The Best Low Carb Diet Beer

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Want Beer
Want Beer?

Today we’re going to depart a little bit from perfect health and spot-on nutrition. I’d like to take a minute to discuss beer.

Beer is good. It is a man’s drink. Arnold reportedly devoured several pints of beer and whole chickens after grueling squat workouts. I’m not saying that’s how he won any of his trophies or awards, because it’s not. I can almost guarantee you Arnold didn’t touch alcohol during his contest prep.

However if you are not competing or scheduled to compete, then I have to ask you: What is the harm in having a beer or two with dinner a couple times a week?

Everything in moderation. Here are my favorite low carb, low calorie, “diet” beers.

  1. Michelob

    Mich Ultra is always a popular low carb beer offering. I don’t have any in my fridge right now, but I can guarantee that I did sometime within the last 6 months.

    • Michelob Ultra – 96 calories and 2.6g carbohydrates
    • Michelob Ultra Amber – 114 calories and 3.2g carbohydrates

    You can also get a variety of Ultra flavors, however, these beers are higher in carbohydrates because they have more sugar. My finance likes Mich Ultra Pomegranate. It has a nice flavor but not much bite.

    The Mich Ultra Amber is only 4% alcohol by volume, which is pretty weak.

  2. Miller Coors Brewing

    The best options from Miller Coors are:

    • Miller Lite – 110 calories and 7g carbohydrates.
    • MGD 64 – 64 calories and 2.4g carbohydrates
    • Coors Light – 102 calories and 5.3g carbohydrates
    • Keystone Light – 103 calories and 5g carbohydrates

    Miller Lite is the tastiest of the four and also the least healthy choice, but not by much. Aside from MGD 64, you really can’t go wrong with any of these selections.

  3. Anheuser Busch

    Budweiser, produced by Anheuser Busch in St. Louis, Missouri, has two products on
    the market.

    • Budweiser Select – 99 calories and 3.1g carbohydrates
    • Budweiser Select 55 – 55 calories and 1.9g of carbohydrates
    • Busch Light – 95 calories and 3.2g carbohydrates

    Although Budweiser Select 55 offers fewer carbs and calories, you also only get a beer with a 2.4 percent alcohol content. Busch Light isn’t really a worthy opponent.

  4. Imported Beers

    If you prefer imported beers, you may want to try Amstel Light or Corona Light.

    • Amstel Light – 95 calories and 5 g carbohydrates
    • Corona Light – 95 calories and 5 g carbohydrates

The Amstel light offers a whopping 35 percent fewer calories than the regular Amstel lager.

For a wicked long list of beers, with alcohol content, calories, and carbs, visit My only request is that they turn this list into a sortable data grid. Maybe I’ll have to do that myself…

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3 Responses to “The Best Low Carb Diet Beer”

  1. Beer is definately less calories then any mixed drink using soda or juices. I think there is also a Molson Canadian 67 with only 67 calories. I’ve been told it’s not that good though. Word of warning.

  2. 100 odd calories ain’t bad for a beer with dinner. Pump out an extra 50 burpees and it’s all burnt up

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