The Benefits of Implementing a Ketogenic Diet

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If you are dieting for a contest, or just to be in shape for the beach, then you might want to consider the ketogenic diet as your diet strategy. The keto diet has been gaining in popularity as a way to get lean and reduce levels of gastrointestinal inflammation. Lean man and woman Using the keto diet can help you get healthy while you get shredded. Recent nutritional science has discovered a lot of information regarding the health effect of a high-fat diet, the most interesting being that carbohydrates serve very little nutritional value in our diet.

What is Ketosis?

Ketosis is the name of a metabolic state where the body converts dietary fat and adipose body tissue into ketones then used as metabolic fuel. The body relies on a process of gluconeogenesis to create the ATP needed to fuel metabolic functions and process. The body converts the glucose found in carbohydrates into glycogen and then stores the excess as body fat.

How Do I get Ketogenic?

Depriving the body of glycogen for three to five days, it will change the way it produces energy. The liver begins to produce ketones to replace the glycogen fuel source. These ketones come from both dietary sources of fat and the body’s fat stores.

During this phase, you may notice that you begin to lose bodyweight. This phenomenon occurs due to the diminishing glycogen supply in your body. As the glycogen is absorbed, the water that is bound to the glycogen, excreted. Some people may experience weight loss as high as 10% of their bodyweight.


What are the Top Health Benefits of a Keto Diet?

The ketogenic diet is not just for getting shredded; it has a multitude of positive health benefits as well. Check out these five reasons to switch over to the ketogenic side of living.


#1 The Anti-Inflammatory Effect

Carbohydrates are responsible for creating inflammation in the GI tract. This inflammation disturbs the assimilation of nutrients, reducing the value of your nutrition. Going keto will allow you to get more from your meals and ramp your metabolism to furnace levels of fat burning fury.


#2 Better Insulin Sensitivity

Improve your insulin response by going carb-free with a ketogenic diet. As you are not eating any carbs, or just trace amounts, you will not spike insulin at your meal times. This effect improves insulin sensitivity which matters when it’s time to stack on mass in the off-season.


#3 Improved Cholesterol Profile

A high-fat diet reduces your cholesterol profile by dropping the total count of triglycerides in your blood. At the same time, a high-fat diet will lessen the production of LDL, the bad cholesterol, and improve the production of HDL cholesterol, the good kind of cholesterol. This effect keeps your heart healthy and your hormones balanced.


#4 Clearer Thoughts

Ketosis reduces inflammation and improves the body’s ability to assimilate nutrients. The decreased inflammation improves oxygen supply to the brain and allows for clearer thinking and stable levels of mood.


#5 Faster Fat Loss for Contest Prep

Ketosis draws fat for energy from food and body fat stores. This fact means that you will experience a faster rate of fat loss than a typical carb-based contest prep. The slow burning energy of ketones from fat sources will keep you feeling energetic and assist you in pushing through your cardio sessions even on minimal calories.


Wrapping Up

The ketogenic diet is an excellent way to execute a fat loss diet that gets your muscles ripped and shredded, with no subcutaneous water below the skin. It’s ideal for contest dieting, and many professional bodybuilders and fitness athletes choose it as their dieting strategy of choice during the contest season.

However, the diet might not work as well for everyone. We all respond to different dieting strategies differently. Do your research with a reliable Keto resource and then execute your diet while logging your experience. At the end of the contest prep, compare your results to your previous strategy and decide if ketosis is for you.

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