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Homemade Protein Pancake Recipe

Monday, March 31st, 2008

Here is a healthy protein fortified meal that you can share with your kids!

Protein Pancake Recipe
Protein Pancakes

Remember when you were kid and your parent or guardian grilled up some pancakes for you in the morning?

Remember the smell of the pancakes cooking and how they taste with fresh butter and warm maple syrup?

Well now you can have that again but you don’t have to feel bad about it. I have been enjoying protein pancakes for the last 10 years of my life and now you can too. So, without further delay allow me to introduce you to… the protein pancake recipe!

The Recipe

  • 1 cup of whole wheat pancake mix
  • 2 scoops of your favorite protein powder, I recommend Optimum Nutrition
  • 1 cup of low-fat or non-fat cottage cheese
  • 2 egg whites
  • 1/4 cup of water

Preheat a frying pan or skillet on the stove or oven, coat lightly with non-fat cooking spray.

Blend egg whites, cottage cheese, and water in a blender until it reaches a liquid consistency.

Mix the protein powder with blended ingredients in a bowl. Stir until lumps are gone.

Next add the pancake mix and stir until mixture is fairly uniform.

Do not over stir!

Add additional water only if mixture is not to your desired consistency.

Pour onto skillet, cook until edges start to turn brown, then flip and cook for a couple more seconds.

Do not overcook!

Optional Upgrades

Optimum Nutrition Protein Powder
Optimum Nutrition Protein Powder

Pancakes and fruit – eat fruit with your pancakes; put no sugar added jelly on them; drink some OJ with the meal; just get some fruit in you. I recommend strawberry.

Pancakes and syrup – feel free to use all natural maple syrup if you wish to add 40g of sugar per serving to your meal. Otherwise use a light syrup or a sugar free syrup. I still prefer to spread no sugar added jelly on mine.

PB and pancakes – if you have any leftovers you can make a high protein peanut butter sandwich later on. Add jelly to make a protein fortified PB&J.

Protein flavors – experiment with various flavors of protein. Often, then chocolate protein powder does not make for great protein pancakes. Try vanilla, strawberry, banana, or anything else you can find.

I recommend Optimum Nutrition protein powder. It’s good stuff and it’s cheap!

Study Links Diabetes to Low Testosterone Levels in Men

Sunday, March 30th, 2008

According to reports from the American scientists at the diabetes association, approximately 7% of US population, about 20 million people, suffer from diabetes. By 2050 diagnosis of type 2 diabetes will be confirmed for about 48 million people in the United States. We always knew diabetes is a very serious disease as it causes loss of hearing, loss of sight, nervous system disorders, amputation of extremities, and now we find out that diabetes is responsible for hormonal imbalances including low testosterone.

A recent study of 69 men with type 1 diabetes and 580 men with type 2 diabetes has confirmed that low testosterone levels are directly related to the existence diabetes. Blood samples were taken from the groups initially and after a 6 month period. Both groups of men exhibited a lower level of total testosterone than the average male without diabetes.
Low Testosterone Causes Depression

Insulin Resistance is the Culprit

Since men with low testosterone typically show signs of depression, loss of libido, impaired physical and mental performance, and an increased risk of cardiovascular disease, this study confirms that men with diabetes to have a legitimate overall heath concern as they grow older.

Typically men over 30 begin to show signs of decreased testosterone levels and often benefit greatly from testosterone replacement therapy. Now these men will have a better understanding of what is happening to them and why, and they can procure proper medical treatment in order to continue to lead happy and healthy lives well into their 70s and 80s.

Men who think they have a legitimate problem with strength, mood, or performance now have a reason to seek testosterone replacement therapy, especially if they have diabetes or think they might be insulin resistant.

Testosterone Replacement Therapy

While the use of testosterone replacement therapy has not show significant promise when trying to reduce insulin resistance, this type of therapy has been directly responsible for bringing hope to the lives of men with low testosterone. Testosterone replacement therapy reverses the effects of hypogonadism, which is an impairment of the reproductive system that limits the testes effectiveness at producing natural healthy levels of testosterone.

Supplementing with additional testosterone helps to decrease body fat, increase muscle mass, improve mood, improve physical endurance and strength, and also combat the threat of cardiovascular disease. The only downside is that there are no long-term clinical trials to report on the long term side effects of testosterone replacement therapy. But we do know that the short term effects definitely improve the quality of life for those with low testosterone.

Testosterone Supplementation

By now everyone knows that testosterone and other steroids are illegal. Even prohormones such as androstenedione and nor-androstenedione have been banned. So what do we have left?

  • Tribulus terrestris – Tribulus serves as a Luteinizing-hormone secretagogue (LHS). In other words, it causes the release of Luteinizing hormone, which in turn signals the testes to produce more Testosterone. And of all the natural T-boosting compounds on the market, Tribulus is the most powerful. Each of the active compounds in a Tribulus extract, including protodioscin must be available in the proper ratios to make it a super-effective all natural testosterone booster.
  • Vitex agnus castus – Vitex also works as a Luteinizing-hormone secretagogue (LHS), but it also acts as an anti-progesterone and anti-prolactin agent. This means Vitex works to lower progesterone and prolactin concentrations in the body, which means less estrogen, easier release of body fat, and decreased depression. Scary enough, prolactin is even known to cause lactation in men. By lowering progesterone and prolactin you will increase Testosterone through various feedback mechanisms.
  • Eurycoma longifolia – Eurycoma works by selectively controlling conversions of naturally occurring androgens, including DHEA, into Testosterone. It even works when the testes are non-responsive to Luteinizing hormone. As long as the substrate hormones are present Eurycoma works; thankfully those substrates are present in everyone.
  • At $19.95 a bottle, Biotest Tribex Gold (50 Tablets) is the only product that I have come across, which measures up to expectations and is affordable as a permanent nutritional supplement. Most other products fortify their supplements with protodioscin, which makes those products inferior due to their unnatural ratios of active compounds. Tribex Gold is a product you can stay on for a while and will noticeably increase your natural testosterone levels, making you stronger, leaner, quicker, and happier.
  • At $49.99 a bottle, Biotest Alpha Male (74 Tablets) is worth the investment, as it is the most complete natural testosterone booster on the market today. Alpha Male contains Tribulus, Vitex, and Eurycoma in super concentrated, highly effective ratios. A cycle of Alpha Male should run 4 days on, 1 day off, 3 days on, 1 day off, repeat, for at least 4 weeks. I recommend using it for a full 2 months before taking a break. Alpha Male also contains an additional muscle building supplement called Carbolin 19.
  • Carbolin 19 – Biotest Carbolin 19 (60 Capsules) is a carbonate ester of a naturally occurring diterpene called colforsin (aka, forskolin). Foreskolin actually exhibits an anabolic effect in the body, which means this supplement is especially effective at building and maintaining muscle mass while you are also attempting to lose body fat. As it is completely non-toxic, Carbolin 19 can be used year round, and is available as a stand alone supplement as well as being included in Alpha Male.

One Possible Cycle

Tribex Gold alone is a good supplement to stay on permanently, as is Carbolin 19. Alpha Male is a great supplement to boost your training for a couple months here or there. For those of you suffering with diabetes or insulin resistance, it looks like perhaps if you tried boosting your testosterone through natural means like this, you might feel a whole lot better.

If you wanted to go all out, I might recommend getting some Tribex Gold and Carbolin 19 in addition to your Alpha Male, and take the former two supplements when you are off Alpha Male, whether for 1 day or 1 month. No matter what, don’t forget to bust your ass training.

Homemade Chocolate Protein Bars

Thursday, March 27th, 2008

The desire to consume chocolate at times overcomes even the strongest of us. When that cocoa aroma penetrates your senses and the drool starts to form at the corners of your mouth, you feel that there is no place to run… no place to hide… from the chocolate. OK, so maybe this isn’t you, but even so everyone can use a tasty protein bar at times. This one is for all the chocolate lovers out there.

The Recipe

1 square of unsweetened baking chocolate
3 scoops (1 cup) chocolate protein powder of your choice, I prefer Biotest Metabolic Drive Super Protein Shake (aka “M”)
2 tbsp heavy cream
2 tbsp butter
3 packets or 1/8 cup of Splenda
2 tbsp sugar free or low sugar syrup, or maple syrup, or you can even just use water instead
1/2 cup unsweetened coconut
1 cup chopped nuts, I prefer either peanuts, pecans, or almonds

Melt the baking chocolate and the butter in the microwave for 1 minute, stirring until melted. Add Splenda and heavy cream, stirring until creamy. Next, add protein powder, nuts, and coconut, stirring until everything is coated evenly. Add syrup or water, mixing thoroughly. At this point the mixture may become very stiff. You should knead it like dough until the mixture is uniform throughout. Finally, line a bread loaf pan with plastic wrap and press the mixture into the pan firmly and evenly. Chill until very firm. The recipe can be cut into 6 bars or servings.

Nutrition Information
Approximately 170 calories from 5g carbs, 15g protein, and somewhere around 10g of fat per bar.

Also try adding all natural peanut butter to give it an additional nutty flavor. Keep milk on hand during consumption.

The Importance of Focus When Training

Tuesday, March 25th, 2008

Static-X vs. Britney Spears

When I am in the gym or in the dojo, I make every attempt to bring maximum intensity and pure focus. Throughout my life this is the attitude that I have known to foster success. As an example, most of the local gyms tend to blast Britney Spears music or perhaps some Justin Timberlake. These folks rolls up into the speakers babbling about love and dancing with their crooning voices and loose hips. Well I am not training for love. I am not training to dance. I am training to either lift more weight than you can comprehend or to knock your head off if you threaten me.

Some inspiring lyrics from some rock groups that know how to bring it…
“Yeah! You push it! Yeah! You push it!”
– Static-X

“Heavy! I want it Heavy!”
– Disturbed

“DIG! Bury Me! Underneath!
Everything that I am!”
– Mudvayne

“Get this or die! Get this or die!!
Get this or DIE!!!”
– Slipknot

So what exactly is your point?

When you are training you need to be in The Zone. Not the Zone Diet, not the Phantom Zone, and definitely not the Game Zone. Too many folks saunter into the gym with Britney Spears’ intensity. They walk up to the dumbbells, sigh, and hit the same number of reps, sets, and weights they’ve been using for the last 5 years. These are the same folks that won’t squat because it hurts their back, they won’t run because it hurts their knees, they won’t use a barbell because it hurts their hands! I feel like saying, “pick a spot on the ceiling, focus on it, grab the bar, do your set, THEN worry about the condition of your fingers”. Your back hurts? Spend a couple minutes figuring out how to rehab that thing back into working condition… then squat! Knees hurt? Try interval sprints, try the elliptical, try kickboxing!

The guy to avoid at all costs

Late in the evening when I’m trying to finish up my super-set so that I can get in one more exercise before the gym closes, I have to listen to, “I like to exercise late because there isn’t really anyone here to watch me. Maybe if I was in a bit better shape I wouldn’t mind so much, you know?” NO! I don’t know, buddy! I don’t have any idea what you’re talking about! I like it when other people are working out around me. Guys like me start up unspoken competitions with other similar athletes. We watch intently to see if our rivals hit their deadlift max this week. We check out the shredded guy’s calves to see if ours are still bigger. But there’s one thing you don’t need to worry about: we do not, under any circumstances, watch YOU. In fact I don’t really care what you do because you add absolutely nothing to my training, but please move away from the decline bench so I can finish my last set of weighted decline sit ups!

Today’s Lessons

  • Focus on the task at hand and nothing else.
  • Strive to set a new personal best or personal record each time.
  • Avoid those that do what you don’t want to do.
  • Avoid those that don’t have what you want to have.
  • Surround yourself with those that do have what you want to have.
  • Use the environment (music, video, pictures, quotes) to keep you on track.

You need to want it more than anything else in the moment

If you want to make progress you need to DIG! You need to want it HEAVY! You need to PUSH IT!! Eat what you know you need to eat. If you don’t know what to eat, read and learn. Lift more weight every single workout no matter what. Kick harder today than you did yesterday. Jump higher! Do more situps! Get in that zone so you can block out the rest of your life, so that the only thing you see right now is that bar on the floor or the heavy bag, and you know that today, right now, you’re about to lift 5 lbs more on this exercise than you’ve ever lifted before, and hell if you can get an extra rep you’ll do that too. Know that you’re about to jump rope for 5 minute straight without it getting caught on your feet. Know that you are about to knock that heavy bag right off the damned ceiling! Get IN that zone, because it’s time to DIG!

“Any coward can fight a battle when he’s sure of winning; but give me the man who has the pluck to fight when he’s sure of losing.”

– George Eliot

Peanut Butter Protein Brownies

Monday, March 24th, 2008


Who likes peanut butter?

Who likes brownies?

If you are anything like me or the rest of the bodybuilding / powerlifting / weightlifting world, you answered “ME ME ME!” to both questions. If so, this recipe is for you. I could not post an easier recipe and prepping a meal can’t be quicker unless you are unwrapping a protein bar. That said… on with the recipe!

Peanut Butter Protein Brownies

The Recipe

1 scoop of protein powder; chocolate, vanilla, or peanut butter
1 tablespoon natural peanut butter
milk or water

Mix all ingredients together in a small glass bowl. If the resulting mixture is too thick add a couple drops of milk or water to loosen it up until it reaches your desired consistency. Since it is already in a glass bowl, microwave on high for 30-45 seconds. Mixture should come out to a cake/brownie like consistency.

Many friends of mine have doubted this recipe, thinking the peanut butter protein brownies would be mediocre at best. Instead what they find is a protein party in their mouths. Give this one a try for a quick high protein, high ‘healthy-fats’ snack.

Today’s Lesson About Plastics

The reason I make a big deal about the use of a glass bowl, is because you do not want to be cooking anything in microwave safe plastic containers. Plastic containers contain trace amounts of phytoestrogens, which seep into food when it is stored or cooked inside such containers. A lifetime of these estrogens can have a negative impact on testosterone levels and they tend to promote cancer in laboratory animals. It might not kill you, but your best bet in today’s toxic society is to avoid anything that could possibly be related to cancer. Every little bit helps.

Homemade Protein Bars

Thursday, March 20th, 2008

Looking for something to take with you on the road, or a snack to munch at your desk? Forget about those awful Powerbars and other various soy bars. Granola bars are OK, but they don’t have much protein. High quality protein bars are available at the store, but for $5 a pop! We are looking for something cheap and easy, and here it is. Do-it-yourself, homemade protein bars.

Homemade Protein Bars

The Recipe

3 1/2 cups rolled oats
1 1/2 cups dried milk
1 tablespoon cinnamon
1 cup lite syrup
2 scoops protein powder
2 large egg whites or 1 egg
1 1/4 cup orange juice
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
1 cup raisins or dried fruit

Start by preheating the oven to 325 degrees. Line a cookie sheet with waxed paper, or spray on some non-stick butter flavored Pam spray. In a large metal bowl, mix all the ingredients until the oats are well coated. Spread the mix onto the cookie sheet and press down to make 10 cutting lines so you can separate them into 10 protein bars later. Bake for 15 minutes or until golden brown. While still warm, cut them apart and allow to cool before wrapping. The bars can be stored airtight at room temperature for up to 2 weeks.

Optional Upgrades

Nutty Bars – use 1 cup chopped nuts instead of dried fruit or raisins.

Fruity Bars – experiment with various extracts other than vanilla to change up the flavor.

The Protein Bar Diet – make a whole bunch of these bars with various fruits and nuts, and various flavors of protein powder. Eat the bars for 3 out of 5 meals each day and make the other two meals small. Do this for a month and see if you don’t drop a couple pounds.

Low Fat Bannana Pancakes

Tuesday, March 18th, 2008

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again and again and again. You know you’ve always loved pancakes ever since you were a kid. Well you can eat them today AND you can stay on your diet.

The Recipe

Banana Pancakes
2 c. Bisquick Heart Smart baking mix
2 bananas, mashed
1/4 c. Eggbeaters
1 1/3 c. skim milk
2 Tbsp. granular Splenda (optional)
1 tsp. vanilla extract
1 tsp. banana extract
1 tsp. almond extract

Mix together all ingredients in a large mixing bowl, either with a spoon or with a whisk. Batter will be thick, so add water until the batter is to the consistency that you like. Thicker batter makes smaller thicker pancakes, while thinner batter cooks quicker and spreads out to make thin pancakes. Be sure to grease the pan with either fat free Pam Spray or with a Healthy Balance type of margarine spread. Pour batter by 1/4-cupfuls onto a hot griddle or frying pan.

Makes approximately 18 pancakes. 67 calories each.

Optional Upgrades

Protein Pancakes: Add a scoop of either banana or vanilla flavored protein powder. You’ll just have to add extra water to thin it out more.

Banana Jelly Cakes: Spread a thin layer of no sugar added jelly, I prefer strawberry, on the top of the pancake. Replaces high-sugar maple syrup as well as that grotesque low-calorie syrup that you find in the diet aisle.

Add Calcium: Just have a nice glass of skim or 1% milk with your pancakes.

What is the Best Form of Cardiovascular Exercise?

Monday, March 17th, 2008

We know cardio is essential to improve the cardiovascular system. This goes without saying. When many people don’t realize, is that cardiovascular exercise can be useful for losing weight as well as gaining weight; for increasing endurance as well as increasing power, size, and strength. The difference is in training energy systems. You can train your anaerobic energy system (builds power and strength) while participating in a cardio workout, just as easily as training you can train your aerobic energy system by performing super-high-rep circuit training on the weight machines (boo).

When trying to determine which form of cardio you should do, you need to evaluate your goals. Are you trying to:

  • Lose as much weight as possible without regard for muscle or strength?
  • Train for a specific athletic event such as track or a marathon?
  • Improve leg power and leg speed along with cardiovascular endurance?
  • Build as much muscle as possible in the shortest amount of time?

Marathon Runner vs. Sprinter

Endurance Cardio

If you want to be skinny and have high endurance but very little muscle you will probably want to do endurance running; long distance cycling; or use the elliptical trainer to prevent wear and tear on your ankles, knees, and hips. Other monotonous exercise equipment includes rowing machines, treadmills, stair climbers, and stationary bikes. These are all OK for burning calories and ‘toning’ but they will not make you stronger, faster, or more muscular.

Intense Cardio

If you want to be thicker, stronger, more powerful, and develop aesthetically pleasing muscle tone, you should give interval sprints or weightlifting complexes a try. When you use maximal force in your cardio workout, as you do with sprints, you are training the anaerobic energy system and facilitating neurological efficiency to those muscles. This will increase speed and strength, and will ultimately help you gain muscle. For you women out there, this will do a better job of ‘toning’ than those treadmills and stationary bikes.

Interval Sprints

With interval sprints, you can sprint on a flat surface, up hills, or up stairs. Sprint for 30 seconds, walk for 90 seconds, repeat 10 times. On your first sprint workout you might want to consider sprinting for 20 seconds, walking for 180 seconds, and repeating only 5 times. Each workout should become progressively harder. At one point in my training, I was sprinting stairs, timed by a stopwatch, for between 50-70 seconds and only resting enough to walk back down the stairs.

Complexes with Weights

With complexes, you will want to string together several compound exercises like deadlift, hang cleans, push press, and back squats, into one constant exercise. Do 5-7 reps with perfect form, rest 30-60 seconds and repeat 5 times. I talk about this complex all the time in this blog. There are about 1000 different exercise combinations that you can turn into complexes so be creative.

If you get tired of all this stuff, give thai kickboxing or jumping rope a try.

Don’t forget to stretch and drink lots of fluids. I recommend Gatorade.

NH Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) Cage Fight – Free Ticket Giveaway

Sunday, March 16th, 2008

If you have ever heard of the UFC, then you know about MMA cage fighting. At Tokyo Joe’s in Hooksett, NH we have a team of amateur and professional MMA fighters. The team is Team Woo, and their current record (as of 3/16/08) is 19-4. Not too shabby. Roger Woo of Team Woo is promoting his company’s first ever cage fight promotion. You should come!

Black and Blue Entertainment, LLC presents its first ever cage fight mixed martial arts (MMA) event!

MMA Cage Fight
Saturday – May 17th, 2008
The Wayfarer Inn Convention Center
121 South River Rd.
Bedford, NH
View the Maps
Directions to The Wayfarer Inn Convention Center

Doors open at 6:30pm, fights start at 8:00pm.
All Ages Show * Food & Alcohol Served
Door prizes * Raffle
15 Full Contact Pro MMA Fights!

Official Fight Card (last update 3/14/08):

  1. Chris Plourde – Team Valor vs. Paul George – Premier Martial Arts 155#
  2. Dennis Pignataro – Close Range Combat vs. Anthony Pina – East West Kenpo Karate 205#
  3. Matt Lee – Bombsquad vs. Brendan Hoxie – Shikaku Ryu Jiu-Jitsu 170#
  4. Chris Correia – Team Kaze vs. Mike Tierney – MMA of Southern ME 145#
  5. Jon Jones – Bombsquad vs. Nate Woodger – Team Link 205#
  6. Pat Audinwood – Bombsqaud vs. Fabio Serrao – Team Link 155#
  7. Ed Carr – Team Woo vs. TBA Heavyweight Fight
  8. Dan Keefe – Team Aldo Batista vs. Tom Moreau – Team Valor 180#
  9. Joey Woo-Team Mayhem vs. Bobby Brown – Team Fury 170#
  10. Chris Martin – Premier Martial Arts vs. Ricky Hines – Team Fury 155#
  11. Aaron Shultz – Team Aldo Batista vs. Jeff Soucie – Team Fury 170#
  12. Matt Kinberger – Team Woo vs. Travis Lerchen – Team Dogpound 170#
Main Event:
Karn Gregorian – Team Link (Extreme Fighting International Champion) 5-0
Mandela Kpouno – Dragons Lair, 13-4 185#

*Stay tuned, more fights to be announced shortly!
Fight card subject to change wthout notice.

Free Ticket Giveaway Contest. Enter to win 2 FREE Tickets!

Drawing held 5/10/08.

Go here to win tickets: Black and Blue Entertainment, LLC MMA Cage Fight Events
Go here to buy tickets: Buy Tickets to the MMA Event
Go here to advertise at the event: Advertise with or Sponsor the MMA Event

If you live anywhere in or near southern NH and you enjoy MMA, Cage Fights, or UFC, please attend this event to help establish a new following. There will be many more events like this to come so help us generate some momentum for our sport!

Body Types – Ectomorph | Mesomorph | Endomorph

Thursday, March 13th, 2008

You could be wasting your time with exercise and proper nutrition, if you don’t know how to train and eat based on your body type!

Everyone’s body is different, I am sure you will agree. All bodies look different, smell different, work different, move different, etc… Why would you train like someone who is genetically gifted to be a bodybuilder, if you are genetically gifted to be a Kenyan endurance runner? It doesn’t work. Let me explain how you can better target your daily routine to your body type.

What is a Body Type?

A body type describes how easily it is for you to gain and lose, fat and muscle. Some people are just predisposed to being large, like Ronnie Coleman for instance. While others tend to stay skinny no matter what they do. Let us get into the details. There are three kinds of body types; ectomorph, mesomorph, and endomorph.

Ectomorph Body Type

Ectomorph Body Type
Ectomorphs usually refer to themselves as hard-gainers, which means that in order for Ectomorphs to gain muscle, it takes significant hard work, dedication, and lots of food. These folks usually carry very low levels of bodyfat, tend to have smaller muscles, and often have a smaller skeletal structure.

Training for Ectomorphic Body Type

Ectomorphs should be lifting heavy weights. That’s all there is to it. These guys need to build a strong core, a strong foundation, upon which to build the physique they desire. Compound exercises with a rep range from 3-5 should be used to facilitate strength gains. After a stable base is built, Ectomorphs will want to incorporate hypertrophy training, which is about 8-10 reps of slightly more isolationist exercises, like seated dumbbell shoulder press, or dumbbell bench press, single arm triceps extensions, perhaps single-leg extensions, and maybe a few curls. Since maximal intensity is needed during sets, and since stored ATP should be replenished as much as possible, rest periods between exercises should last about 2 minutes.

Diet for Ectomorphic Body Type

You skinny bastards have metabolisms faster than a bullet. If you are not eating, you should be. When you’re not hungry, eat. If you just ate and you’re full, eat some more or drink some milk or a protein shake. Pick the high calorie, high protein, healthier foods, and constantly be eating. Foods that are highest in healthy fats should provide the biggest bang for the buck since the Omega 3’s and calories will go a long way to putting on some bulk. Try 95% fat free beef, chicken, turkey, fish, eggs, and all-natural peanut better. Keep milk, yogurt, kidney beans, and fruit on hand for snacks. Protein bars are good too, if you can stomach them. I prefer Pure-Protein bars and Chef Jay’s Trioplex.

Mesomorph Body Type

Mesomorph Body Type
Mesomorph bodies are more inclined to gaining muscle mass quite easily. These folks are considered the ‘genetically gifted’ when it comes to bodybuilding. They are not necessarily easy gainers, but they are definitely not hardgainers either. Mesomorph body types are very athletic looking and are aesthetically pleasing to the eye. These are the guys that people refer to as jacked, ripped, and cut; and they usually walk with good posture. Mesomorphs can build muscle faster than Ectomorphs and can also lose fat much faster than Endomorphs, as long as they eat and train properly.

Training for the Mesomorphic Body Type

The best form of training for a Mesomorph would be heavy weight lifting utilizing maximal force. This would include the kind of explosive training found in powerlifting and Olympic lifting. Different exercises should be utilized in each and every training session targeting every muscle in the body with heavy weights to increase size and strength. Full body training probably works best for Mesomorphs since they can recover quickly and adapt to traditional training programs easily. Cardio should still be performed, but kept to a maximum of 2 sessions a week. This will keep the heart and lungs healthy, and the fat at bay, while not impeding muscle growth. 30-40 minutes for each cardio session is ideal. Intensity should be kept at a high intensity to focus more on the fat burning process rather than the chance of minimizing muscle mass. Interval sprints and other explosive exercises should be mandatory.

Diet for the Mesomorphic Body Type

For the mesomorph, a balanced diet should be maintained. A 30/30/40 balance of protein/fat/carbs should be utilized. This will give the trainee a full supply of nutrients and enough diverse calories to facilitate muscle growth and to maintain a lean physique.

Endomorph Body Type

Endomorph Body Type
“Hey fatty, having trouble getting lean?” You don’t want to say this to an endomorph because most likely he is stronger than you and will either crush you with his fist or sit on you. This body type is more likely to gain fat but is also more likely to be big, strong, and large boned. Endomorphs usually have a soft and squashy appearance, and they have much tougher time losing fat than the other two body types. The most can be made of this body type with a dedicated workout routine, and a dedicated nutrition plan. It is not that bad to be a big fat guy, as long as you know how to turn it into a jacked, ripped, son of a bitch through diet and exercise.

Training for the Endomorphic Body Type

Weight training should be kept to a higher rep range for most workouts. I recommend 1-2 complexes per week with several exercises strung together and little rest between sets. An example of a complex might be a deadlift into a hang clean into a push press into a back squat into a rear push press, and back to the floor. This will train for endurance, strength, and will keep the metabolism elevated. Endomorphs will still want to dedicate one day a week, one week a month, or two months a year, to serious strength training. The majority of the training though, should focus on the 8-12 rep range. Cardio is a big plus for endomorphs. 3-4 sessions of cardio per week is recommended, for 40-50 minutes at a time. At each cardio session, different types of cardio exercises should be utilized. Sprints, complexes, jumping rope, cycling, and kickboxing classes are all examples of decent cardio exercise.

Diet for the Endomorphic Body Type

It is best to eat about 7 or 8 small meals through the day. The key phrase here is SMALL MEALS. I am talking like 300-400 calorie meals. This type of eating increases your metabolism and your body burns additional calories when it is digesting food, so keeping your body in a constant state of digestion is a bonus. Concentrate more on protein and carbs, and keep fat to a bare minimum, especially saturated fats. Fats are the higher calorie nutrient and should be kept to only 20% of your overall diet.

Now that you know where you stand and have a better idea of how to train for your body type, I expect that you will examine your current diet and exercise plan. Make the changes that you need to make in order to maximize your efficiency, and get back in the gym! Be sure to contact me with any questions.