Isagenix Shakes vs Shakeology

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As the story goes… you are fit in your early twenties, but then you are slowly getting lazy, forget about your exercises, eat whatever you want. Sometimes it’s your studying, sometimes it’s your job that prevents you from keeping yourself in shape, the outcomes is always the same – you are gaining those extra pounds that are extremely hard to get rid of.

Did it occur to you that you could supplement one or two of your meals each day with a healthy protein shake? We’ve tried a couple products and we figured our readers would be interested in learning more. 

You know that diets and those exhausting physical training are the best ways to lose that extra weight. However, you are most likely to look for alternative weight-loss methods. The market is full of weight-loss products, and the hardest thing is to pick the right one. It is getting even harder when you have two popular products on the market to choose from. Isagenix Shakes and Shakeology are currently the most popular weight-loss products, and you need to read more honest product reviews and comparisons in order to figure out which one of the two suits you the best.


What is Isagenix?


Isagenix is a meal replacement shake. It is said to be clinically safe and based on the reviews of the customers, no harmful side effects have been detected. The main aim of Isagenix shakes is supporting weight-loss, as well as lean muscle-growth. The shake is high on both vitamins and minerals. It also has 24 grams of protein. Isagenix shakes are considered to be superior food replacement drinks, thanks to its high nutrients and low sodium, fat, and cholesterol. Aside from that, the added protein is pure, made without hormones or antibiotics. You can mix the shake with water as well as with milk.




Shakeology meal replacement drink is worth your consideration if you are looking for a tasty substitute for food that would boost your digestion and energy. Just like Isagenix shakes, Shakeology helps you to lose weight and support lean muscle growth. The main ingredients are protein, amino acids, prebiotics and digestive enzymes. Aside from boosting your digestion, Shakeology increases your absorption of nutrients. Most of the customers are happy with the result, claiming to lose around ten pounds in three months of consuming Shakeology, instead of two meals.


Comparative Review


Well, as you can see both of the meal replacements seem to be great. Both support weight-loss and both help lean muscle-growth. Both can be mixed with water and milk. There are other things you need to consider, before making your final decision. Neither of the shakes is low on sugar, which can often lead you to think that you would gain more weight, rather than lose some. Both are soy free. The Shakeology, however, is lower in terms of calories. Shakelogy has only 160 calories, while Isagenix Shakes have around 250.

While it can look as though Shakelogy has the advantage, mind that the lower number of calories won’t help you subdue your hunger. Thus, we offer you to stick with Isagenix, as these shakes are more likely to make you feel full. Besides, replacing two meals with Isagenix shakes and having one traditional healthy meal would help you keep your daily caloric intake regulated.

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