Xtend Amino Acid Supplement Helps You Build Muscle and Lose Fat

History of amino acid supplements

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The evolution of amino acid supplements have generally been well pronounced since the ancient times. From as early as 1960’s, ancient body builders are known to eat a diet rich in essential amino acids. Wine and meat were the most essential foods used for natural nutrients such as proteins and vitamins.

Nowadays, amino acid supplements are generally used by bodybuilders and other athletes for building muscle, losing fat, and enhancing performance. There are a lot of amino acid supplements that one can choose from, if you are interested in building your muscles, but it’s always advisable to go for the best. In my opinion, based on 17 years of weight training and supplement use, XTEND is the most effective, best tasting, and least expensive amino acid supplement on the market.

Amino acid supplements

There are a variety of amino acid supplements in the market today; each and every supplement is designed to enhance the composition and performance of the entire body. The best amino acid supplements can improve an athlete’s performance at a very high rate, as they increase the capacity of muscle gained in the body and stimulate the functions of the brain to increase focus. The XTEND amino acids supplement has scientifically been proved to consist of all these essential amino acid supplements that will give a person the ultimate results.

XTend amino acid


XTEND is a combination of energy boosting amino acids that help the body in energy recovery and muscle enhancement during and after exercise. The most beneficial acids in the XTEND supplement consist of the essential aminos L-Leucine, L-Isoleucine, and L-Valine, as well as Glutamine, Citrulline Malate, which contribute to muscle gain; and vitamin B6 which gives you energy and assists in building lean body tissue.

Some essential amino acid cannot be generated automatically in our body and so they must be ingested in the form of food or supplements. XTEND is the best amino acid supplement on the market. It comes in powder form and tastes great mixed with water or fruit juice. This meticulous product comes with all the required supplements that the body needs, for recovery and increased energy while training.

Xtend is the ultimate sugar-free amino acid drink mix that can also be consumed during exercise. Whether you’re a physique athlete, strongman, powerlifter, traditional athlete, endurance athlete, or just looking to significantly change your body composition, Xtend is formulated to maximize training intensity and support your goals. Xtend was the first and has become the most well-recognized and used intra-workout catalyst product because it not only works… but it tastes great too!

Benefits of amino acids as a supplement

If you are an athlete who trains often – at least 3 times a week, for an hour per session – then you need a supplement which will supply the body with helpful nutrients to increase stamina during each workout. Unlike other amino acid supplements that contain excess sugar and carbs, which are bad for the metabolism, XTEND is free from these contents and therefore cannot spike your blood sugar.

Bodybuilding and weightlifting is not practiced for gaining muscles alone, but also for performance, fat loss, and improving health. Because the XTEND amino acid supplement helps with all of these goals, it is great for novice bodybuilders and recreational weight lifters, as well as experienced and professional athletes.

Get some XTEND for yourself

XTENDClick here to learn more about XTEND or to get some for yourself. I highly recommend XTEND to go along with my highly effective Werewolf Training programs, and it will be used judiciously in my upcoming XTENDed Fasting diet plan.

XTEND comes in dozens of flavors and sizes, so you won’t be disappointed whether you want to try a small sample or get a lifetime supply, and if you hate the flavor you can just try a new flavor next time. I highly recommend Orange or Watermelon.

Actions speak louder than words, and today many athletes who are consumers of this astounding supplement, can testify to the results of using the product. With only one or two scoops of XTEND mixed with a cup or bottle of water, this supplement will take your training and recovery to the next level.

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15 Responses to “Xtend Amino Acid Supplement Helps You Build Muscle and Lose Fat”

  1. Thank you for sharing this article about xtend amino supplements. Really give us valuable information about it. Hope to read more article from you.

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  6. I agree that real food is the better option, however I am a shift worker and can sometimes spend between 8-10 hours working out on the road, with only very small windows of opportunity to consume nutrients. I use Xtend like most people use water, I take a 2lt bottle of it in the car with me and sip on it all day to stay anabolic. Yes I do take real food with me but being able to sip away on Xtend is a great convienent option.


  7. Drinking Whey Protein Isolate gives you the same hit of the EAA at a lower cost. I don’t see the benefit in having a denatured pharmaceutical product in place of an undenatured real food (isolated)

    • Real food is always better, but if someone is specifically looking for an amino acid supplement or an alternative to protein powder, I recommend Xtend. It tastes better than 9 out of 10 plain protein powders and is super easy to mix and carry around.

    • I do not recommend XTend to replace the 4:1 post-workout shake that you should consume within 20 minutes, unless you mix Xtend with a high sugar drink to make your own post-workout shake. However, after your regular post-workout shake I do recommend Xtend. I recommend Xtend at any time of the day when you feel thirsty from morning ’til night, just as long as you don’t get sick of it.

  8. what flavor do you recommend that i won’t get sick of. i bought the 90 servings bottle before of the green apple. and it got to the point where i felt sick to my stomach just thinking about drinking it. i’m used to all the chocolate powders but the fruity flavors just throw me curve ball.

  9. Hi steve, i see this product sound pretty amazing but i kind get confused when you say this would be good of muscle gain and fat loss. im a hardgainer and now that you said this is a good product when should i use the other one that you offerd like Xtreme NO and Muscle Advance Weight Gainer. oh you suggest to just dont used those and start using just the XTEND?? plzz answer this cuz is really hard for me to figure out with so many choices. thanks

    • OK, here is the clarification.

      XTEND can be used all the time. When you wake up, when you drive to work, before a workout, during a workout, after a workout, before you sleep at night, you can even sip it all day. XTEND helps maintain muscle mass on a diet, helps recover from workouts, helps gain muscle mess while bulking. It is literally good for every kind of athlete.

      XTreme NO or NO Xplode are nitric oxide supplements. They should only be used pre-workout. Will enhance your stamina, strength, and pumps. I typically don’t recommend this for women, but they can use it too.

      Muscle Advance Weight Gainer, Shakeology, or Optimum Nutrition are all protein powders. Muscle Advance should be used to gain weight. The other two can be used to gain muscle or to lose fat. Just work them into your diet strategy as protein shakes. One protein shake a day is all you really need unless you are a hardgainer trying to gain weight at all costs. I really don’t care for Muscle Advance anymore. I highly recommend Shakeology if you can afford it.

    • No such thing as a hard gainer. Just someone who isn’t eating enough calories.
      Lift, Eat, Sleep, Repeat

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