The Benefits of Thai Kickboxing

Posted February 18, 2008 in Conditioning, Martial Arts 8 Comments »

I’ll start off by saying that I never thought I would be writing an article touting the benefits of a Cardio Kickboxing class. On a similar level as cardio kickboxing, one might think that a class called Thai Kickboxing is targeted towards overweight women. Not true. The class I’m in is one of the best conditioning programs I have ever been involved with, aside from some stair-running/jump-roping drills I used to do back in college in the stairwell of the dormitory, and a heck of a lot more motivatingly diverse.

Right around the end of January I visited my local Tokyo Joe’s School of Self Defense in Hooksett, NH. They specialize in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, MMA, and Thai Kickboxing. Now, like I said, my particular class is more about conditioning, but we do learn and practice some Muay Thai combinations. We frequently put together combinations with moves such as jab, hook, cross, thai kick, knee kick, and elbows. For an hour straight we pretty much push it without more than a 1 minute break for air and water. Leg day is pretty fun too, as we get to complete a circuit of squats on the toes, duck walks, 1/2 bottom squats on the toes, duck walks, 1/3 bottom squats on the toes, duck walks, lunges of some sort, and finally lying leg presses with your partner lying on your legs. It’s great stuff.

If you are bored with your current conditioning program, or maybe you are just getting back into fitness after a layoff, or perhaps you have some other reason not to hit the weight room; give Thai Kickboxing a try. At the very least it will cut down on your body fat ratio while strengthening your lungs, heart, muscles, and joints.

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8 Responses to “The Benefits of Thai Kickboxing”

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  2. That is the most unprofessional reply to a negative comment I have ever seen on a blog. I would have read the rest of your blog, but now I won’t.

    • I am not professional. What else can I say? I don’t run a business. I’m not a trainer. I’m just a blogger really. However, looking back I must have been in a foul mood that day because I never respond to negative comments like that with profanity and anger anymore. Oh well. Live and learn. Please do me a favor though and don’t come back to my blog. I don’t need my readers questioning my responses to random commenters who attack me without knowing me.

  3. Hey cat:
    1) I’m not serious about training professional athletes anymore. I’m a software engineer.

    2) Overweight women typically attend classes such as step and cardio kickboxing. Most of those aerobics type classes do not push their students very hard, and the overweight folks usually stay overweight. You might know this if you got your fat ass off the couch and actually attempted to take an exercise class yourself.

    Little do you know, I’ve been helping people, overweight or not, female or not, ever since I started personal training in my early 20’s. Maybe the next time you stop by my blog you could come with a more sincere attitude you feminist bitch.

  4. hey steve, it sounds like you can only attract overweight women to your class,oh my God and it must the thing you dread. If you can’t stand helping them then don’t and become serious about training professional athletes…grow up, man.

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