Reasons Why You Should Not Ignore Your Mini Trampoline At Home

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You have been slacking most of your adult life and your stomach folds are getting harder to ignore. Then you tell yourself it’s enough as you try to think of ways to lose weight. Little did you know, you have been ignoring the answer to your problem – the rebounder your mother bought you back in your “active” days.

There are great reasons why you should not ignore your mini trampoline at home. To name one, according to a NASA study published in the Journal of Applied Physiology in 1980, “Rebound exercise is the most efficient, effective form of exercise yet devised by man.” The author, A. Carter, found out that rebounders actually encourage intense activity of the heart as much as running does. This strengthens each cell of the body two to three times above normal.  

Scientifically, a rebounding exercise is said to make one experience what they call as “G-Force Rebounding” where the weight doubles or triples for a second when the deepest point of the mini-trampoline is reached. And during the highest point of the bounce, the weight seemingly drops, thus relaxing the body completely.

Putting the science behind the design of your mini trampoline aside, your rebounder equipment can actually offer many amazing health benefits to your body despite it seeming like an easy activity. Here are why you should start rebounding ASAP:

  1. Rebounding is good for the heart. It may seem like an easy exercise but rebounding actually gets your several muscle groups working like in running. But what makes it better is how it causes lower levels of shock trauma to your skeletal system when compared to running on concrete surfaces. When compared to running, it causes less stress but lowers blood pressure and improves your lungs and red blood cells just the same.
  2. Rebounding is helpful for your lymphatic system. Studies have found out that a good, regular rebound routine on a mini trampoline has a lot of benefits for the lymphatic system which is the one responsible in shielding a person against bacterial and viral infections. That is because rebounding makes room for heavy and intense muscle construction to which the lymph fluid relies on in transporting itself around the body. When a person rebounds even for a few minutes, it performs accelerating and decelerating movements which get the muscles toughly working, thus making the lymphatic system work more efficiently.
  3. Rebounding toughens the immune system. As it is great for the lymphatic system, it paves way for a stronger immune system against bacteria, viruses, diseases, and infections. The production of lymphocytes which are responsible in fighting such diseases increases, hence toxins are removed and the immunity is boosted.
  4. Rebounding is an effective weight-loss exercise. If you want an exercise that does not require much pressure on the feet and legs and your joints, then this one is for you. Just like in running, rebounding helps burn calories and fats. Once the extra fat gets blundered, rebounding is actually great for the muscle toning that comes next. And just like in other workouts, rebounding can also improve a person’s metabolism rate.

    If you are the lazy-gym-goer type, or you barely have the time to go out to run because you have kids to look over, rebounding at home is worth trying out. Rebounding is also your new friend if you want to get rid of cellulite as it stimulates the thyroid gland to remove your stored fat.
  5. Rebounding detoxifies and cleanses the body. Such kind of an exercise eases its natural detoxification mechanism.
  6. Rebounding improves balance and coordination. Not all kinds of exercise requires balancing as much as rebounding does. Since you have to repetitively accelerate and decelerate, your body’s balancing mechanism gets to be tested and improved.
  7. Getting injured in rebounding is less likely. According to a study, 27 percent to 70 per cent of runners experience minor to major injuries during their first year of running. If these people shift to rebounding, then it will be a world of less injured.
  8. Rebounding firms the skin and improve its elasticity. When a person rebounds, he will have to resist gravity. Consequently, the membrane of the cells will get thicker, and thus firmer.
  9. Rebounding is good for the bones. According to a NASA study, astronauts who lost up to 15% bone mass after two weeks in space who used a rebounder regularly right after had their bone tissues rebuilt, helping them to avoid osteoporosis and other bone damages.
  10. Rebounding can relieve stress. While generally, all sorts of exercise are considered good stress relievers, rebounding is claimed to be extra for that matter. One, rebounding is meditative – it takes the mind off from troubles; second, it is anti-depressant – it boosts the brain’s supply of BDNF or brain-developed neurotrophic factor that helps people get away from depression; third, rebounding eases anxiety as it leaves one jittery, less anxious, and hyperactive after a session; and lastly, its post exercise euphoria relaxes the mind and the body at the same time.  
  11. Rebounding alleviates menstrual discomfort and fatigue in women. It helps women’s body detoxify excess toxins and hormone, thus improving their endocrine system. This means women who rebound are likely to feel menstrual discomfort and fatigue less than those who don’t.  
  12. Rebounding is fun! Rebounding lets you experience all the benefits mentioned above without compromising the fun, yes! There is no exercise that offers as much carefree time like rebounding, thus people of all ages are actually fit for it. Plus, a mini trampoline is so convenient and easy to use. You can bring it anywhere. You can do rebounding on your yard, or in your room, wherever you want to.

Starters can begin rebounding on a slow pace, e.g. bouncing daily for 15 minutes should be fine as it is naturally a gentle activity. But for a better blood circulation and an increased stimulation of the lymphatic system, wearing loose clothing while doing the drill is highly recommended as this will consequently allow more toxins to release. Happy rebounding!

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  1. As you bounce, rotate everything below your arms from opposite wall to opposite wall. Focus on rotating your torso so it faces the wall with each rotation.

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