Why is Hydrotherapy Good So Good for You?

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Although hydrotherapy may seem like a new buzzword, it has actually been around for thousands of years. Used in a number of different cultures as part of traditional medicinal practices, hydrotherapy is incredibly beneficial for our overall health and wellbeing. Want to know more and how you can take advantage of the many benefits this practice offers? 

What is Hydrotherapy?

The use of water to help relieve pain, discomfort as well as promote physical wellness is known as hydrotherapy. Our bodies react to the healing properties of water mixed with hot and cold stimuli to deliver a number of therapeutic benefits. Cold water stimulates and invigorates while warm water relaxes and calms.

Today, hydrotherapy is quite common in many spas and is offered via treatments such as water circuits, thermal baths with aromatherapy, saunas or steam rooms and hot tub baths. Thermal water circuits becoming very popular as the massage jets paired with the alternating water temperatures activate our body’s circulation, stimulate our lymphatic system, and assist in flushing harmful toxins from our body.

Major Benefits of Hydrotherapy

The major benefits associated with hydrotherapy are:

Stress Relief – Hydrotherapy releases endorphins which are natural stress fighters, which slows our body’s reaction to anxiety.

Detoxification – Your body will produce a considerable amount of sweat from sitting in hot tubs, saunas or steam rooms. Sweat is our primary way to eliminate toxins from the body and cleanse.

Pain Relief – Sore limbs and aching muscles are soothed by the weightlessness of the water, which relieves tension. Hydrotherapy is a wonderful, natural treatment choice for athletes of those that suffer from joint pain. Endorphins are released which act as a natural painkiller while reducing muscle tenderness and improving circulation.

Immune Booster – Because of the increased circulation and blood flow resulting from hydrotherapy, our white blood cells stimulate our lymphatic system which strengthens our immune system and does a better job of removing toxins and fighting off viruses.

What Conditions are Improved by Hydrotherapy?

There are a number of conditions in which hydrotherapy has proven to be quite effective. These include:

  • Insomnia
  • Stomach problems
  • Joint and muscle aches and pain
  • Acne
  • Colds
  • Stress
  • Arthritis
  • Headaches
  • Depression
  • Anxiety

Hydrotherapy and Hot Tubs

The heated water temperature, water buoyancy and the therapeutic massage jets of a hot tub provide effective hydrotherapy treatment. By soaking in the warm water of your hot tub, your body temperature rises, causing the blood vessels to dilate, which improves circulation.

In fact, water buoyancy reduces body weight by approximately 85%, and this relieves pressure from sore muscles and strained joints. With a hot tub, the therapeutic massage jets can target problem areas that will stimulate endorphin release, and act as a natural painkiller.

To benefit from Hydrotherapy in the comfort of your own home, the best solution is to look for a hot tub which has a number of customizable massage programs and hydrotherapy features. The warm, bubbly water will have you relaxed, de-stressed and feeling better in no time.  

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