The Sounds of Disco and Workout Tempo Are a Perfect Match

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matching disco and workout tempo

It can be difficult to garner the motivation to work out. Between finding the time and overcoming the fatigue of day-to-day life, it isn’t hard to understand why committing to a regular exercise routine is so challenging. That said, no challenge is without a solution. Introducing some fun and excitement to the mix could be all you need to help make your routine effective and fruitful. Adding music to your routine is a proven way to elevate your experience and get you on the right track. Given the intense tempo of your typical workout and the righteous beats of disco, we can’t help but think the sounds of disco and workout tempo go together perfectly.

While music is highly subjective and a matter of taste, you may be surprised to learn that certain styles have characteristics that lend themselves to ensuring a fiery workout time and time again. Universally loved for its driving tempos, motivational lyrics, and energetic nature, Disco seems to be tailor-made for cardio, weight training, and more! 

What Is Disco, Anyway?

It is impossible to talk about 70’s hits without discussing the impact that Disco had on the era. The predominant form of dance music at the time, Disco emerged as a fusion of pop, R&B, and Latin musical styles alongside exciting orchestral arrangements. Mainstreamed by iconic films such as Saturday Night Fever, this form of music exemplified the nightlife of the 1970s and made discotheques the place to be. 

When you consider that Disco was designed for an activity as physically demanding as dancing, it’s not hard to see how it can apply to your workout routine. Still, what properties set disco apart from other styles of music? 

Rhythm and Tempo 

Disco is an upbeat and highly rhythmic form of music. Perfect for running, skipping rope, biking, and even kickboxing. Most Disco songs employ a musical device known as Four-On-The-Floor Drumming. This technique requires the drummer to divide each musical phrase into four beats and then play the bass drum on each beat. This creates a sensation that is similar to a human being’s active heartbeat. Additionally, most Disco songs clock in at tempos of around 120 beats per minute. While everyone is different, the average active heart rate for most people will hover right around the same mark. This creates the sensation that your body is synching with the music and ultimately helps to keep your workout fun and enjoyable.

It’s not hard to see how Disco’s musical properties can help you meet your fitness goals, but the benefits don’t stop there! 

Power and Motivation

When you’re trying to crank out that last mile or pushing through that final set in the gym, some motivation can come in handy. One of the trademarks of the classic Disco sound is a powerful and anthemic chorus. You’re likely familiar with the exuberant and uplifting refrains of ABBA‘s Dancing Queen or the enduring fanfare of the Village People’s 1978 smash YMCA. These mood-boosting classics can give you the psychological push that you need to finish strong. Oftentimes, you can even find motivation in Disco’s lyrical content. Among the most notable examples are Candi Staton’s Young Hearts Run Free, and Gloria Gaynor’s unforgettable staple “I Will Survive. Songs like these help distract you from some of the discomforts that arise during a hard workout while simultaneously boosting your mood!

Since a solid workout routine requires discipline, commitment, and willpower, adding some fun into the mix is a great way to meet your workout goals. Having some Disco tunes on your side to keep you focused and motivated increases the likelihood that your workouts will be successful. Additionally, using music to add fun and excitement to your exercise routine increases the likelihood that you will remain consistent and dedicated. You’re more likely to persist and improve and something that you genuinely enjoy.

Final Thoughts

While there is tons of music available, the rhythmic drive and motivational essence of Disco hits should be a part of your musical workout musical experience. Be sure to try to match up your favorite disco and workout tempo soon. Give them a try, you will be blown away by your progress! Let me know in the comments if you have any amazing disco selections you would like to share.

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