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Taking the global gymscape by storm, John Reed has singlehandedly upped his clientele to a new level. As we’ll learn in this John Reed fitness review, this gym chain is hot, hoppin’, and full of vigor. You’ll get a little bit of everything you could hope for, in a nightlife-vibed fitness community. As they say at John Reed, “Finally, a GYM that doesn’t suck.”

Boutique studios have become a hot commodity in affluent cities worldwide, with people opting to invest in their well-being instead of anything else. John Reed Fitness has many established spots in London, Germany, Turkey, the Netherlands, and the US. This is his 40th international Space for classes, bringing a new meaning to fitness culture. 

girl on the glute drive machine

Utilizing innovative soundtracks to keep up motivation levels -John Reed offers radio content featuring energetic beats from every genre-electronic, hip-hop, urban, and pop. Twice weekly, they host live DJ sets from local artists and visitors, giving listeners a chance to see what they’re made of! 

The wonderful 2000-square-foot studio features a huge functional group training space, boxing arena, PT zone, free weights and equipment, hot yoga studio, sauna, and more. State-of-the-art equipment is found in every corner of the gym floor, ensuring you have some of the best workouts. 

Lots of specialist kits you won’t find at most gyms are here, such as this amazing Glute Drive Machine we loved, and many other things that we had never seen before too! 

4 Reasons Why John Reed Should Be Your Choice!

So, now the question is, why should you choose a John Reed Fitness club over other fitness studios? 

There are several reasons why John Reed Fitness stands out from the rest, and we’re sure you’ll appreciate them! Here are just some of the ways that this gym stands out from the rest. 

1. Amazing types of equipment and Space

Members are given unlimited training opportunities from free weights, cardio, and functional and machine strength training to an array of boutique-style classes with dedicated instructors leading Cycling, HIIT, Pilates, Barre, Dance, Yoga, and more.

From the large selection of dumbbells and free weights to connecting machines that can stream your favorite apps and programs, John Reed Fitness Club’s distinctly styled areas and studios feature some of the best equipment for anyone from beginners to elites.

2. Hi-fi To Your Fitness

John Reed Fitness combines an entertainment factor with fitness to motivate people even more. With live DJ performances and hand-selected mixes, there are no boundaries for who can access the club’s carefully curated music collection 24/7 through the free John Reed Radio App

In addition, the gyms Signature DJ-driven workout Boost Club is a group fitness experience led by live DJs and trainers that combines the best of strength, agility, endurance, and core training arranged to the rhythm and beat of the music for an effective workout.

3. Excellent Amenities

Before, after, or even instead of a relaxing workout session at John Reed Fitness, members can make use of the Snooze Room and Sauna to unwind. They can also take advantage of the sleek but comfortable facilities with Dyson hair dryers, salon-quality hair & body care products, and other goodies while they’re at it. 

Members are always welcome to use small intimate nooks throughout John Reed Fitness as retreats for social interaction; there is no better place when it comes to making meaningful connections! 

John Reed’s Juice Bar offers delicious, handcrafted smoothies, cold-pressed juices, and grab-and-go healthier snack options. 

And here’s the best part; all memberships are simple and affordable – with no initiation, annual, or cancellation fees. Here at John Reed Fitness Club, members can finally take control of their fitness journey.

4. Great Interior

John Reed Fitness interior with Buddha statues

The inside of John Reed Fitness awakens the onlooker with its unique murals, futuristic artwork, and plush furnishings. These are only some of the features that make up this masterpiece.

Known for their artistic flair, they have created a space unlike any other, where you’re bound to come back and visit again. Not only does this gym leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated but also at home among like-minded individuals who share your interests. 

Whether you’re looking for motivation or want to spend time with friends, John Reed Fitness delivers on all fronts by ensuring plenty of entertainment while providing an environment conducive to getting fit.

Final Thoughts

As we can see from this John Reed Fitness Review, this club is a lively and intense gym chain that provides services for all forms of fitness. 

With an extensive list of equipment, including free weights, functional machines, cardio machines, and so much more – it’s no wonder there are always people here! 

They also offer fun dance classes every night to make working out challenging and exciting! They also offer personal fitness training services, which include two complimentary fitness sessions when you sign up. 

Their facility is open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Membership starts at $100 per month without any initiation fees or contracts. 

We highly recommend booking an introduction with John Reed’s trainers so you can learn how to use each machine or weight for optimum results. 

Alternatively, if you prefer smaller groups, there are plenty of boutique-style classes, such as Barre, Hot Pilates (Hot Yoga), Pump Class, and HIIT class too! 

If you prefer to try out their facilities before signing on, they also offer drop-in rates of $20 per visit for members and nonmembers. For those who want a peaceful workout without the intrusive photo ops of influencers, ring lights, and tripods, there is a photography policy in place at John Reed’s gym.

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