Can A Chiropractor Help With Training Injuries?

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chiropractor training injuries

Regular exercise or training, whether for recreation or professional gain, may cause unexpected injuries. This is brought about by activities such as jumping, running, lifting weights, tackling and many more. These activities subject our bodies to wear and tear forces which makes us susceptible to muscle, bone, spine, and joint injuries.

A Chiropractor works to restore the normal functioning of your muscles, joints, and nervous system. They can also help to increase muscle strength, control, and coordination which will help you prevent further injuries during training.

Chiropractors can rectify problems and discomforts in the neck, shoulders, arms, back, knee, and even ankle. They are well trained to manually adjust the spine and other areas of the body to ensure that all the bones are balanced and perfectly lined up. In case of injury in any of these areas, the manual adjustments together with other chiropractic procedures will relieve any tension and help you heal.

Dr. Brian Brittle of Vida Chiropractic says that repeated stresses and motion during training could misalign the bones of your spine and create tension in your joints and this could interfere with the proper functioning of muscles and nerves. As a result, athletes often suffer from inflamed joints, sciatica, and restricted range of motion.

The common training injuries that most legitimate Chiropractic clinics fix include:

1. Hamstring Strain

A hamstring strain is a tear or strain to the muscles at the back of your thighs. This is a common sports injury and it can easily be sustained during training. During treatment, a Chiropractor will work and adjust the muscles in your thighs to ease the tension and tightness. The adjustments and muscle work also helps to quickly heal the scar tissue in the thighs and also increase flexibility.

2. Rotator Cuff Injury

This is a strain or tear of the muscles and the articular capsule (joint) that allows movement of the shoulder. You can easily sustain this injury if your training involves tackling or lifting weights. Chiropractic treatment for a rotator cuff tear, depending on the severity, may involve heat and ice treatment, electrical muscle stimulation, and upper cervical or full spine adjustment.

3. Lower Back Strain

Tackling and other physical training routines could also lead to a strain on your lower back. A Chiropractor would make some adjustments on your back to reduce pain and increase the range of motion. You may also be subjected to core training and some lower back exercises to help your back muscles become much stronger.

4. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

This is a painful condition that affects the arm and wrist. This condition occurs when the median nerve in the hand is tightly squeezed or compressed and anyone is likely to get it after a fall with the palms hitting the ground hard. A Chiropractor will make adjustments to the wrists and the nearby muscles during treatment.

The main cause of training injuries includes repetitive motions, forceful impacts, using very heavy weights, failure to warm up properly and overtraining. Other than the above 4 injuries, these factors can also lead to calf strains, groin strains, neck pains, tendon injuries, and Sciatica.

Almost all Chiropractors will base their treatment on the proper alignment of the musculoskeletal structure. Proper alignment of the spine helps the entire body to function better.

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