Is Bike Exercise Good Cardio?

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Exercise bikes, also called stationary bikes, are exercise equipment pieces that function exactly the same way as regular bikes except for the fact that they stay in one place as you pedal them. They are meant to give the user a similar workout as the one provided when riding a regular bike on a road or street.

Mountain Biking

This is achieved by the bike’s design which requires the user to place a lot of pressure on the pedals in order to spin the suspended wheel. This pressure can be adjusted by the user thus allowing them to progress to higher intensity levels as their levels of fitness improve.

Why Bike Exercise is Good Cardio

Bike exercises provide an excellent workout for your lower body. But that’s not all they provide. They are also great for cardio exercise. Muscles in your body can only function properly if they are kept in good shape and the heart, being a muscle, is no exception. Research has shown that the high intensity cardio workout provided by exercise bikes is the best form of exercise for the health of the heart.

Choosing the Exercise Bike that Works for You

Since their introduction into the fitness world, exercise bikes have become so popular that there are now numerous models in the market. While the more models there are the more and better choices customers have, they also create confusion as users find it hard choosing the exercise bike that best suits their needs. Here you can find an exercise bike guide to help customers buy a model that best suits their fitness needs.

Upright Model

This is the model that is most akin to the regular outdoor bike. It, therefore, offers users who are used to regular bikes a familiar experience. In addition, it is relatively cheap, its medium size allows for saving of room space and it offers an intense and versatile workout. On the downside it lacks back support and most of its variants don’t provide as much stability as the one provided by other bike models.

Recumbent Model

The model offers the user reclined position with front mounted pedals and back support. This makes it particularly great for beginners and persons with back injuries. Its main advantage is that it provides a relatively comfortable and relaxed work out thanks to its chair that offers extra cushioning. It also has more stability and allows users to work out with zero strain on their back, limbs and joints. Its main drawback is that the workout intensity it offers users is much less compared to the upright model.


The two models discussed here are not the only ones available but they are the most popular in the market. Bike exercises make you look good physically, but more importantly they keep your heart in great shape. This helps in keeping many cardiovascular diseases at bay. Hopefully the guide provided in this article will help you acquire a great exercise bike that gives you a great body and keeps you healthy as well.

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