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Meth Mayhem Alert Indicates Use Of Drug On Rise

Thursday, January 3rd, 2013

This is a Project Swole Public Service Announcement

Smoke MethWhile many recent reports point to a decrease in the use of methamphetamine over the past few years, some experts believe addiction trends are manifesting in the form of meth mayhem. Drug use is on the rise across the United States, including continued patterns in the dangerous stimulant drug. Obtaining a modern-day understanding of meth addiction provides insight that could help us detect and prevent tragedy.

Meth mayhem is not only affecting rural communities but is plaguing society as a whole and the idea of a “meth user,” is not necessarily always correct. In fact, many adolescents are using this drug because of its availability and price.

Conventional “Meth Abuser” Profiling Outdated

When methamphetamine became seemingly popular overnight in the early 2000s, a meth addict stereotype was formulated based on a majority of what the media focused on. The prospect of missing or rotten teeth and sore-covered skin became a scare tactic used by law enforcement to eliminate abuse. While certainly these aspects of meth abuse should be understood, it is the less gruesome alternative that has managed to remain hidden in the many years since meth became so popular.