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LA Fitness

If you are tired of postponing your workout or finding reasons to skip the gym, you should think about how important it is for you to look good and stay healthy. Even if it’s not easy to find the right gym that goes hand in hand with your busy schedule, you have to make an effort in order to stay in shape. You want to look for a gym local to your home or work, that has adequate equipment, lenient rules, helpful staff, and workable operating hours. 

With locations all over the US and Canada, LA Fitness could be a great suit for you. Therefore, find out about their latest offers and promotions, and choose a package that suits your needs and budget. There are a lot of deals and discounts for LA fitness. You just have to track them and stay connected to the last news. This gym has its headquarters in Irvine, California, United States and it was founded in November 1984.

  • History

The founder of LA Fitness is Chin Yi, who is the Chairman and CEO, and Louis Welch, who is the CEO and President of this fitness club. During the mid-1990s, this franchise acquired under-performing fitness clubs, being able to expand in California. The company developed and started operating freshly built properties.

Back in 1995, LA Fitness developed a new fitness and sports club. This soon became the signature model of the company at that time. The standard program starts with a cardio and strength equipment, adding free weights and group exercise room. Then, the pack is complete with a swimming pool sessions and court sports. Most of the LA Fitness locations offer racquetball and basketball. In this way, all the members of the gym can choose from a wide range of workout exercises.

  • Operations

This company remains a privately owned one. The private equity firms Madison Dearborn Partners and Seidler Equity Partners hold the major ownership interests. All the LA Fitness locations feature group fitness classes throughout the day, cardio and weight equipment and an indoor heated lap pool.

Furthermore, it also includes basketball and racquetball courts, spa, sauna, personal trainers, locker facilities, babysitting, swim school and juice bar. What else can you wish for? Another important aspect you should know is that all their locations are open 7 days per week. What is more, some of their locations are open 24/7.

  • How It Expanded

LA Fitness has further boosted its in-house development efforts. Now, every year, new club construction accounts for almost all the clubs they open. In 1998, LA Fitness has 12 prototype clubs in Arizona and southern California. In the meantime, this franchise has gradually increased the rate of new club development.

This lead to the development of its concept in numerous other geographic regions in the U.S. The list of new regions incorporates the upper Midwest, the Northeast, the Mid-Atlantic states, the Pacific Northwest and the Sun Belt. Therefore, the rate of expansion was pretty high that they reached to add 180 more clubs between 2006 and 2009.

  • What Members Say

Most of their members are completely satisfied with the quality of the services, equipment, and staff. Therefore, LA Fitness managed to earn the trust of numerous people who have remained faithful to this company. The group classes are extraordinary and numerous clients have praised them.

However, most of the negative reviews talk about the staff in some locations. They appear to be less professional than they should. The trainers seem to be nice to members only if they pay for training classes. When you are a newbie at the gym, you certainly need someone to show you around and explain how every machine works. Therefore, the staff should be kinder and provide helpful information to all customers.

  • Acquisitions

Back in 2000, the big company purchased a large health club chain in Atlanta. Eventually, they have decided to replace the 25 units with 14 bigger prototype clubs. Furthermore, the company built more clubs in the Atlanta region. Currently, the company owns 26 clubs in Georgia.

In 2007, LA Fitness managed to expand even more outside the U.S. by purchasing six fitness clubs in Canada, Ontario, Toronto. In 2011, the company acquired 171 clubs from Bally Total Fitness. Furthermore, in 2012 the company acquired 33 Lifestyle Family Fitness Clubs in Florida.


Choosing a gym that offers quality services and also has a schedule that fits yours can be a drag. LA Fitness may be the perfect fitness spot for you if you are pleased with the programs and deals they offer. Make sure you find their closest fitness club near your house and sign up for a membership. As most of their clients, you will be pleased with the services and workout packs you get here.


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