Getting Into Peak Shape for a Big Event

Big Event Fitness

A Short Term Solution

If you’re committed to your health and fitness, then you’ve probably got a regular routine worked out already. But you may have found that over time, your targeted regimen begins to deliver fewer returns in the way of results.

This is not such a terrible thing when you’re merely maintaining your level of fitness. But when you have to look your best for an event like a wedding, a body-builder competition, or even a stroll down the red carpet, you may be keen to up your game where your workouts are concerned.

The process starts with assessing your current state, determining your goals, and then figuring out the steps needed to get you where you want to be within a set time limit. So whether you have several months to prepare or just a couple of weeks, here are some tips that will help to get you in peak physical condition before the big event.

Evaluate Your Current Routine

The first thing to consider is what your current routine looks like and what it’s doing for you. If you’ve settled into an easy program that includes a graduated plan for lifting weights, along with a high-calorie diet to add muscle, you might have noticed a little extra padding here and there.

If you’ve been cutting lately, you may be longing for the larger muscles you had a few months ago. Every lifter knows the difficult balance between bulking and cutting needed to maintain optimum fitness, but if you’ve been doing one or the other for a while and you’re unhappy with the current results, perhaps it’s time to switch up your regimen in order to realize some immediate changes.

You might also talk to your trainer or consult your favorite fitness blogs to find a new routine. Changing your exercises, adding some cardio or different lifting techniques, could help you to more quickly see the results you crave.

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What is Your Goal?

This, of course, brings us to the next question: what results are you hoping for? Whether your ideal involves larger biceps or more defined abs, the type of physical image you’re going for will have a decided impact on how you proceed.

Perhaps what you’re seeking is an overarching peak of physical fitness for your body type, in which case a comprehensive program like Insanity, P90X, or a month of CrossFit could deliver the goods.

If you simply want to tighten up targeted areas in time for your event then you’ll no doubt want to pinpoint diet and exercise options that will help you to reach your goals. There are well over half a dozen great routines on Project Swole that will solve that problem.

So of course, the final consideration is what exercises you’ll do, and your choices here will depend almost exclusively on your goals and the amount of time you have to prepare before you have to slip into your swimsuit, birthday suit, wedding attire or red carpet dress ensemble.

Choose the Right Solution

In most cases, adding extra crunches, curls, or presses won’t really do the trick. If you want to up the ante and get in peak shape you’re going to need to switch up your regular routine by mixing in new exercises in order to stress your body and make it respond more quickly to your efforts.

Don’t forget to think about the role your diet may be playing in your current physical condition; you’ll need to tailor it to meet the needs of your new workout and your overall goals. Keep in mind that exercise plays a major role in your relative state of fitness, but if you don’t complement it with the appropriate diet you’ll be hard pressed to reach your peak before your big event is at hand.

Lose Fat Fast

If you want to drop weight fast and effectively, try the Project Shred diet for 21 days. Reading that article, you will find an easy-to-follow solution to calculate total calories, and easy-to-adjust meal and snack plans for 7 days. Just repeat for 3 weeks, you’ll be lighter and healthier for your efforts. Follow a simple workout routine like the 3 day full body workout routine with HIIT to rock that body into shape within a month!

Build Muscle Quick

If you need to quickly look as muscular as possible, then the Werewolf Muscle Gain program is for you. Inside you will find another simple formula to calculate the calories you need to gain muscle quick while minimizing fat gain. There are also some optional HIIT suggestions that you can use to stay conditioned, burn off those extra few calories, and gain even more muscle using high intensity cardio.


Your diet will be responsible for 75% of your results. The rest of the solution is a combination of training and lifestyle choices. If you need to make HUGE changes in a week, well I’m not sure if I have your solution, but if you have a solid 3-4 weeks to invest, read the above articles and put your plan into action today.

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