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There are two common comments that I hear from people that want to start on a fitness program. They can not afford to go to a gym. They do not know where to start.
Supergirl Push Up
Probably the best way to start involves no equipment and very little space. In other words, you can do it at home, in the park, whatever. Bodyweight exercises are just what they sound like; exercises that use your own body’s weight for resistance.

When used with no rest from one exercise to the next, not only can you get great resistance training, but fantastic cardio as well.

Below is an example of a workout that involves nothing but your own will and weight (and maybe a watch). If you are a beginner, do this one time through, three times a week.

For instance, Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
The next week, try doing it two times through on those days.
Then Four times per session.

As you progress, try new exercises to switch things up. You may look at adding a pull-up bar. There are some great ones available that use a doorway, and run about $30-50 USD.

My using explosive movements like clapping push ups and jump squats, skipping lunges, you can increase the intensity even on body weight exercises.

If you do not know what a particular exercise is, feel free to ask. Or do a search using your favorite search engine.

A Bodyweight Workout

10X Jumping Jacks
10X Bicycle Crunches
10X Clapping Push-Ups
10x Burpees
10X Squats
Plank (30 Seconds)
10X Lunges(10 per side)
10X Chair Dips
10X Mountain Climbers (10 per side)
10x Push-Ups
10X Squat Jumps
Wall Sit (30 seconds)

Enjoy and have fun!

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