How to Choose the Right Chiropractor

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the right chiropractor

Chiropractors treat an estimated 35 million Americans every year in the U.S. Many people view chiropractic treatment as one of the best ways to treat minor aches and pains. Some of the most common conditions chiropractors treat, including Brad Kern, are sports injuries, migraines, and more. The right chiropractor will make sure that he or she gets down to the root cause of your pain versus just treating the symptoms. When searching for a new health professional, whether it be a dermatologist, chiropractor, or other type of health care provider, conducting extensive research is important.  

Tips on Choosing the Right Chiropractor

Here are some tips for making sure that you find the right chiropractor.

Gather Referrals

If you’re just unsure where to begin your search, check with your primary doctor to see if he or she can provide you with referrals for chiropractors. Most primary care physicians can easily provide you with a few different options for chiropractors that can assist you.

For example, if you’ve just been involved in a recent auto accident and suffered injuries, you can ask your physician for referrals to personal injury chiropractors. Furthermore, you can check with friends and family to see if they have any chiropractors they can refer you to.

Observe the Initial Visit With the Chiropractor

Your initial visit to a chiropractor easily tells you all the things they can offer you. For instance, does the chiropractor spend the initial visit discussing the pain and symptoms you are experiencing? Your first visit with a chiropractor should cover several different things and ways that he can treat you. The right chiropractor will determine the root issue of your medical condition and discuss various treatment options with you.

Observe the Processes Your Chiropractor Uses

When trying to determine whether a chiropractor is a good fit for you, it is critical that you take their treatment approach into consideration. One thing you should check for is whether or not your chiropractor x-rays you prior to treatment. This is one of the most important steps every chiropractor should take before starting treatment because it enables them to properly confirm a diagnosis.

Asses All Services

You should aim to have a good understanding of all the services the right chiropractor focuses on. Does he or she only focus on certain medical conditions? Or, do they offer a variety of treatment options that can treat a variety of medical conditions? Even though having a wide range of treatment options available isn’t always seen as a warning sign, in some cases, it could be. In a nutshell, dealing with a chiropractor that has too many services could mean that your chiropractor won’t give you the attention you need for your particular condition.

Consider Experience

Experience always makes a difference, especially when you’re dealing with spine or musculoskeletal issues. The more experience the right chiropractor has treating a certain condition, the better the outcome. Don’t be afraid to ask the chiropractor about the number of patients they have specifically treated with your condition in the past. Or, if you need a certain procedure, make sure you ask how many of those procedures he or she has performed in the past.

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