Increasing Your Testosterone Naturally Was Never So Easy

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Testosterone is popularly referred as an epitome of manhood, that doesn’t mean testosterone isn’t found in women. It’s just that testosterone is found in large quantity in men, while it’s in trace quantity in women. You might be aware of the fact that testosterone plays a vital role in enhancing your sex drive and muscle building, no wonder why most men have greater muscle mass than women.

It’s almost mythical to learn the true power of testosterone and its ability to burn body fat and boost your muscles. Testosterone also comes in handy to increase your libido, sleep, mood, and your quality of life. However, testosterone declines in most men after they hit 30 years, which isn’t good for health.

In many cases it becomes an issue and leads to testosterone replacement therapy, which some studies claim might also not be good for health. Sometimes we need to try to find ways to naturally enhance the testosterone level in the body.

Here’s a list of 7 ways to increase your testosterone naturally:

  • Include healthy fat in your diet

Gone are the days when you might associate high-fat levels to elevate cholesterol levels and increase the risks of heart disease. It comes as no surprise that doctors suggest that fat works as a surefire way to increase testosterone naturally.

Eating a lot of fat is going to increase your testosterone level, right?

Well, it’s not the quantity of fat you eat, it’s the type of dietary fat you eat. It will be ideal to enhance your testosterone by including monounsaturated fats, like olive oil, peanut butter, and almonds. Including quality saturated fats, like red meat, egg yolk, cheese, and chocolate, might also be a better option to increase your testosterone.

  • A cholesterol-rich diet

Cholesterol is presumed to be a bad for your health and heart, but in reality, testosterone is derived from cholesterol. In fact, it is a necessity for you to include cholesterol in your diet to increase the testosterone level in your body. It might be an ideal choice to include cholesterol-rich products, like seafood, egg yolk, and red meat, in your daily food.

Don’t go overboard however, too much cholesterol can clog your plumbing. Always be sure to have cholesterol levels checked at least one a year.

  • Shed the excess pounds

Overweight men have the low testosterone level than men who weigh less; it might be tricky to enhance your testosterone levels without losing the excess pounds. It might be ideal to stick to a diet plan which plays a crucial role to shed the extra weight and get into shape. The success stories of people who lost weight attribute it to the food they consume with the best fitness plan.

  • Regular exercise

You exercise for a lot of different reasons, like keeping yourself physically fit, prevent lifestyle-related diseases, and much more. However, you might not be aware of the interesting fact that exercise can be the best way to boost your testosterone. When you exercise regularly, it’s a win-win situation to boost your testosterone levels and weight loss.

  • Have a good night sleep

Nothing can be a better alternative to a good night sleep, it’s equally important to your health, like regular exercise and healthy diet. There might be a difference of opinion on the best amount of sleep you must get, it’s safe to sleep for at least 7 to 10 hours every day. Some might do fine with 7 hours of sleep or lesser, however, it might make you prone to deficiency of testosterone levels in your body.

Research indicates that people with 5 hours of sleep every day experienced a 15% decline in their testosterone levels. It might be the best bet to get a lot of high-quality sleep regularly to maintain healthy testosterone levels. Good-quality sleep also ensures you a better short-term and long-term health.

  • A healthy lifestyle

It might come as no surprise to see healthy lifestyle in this list, especially, when you’re exposed to a lot of alcohol or drugs. If you wish to hold on to your testosterone levels not to decrease, it’s suggested that you stick to reducing the usage of alcohol and drug for recreational or medical purpose. Good health and testosterone levels come with no price tag on them, make sure to have a bit of laughter to enhance your testosterone levels.

  • Reduce the stress

Your emotional well-being is directly related to your physical health, your body releases a lot of stress hormone cortisol when you’re under a lot of stress. Cortisol blocks the effects of testosterone; it’s preferable to reduce the stress level to enhance the testosterone in your body.

The common techniques most people use to reduce stress and increase testosterone naturally are prayer, laughter, meditation, yoga, and others. You can choose one of these techniques to reduce stress or choose the one that works best for you.

There’s no harm in considering the aforementioned methods to level up your testosterone levels, it’s a natural process for just about anybody to lose their testosterone level over time. Testosterone plays a vital role in both men and women to improving the muscle mass and sex drives. It’s recommended that you follow these methods to increase your testosterone levels for a healthy life.

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