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Getting in Shape for Your Big Day: Wedding Prep Fitness Tips

Monday, January 7th, 2013

How to Fit In Your Wedding Dress or Tux

Fitness Bride

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For most brides-to-be, a wedding qualifies as one of the most important events in life. And since the vast majority only plan to do it once, they understandably want the event to be perfect. It is for this reason that months of planning go into selecting the right venue, floral arrangements, catering service, seating charts, photographer, and so on. And of course, there is the dress to consider.

For every bride this garment will be a little different, reflecting her own personal style and sense of beauty and propriety. But one thing that many women struggle with is the ability to fit into their selected gown once their wedding day arrives.
Every bride wants to be beautiful and radiant on her special day, but the truth is that the planning process can be extremely stressful, leading to fatigue, depression, and weight gain. But for the woman determined to look her best on the big day, there are ways to ensure not only that the dress fits and flatters when floating down the aisle, but that the body underneath is in peak physical condition. And there are all kinds of tools and tricks to ensure this outcome, as well as several other reasons to address fitness before the wedding day arrives.


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Sexy Girl Power Clean Demo

Friday, December 5th, 2008

I found this one surfing around on YouTube watching Olympic lifting clips. It’s a pretty good demonstration of how to execute a proper power clean.

Don’t get me wrong, power cleans take a bit of practice to get the form right, but once you get it you will want to clean every day.

Power cleans help us with force development. By using Olympic exercises like this, you will train your central nervous system (CNS) to develop maximal force while recruiting all the muscles in the body to work as a single unit. Good stuff.

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