What Happens If You Drink Whey Protein Without Working Out?

Protein Shake Woman

Many people are easily deluded that they can increase their muscles’ level by simply taking protein shakes. Yep, the lure of protein is that strong. You would unlikely find someone who enjoys exhausting him/herself reaching the goal. Everybody wants to have a perfect body, while only a few enjoy the idea of sweating in the gym.

Protein shakes, on the other hand, are a convenient and an affordable way to the desired biceps and triceps. But you might read a review that you stumbled upon on the internet, and it turns out that those shakes have a lot of downsides. So, let’s check out what happens when you drink protein shakes without sweating in the gym.

Lack of Muscles


The very first question you need to ask, before taking protein shakes, is why bodybuilders and athletes take them. In case it never occurred to you, protein shakes are designed for faster muscle recovery after the working out. The shakes also enhance muscle protein synthesis, the process which reinforces damaged muscles repair, build and growth. Thus, if you don’t work out, you are not going to get any muscle growth.

There is no other way to gain muscle mass, except for challenging your muscles. Protein just helps muscles to grow faster when you are training, but it can’t make it grow without working out. Thus, you shouldn’t consume as much protein shakes as athletes do, if you are not an athlete.


Weight Gain


“What? That’s not possible! A typical whey protein shake contains about 110 calories!”, that’s something that you’d scream at us after learning that you can get extra weight by consuming protein shakes. Well, it’s true about 110 calories, but it’s true only if you mix your shake with water. As soon as you start mixing it with milk, adding bananas or other fruits, the number jumps from 110 to 300 calories. And if you continue blindly believing that protein shakes can help building muscle mass, you are most likely to consume it as often as possible.

You know, you take three shakes a day and see no results for a week, then you start taking four shakes a day, then five and so on. You and up consuming around 3,500 calories per day without burning any fats or calories. The daily standard for men is 2,000 calories per day, while women’s caloric requirement is 1,800 calories on a daily basis. If your caloric consumption level skyrockets to 3,500 per day, then don’t be surprised that you start gaining up to 3 pounds every month without working out.


Kidney Strain


Kidneys’ main task is metabolizing excess protein. When you eat more than you need, the process of metabolism is slowing down. Your kidneys strain to process protein and fail to do it properly. As a result, you may end up having a lot of health problems ranging from kidney stones to cancer. Thus, before you add whey protein shakes or planning to make any radical change in your diet, you should consult your doctor. No need to turn your desire to build muscle mass into a one way ticket to a hospital room.


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