What is the General Motors Diet and Why Does it Work?

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GM Diet – The Quickest Way to Reduce 3-5 kgs in a Week

Everyone these days are trying to lose weight, for health reasons or just to look good, and trying every trick in the book to lose those stubborn kilos. But most people give up midway as they are unable to get the desired results within the stipulated time frame? But what if you get to know about a diet plan which can help you lose 3-5 kgs in 7 days. Would you believe that?

I know most of you would regard me with skepticism, “are you taking us for a ride?” Not really, the General motors diet or the GM diet can help you lose weight within 7 days. Okay, even if it is not your ideal weight, at least closer to your ideal weight.

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The General Motors diet broke into the diet horizon in the year 1985, taking the nutritional world by storm.  Conceptualised by the General Motors with the Food and Drug Administration and the United States Department of Agriculture, who worked in tandem to create a diet for its employees.

This was chiefly designed to make their workers sprightlier and definitely healthier so that they can devote 100% to their work. Well, the diet worked and how! Most workers reported a loss of 10-17 pounds in a week. The diet is very easy to follow, as it hardly has any complicated foodstuffs to procure or make great demands to your existing lifestyle. So does the diet work for you?

GM-Diet Plan – How it works?

This diet not only helps you to get rid of those extra kilos but it enables detoxification of the body, getting rid of the accumulated toxins which proved to be a hurdle in your weight loss journey. Take a look at the list of foods to eat within this phase of seven days and you will be surprised to note that every single thing listed here is easily available in your local market, or already there in your pantry.

Natural, whole unprocessed foods form the crux of this diet. You get to eat your fruits and vegetables and your rice (albeit brown rice) just that you have to eat those foods on specific days. The diet is all about consuming complex carbohydrates, fiber-full and nutritious vegetables, and fruits, and yes a lot of water, at least 3-4 liters to lose those extra kilos which you found difficult to shed. So, what do you have to eat for the seven days?

Day 1 of the GM Diet Plan

The first day can prove to be a little difficult to follow, especially for the first-timers, because all you get to eat the first day, are fruits. Also, if you only consume bananas, mango or avocado then you are in for a shock because those are the very fruits that will be eliminated from your diet. Otherwise, there are plenty of low-calorie fruits to choose from and which you can eat whenever you feel the familiar gnawing of hunger in your stomach!

There are healthier fruits such as grapefruit, Kiwi, oranges, pears, plums, pineapple, and guavas and so on. The first day helps cleanse your body’s digestive system and also boost your metabolism so that it sets in motion the weight loss process.

Day 2 of the GM Diet Plan

The Day 2 seems easier to follow, mostly because you can take a break from eating too much of fruits as it is a veggie day. Much like Day 1, you can have as much as you like you can add potato too to your diet and thus you don’t feel famished all the time.

Consume, cauliflower, asparagus, broccoli, cabbage, and beets, anything you like. Also, you can make yourself a nutritious veggie soup to give your taste buds the much-needed break.

Day 3 of the GM Diet Plan

Day 3 is easier still as you can eat both fruits and veggies but you have to eliminate two things from your diet, potatoes, and bananas. Everything you cook for yourself should be either boiled or steamed. Yes, you cannot use cooking oil to make your foods extra yum. Bland or boring it may be, but it is very very effective.

Stay hydrated with lots and lots of water. You would have already lose a substantial amount of fat by now which brings us to the next day.

Day 4 of the GM Diet Plan

Roughly, the day 4 is all about eating three things, milk, banana and the veggie soup. This is a far more energizing meal as you get the potassium and sodium which was lacking in the earlier part of the diet. Things can get boring by the end of the day but you have banana milkshakes too, but remember you can only consume skimmed milk, or low fat milk alternatives such as almond milk, with banana.

Day 5 of the GM Diet Plan

Officially the beefy tomato day! You can eat up to 6 large tomatoes today, and snack on sprouts, cottage cheese, tofu, and brown rice. And of course vegetable soup from previous days is always an option if you need lighter fare to fill you up.

By Day 5 you will feel a tremendous difference and feel light and energized. Your skin will start glowing too by now with all those fruit and veggies.

Day 6 of the GM Diet Plan

Yes, you can have protein on this day too and it will be more satiating. So bring back the meat on your plate along with the veggies. Your meat options include beef, chicken, eggs, fish, and tofu for vegetarians.

When choosing beef, always choose the leanest beef in the meat isle, preferably no less than 93% lean. When choosing eggs, consider a mix of whole eggs and egg whites, or egg beaters. Yolks are good for us, but not too many at once. For fish, try to choose less-oily lower fat fish. Try to avoid fish like salmon for now.

Day 6 will make you more comfortable with yourself and those cravings for unhealthy food and sugar should be waning. You will feel energized and refreshed and of course welcome day 7 with all eagerness.

Day 7 of the GM Diet Plan

Congratulations! You have reached Day 7 and the good thing is you can have your share of brown rice, veggies, and fruits. You must have already lost ten pounds by now and feel absolutely great!

This is a great diet as it takes a break from our unhealthy eating pattern and revitalizes and energizes us with the right nutrients. So are you willing to hop on the GM Diet bandwagon? If you are then, here is wishing you loads of luck on your weight loss journey!

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