Five Keys to A Killer Golf Swing

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Golf – Real Life Fitness

Golf Girl

The sun was starting to burn off the clouds that had been lingering all morning, and was going to make itself known.

Two Pintail ducks land in the lake to the west, no doubt looking for a meal and to cool off. Green grass, lined with some old trees. Overall, it’s a quite early afternoon.

This was my experience at a recent company golf tournament.

I don’t play a lot of golf, even though I have a good time when I do. Recently I was invited to play in this tournament, and they’re usually a ton of fun.

Golf, in and of itself, isn’t exactly intense exercise. However, consider that we played 18 holes, and even while we were using carts, I still logged 18,000 steps on my pedometer.

Throw in the “explosive” nature of your basic golf swing, and you have some muscles being activated.

Because I don’t play on a regular basis, my lower back, and oddly, my left hamstring were soar for a couple of days after.

Golf requires flexibility, core rotation, and explosive strength. Without these, your basic swing goes to pot.

Golf Training

Green grass, beautiful trees, and a blue lake

With that all said, I have a few suggestions. If you’re going to go lose some golf balls (this is how I keep score–by how many balls I lose on the course), consider the following:

  • Kettlebells – Many Kettlebell exercises use explosive, rotating movements. These hammer your core, while building key muscles. Kettlebell exercises will help build strength that will be used in your golf swing.
  • Yoga – First, I hate yoga. Not because it doesn’t work, but because it’s so friggin’ hard. Bottom line, yoga builds not only strength, but also flexibility. As mentioned earlier, this is going to help build an explosive swing.
  • Stretching – If you don’t do a good cool down, and stretching after your workout, you are doing yourself a huge disservice. Stretching helps dissipate lactic acid that builds up during exercise. A good stretch at the end will help build and maintain flexibility. Again, building a better swing.
  • mprove your golf game through better fitness. Follow these simple tips to drive the ball farther and with more accuracy.

  • Back and Shoulder Training– Train your back and shoulders to build strength to increase club head speed, which will cause the ball to go farther.
  • Core Training– Concentrate on your core without kettlebells too. Ab wheel rollouts to the side will help condition the obliques. A powerful core will aid in the twisting that is involved in the game.

If you’ve never played golf, don’t judge it from what you see on TV. That’s like watching grass grow. Go get yourself some basic instruction, and have fun with it. It’s a game that is played around the world, and for a very good reason.

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