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The Wonders of Superfoods

Tuesday, March 26th, 2013

Superfood Fitness‘Superfoods’ is a term that many of us have heard but not all of us understand. These are natural foods which boast a whole host of wonderful qualities. From protecting the immune system, to improving brain activity, to aiding eyesight and strengthening bones; they are rich in nutritional value.

As would be expected, they work great as part of a healthy lifestyle to burn fat and build muscle. Best of all; many of them are simple, readily available produce that can be easily worked into our everyday diet regime. So, what are some examples of these wondrous superfoods?


Wild salmon is a great source of natural omega 3. This is a good type of fatty acid which helps the body to burn fat – rather than storing it – so is an integral part of a healthy lifestyle.


Eggs provide an easy source of almost every vitamin that the body requires. They are also bursting with choline; a natural compound which reduces the amount of fat that the body will absorb. Eggs can be enjoyed in a variety of different ways, so are hugely versatile within healthy cooking.