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How to Choose MMA Gloves

Wednesday, March 28th, 2018

MMA ChickMMA is one of the toughest contact sports and having the right gear is extremely important for both your safety and the people you train with. In mixed martial arts, the main piece of equipment is your gloves. The type of glove you want to buy is dependant on the type of training you want to do since there are many different aspects to mixed martial arts.

In this article we are going to cover some tips and information to pick the best mma gloves for the type of martial arts training you want to do.

#1 – Style

There are a few different types of mma gloves that serve different purposes.
Bag gloves – These gloves as the name suggests are meant for bag training. They are tough and lightweight and are primarily designed for training with the speed bag.

They have a thin knuckle padding and therefore are used with hand wraps. These gloves can be used for hitting either a speed bag or heavy bag.

Training gloves – As the name implies these gloves are used for training and they are quite similar to boxing gloves. Their designs is much like that used for boxing though slightly different. (more…)

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Lynx Performance Grips

Thursday, March 19th, 2009


I lift heavy.

Well, heavy for me at least.

Sometimes my grip strength doesn’t always allow me to lift a maximal weight for certain exercises. Typically this might happen with an exercise where I try to use more than my max deadlift or if I’m hauling around 150 lb dumbbells.

In these circumstances, I have to employ one of the following third party tools to help me hold onto the bar.

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