fitness Influencers, about how to burn fat, how to build your abs, clean eating ideas, and so much more.

6. Nikki Blackketter

Nikki Blackketter is a former brand ambassador for GymShark (a workout gear business) and Cellucor (supplements). Her Youtube channel focuses on weight reduction, bodybuilding, and at-home workouts, as well as offering an insight into her personal life. Nikki is from Los Angeles and she is able to blog almost every day. She joined the Youtube Community in 2014 and she now has over 700k subscribers.

7. Pamela Reif

Pamela Reif is considered as so much more than just a normal fitness Youtuber. While she frequently broadcasts exercise videos on her Youtube Channel, her website also sells cookbooks, food goods, a meal subscription box, and even her own app! Pamela adds clean recipes, workouts, health and fitness ideas, and weekly training programs to the Pam App.

Pamela updates her Youtube Channel a few times every week with new videos that include a combination of leg workouts, ab workouts, and calorie-burning activities. She also offers playlists to assist you in finding the workouts that you wish to undertake. Workout playlists are available in Intense, Home, Beginner Friendly, and Live formats.

8. Dana Linn Bailey

Dana Linn Bailey has received acclaim. She was the first international Federation of Bodybuilders (IFBB) Pro in history, she won the first-ever Ms. Physique Olympia, she has been on magazine covers, she has her own training column, her own gym, and the list just keeps adding on. So, we’re claiming that she surely knows what she’s talking about.

Despite this, she believes her greatest accomplishment to be gaining confidence in herself and her body, not only cosmetically, but also emotionally.

Dana’s Youtube Channel is chock-full of full-length training videos, fitness advice for at-home workouts, and films chronicling her journey to competitions.

9. Sami Clarke

Sami Clarke is most known for revealing her own training routines, which she claims altered her life for good. She designs exercises and training programs that will leave you with slim, toned, and lengthened muscles, and she emphasizes the need for consistency. Sami publishes recipes, exercise, nutrition, and lifestyle videos on her Youtube Channel. She is devoted to well-being and encourages her followers to be the greatest versions of themselves.

10. Whitney Simmons

Whitney Simmons has a famous saying that states “Living a healthy lifestyle is so much more than working out; it’s about feeling good on the inside and out”, and we couldn’t agree more with her. Whitney not only has a successful Youtube Channel where she produces amazing videos on healthy meals, exercises, and lifestyle, but she also has her own mobile app. Workouts, routines, a trip tracker, and plenty of motivation can be found on her Alive App.

Final Thoughts

Following various YouTube Female Fitness Influencers is an excellent method to discover your new favorite training program without leaving your house! The influencers on this list are a wonderful place to start if you’re looking for new and exciting fitness regimens to keep you healthy, happy, fit, and especially inspired!

Please share in the comments if you have any favorite YouTube female fitness influencers who are not listed here.

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