Can Chiropractic Help You Relieve Stress?

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Many people don’t consider going to the chiropractor unless they’ve got a neck or back pain. But this type of treatment can do so much more than relieving the acute or chronic pains. Even though its focus is on spine manipulation since this is a holistic approach, it means that everything in our body is connected, so treating one area can actually benefit some other.

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As you’re guessing, the answer to the question from the title is you bet. Now you may be wondering how and why, so here are a few brief explanations on how chiropractic actually works to relieve stress and why you should go and see a certified chiropractor if you’re combating stress and can’t find a truly effective way to reduce it.

How Does It Work?

As already mentioned, chiropractic is based on spinal manipulation, and our entire nervous system is attached to the spine and the spinal cord. Thus, the condition of our backbone determines our overall mental and physical state each day. So if your spine is not at its best, your nervous system might encounter problems in performing its task – so, among other things, it will be more difficult for you to cope with stress, it will affect your immune system, and so on. That’s why it’s important to keep your back straight and healthy.

Even if you don’t feel pain, which is in itself an obvious cause of stress, some minor misalignment or dislocation of the spine can cause problems in communication between your nervous system and some body part, making you feel stressed out or anxious. That’s why it’s important to have your spine well adjusted.

Relax Those Muscles

As you’re experiencing stress, you are unconsciously tightening your muscles. Your whole body becomes stiff and tense. It affects your overall posture while sitting or walking, and after a while, this leaves consequences on your entire body frame. Also, such muscle tension eventually causes pain as well and lack of sleep, which only lead to more stress and exhaustion. And all this can be easily resolved by a chiropractic session. Namely, spinal manipulation and adjustment help relieve that muscle tension and restore your natural body balance.

The Spine is the Backbone of Your Health

The spine is literally the center of your being, as it houses and protects the spinal cord, the major communication channel between your brain and the rest of your body. It carries the messages about your basic functions such as breathing or swallowing. The stress you might be experiencing makes your spine move, thus interfering with the overall nervous system communication. A good and regular spinal adjustment can help improve the state of your body, as it can help boost your immune system and feel less sick, less stress out and have more energy.

Combined Approach

A chiropractic adjustment is just one way or one aspect of combating stress. It’s always best to combine a few techniques, such as meditation and breathing exercises, acupuncture, herbal tea and similar things. But don’t forget about your nutrition as it is also a very important factor in leveling your stress, and of course, it is crucial your health and immune system, which is probably already weakened by all that stress. This is something where you chiropractor can help you as well, by giving you advice on your diet, pointing out the nutrients you might be lacking and counseling you on how to restore them. So this indeed is a holistic treatment, taking care of each aspect of your being.

Don’t let the tide of stressful events carry you down the stream. There are so many vessels that can help you stay on top of things and cope with all the challenges on your way, so don’t give up and do try everything to overcome the stress you’re facing on daily basis.

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