Breaking the Boredom of the Workout Routine

Spice Up Your Training Plan

Everyone knows that they should be exercising, yet most people dread the very idea. The sweating and strain aside, working out is just boring. Think about the people you see running or at the gym, they look bored of their skulls. If you are going to keep at any exercise routine, you will need to find some way to combat the mind-numbing madness that comes with it.

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Circuit Training

You can fight the effects of workout boredom by mixing things about a bit. Circuit training will keep your mind intoned with what comes next. Circuit training is done by moving through a series of exercises one after the other. Repetitions are usually quick; 10 repetitions done in thirty seconds repeated twice.

These are easier to do if the gym is empty or you have your own system at home. You need to keep your momentum and heart rate both up. Circuit training lends itself well to targeting areas. Whether you want the abs of Adonis or pythons big enough to eat small children, circuit training can really help keep your mind and body focused.


hiking fitnessWhen it comes to running, try losing yourself rather than your mind. New running environments can feed that curious nature that lies dormant. New hiking trails or parks can make running more interesting since you will be seeing something new as you go. Just be sure you bring the right gear. Proper running and hiking shoes will save your feet from damaging wear and tear from outdoor activities, and sometimes even hiking poles can save your back on those really long arduous hikes.

Some places have workout stations built into the trail systems. You can take a cardiovascular break for some toning or resistance training. Be sure to pack some extra food and water supplies in case you lose your way. Learn what the wildlife population in the area is otherwise your run may take on a whole new fitness experience.

Workout with 2 partners instead of one

Three may be a crowd but not when it comes to exercising. Working out with a partner can keep you motivated. When the ratio is only fifty-fifty, it is a lot easier for the other half to drag you down to a slacker level. Having a threesome works better to counteract anyone who is dragging their feet. Besides, imagine the curious looks when you mention that you had a three-way at the gym.

Vary your pace

If running is your thing, you may find hitting the pavement a chore. This happens a lot to runners that keep the same pace day after long day. Changing your speed in intervals can wake both your heart and brain. High intensity intervals can really stimulate your metabolism to keep your body burning more fat throughout the day.

Start with four minutes at your normal pace then spend one minute going twenty-five percent faster. Bring it back down again and repeat throughout your session. This can really help kill boredom when you are running on an inside track or treadmill. You can focus on the clock without wondering if you are done yet.

Are you looking for a new home?

If you are into walking or running, give yourself a sight-seeing goal. This works great if you are in the market for a new resident. Running around a neighborhood has many advantages. It will let you see what the area is like as well as cue you in to any new places that are on the market. This may not be as efficient as an online search, but it is much better for the body.

Houses or apartments don’t have to be the only thing you can hunt for. You’d be amazed at what you will find when on foot. You may find an unexpected park, a pub or even a restaurant that can refuel your depleted energy stores.

Try Mantras

Some people use mantras in order to stay motivated. A mantra is a word or phrase that you can chant to yourself in order to stay focused. If it sounds like it belongs on a T-shirt, it will probably work. If you find a good enough one, you may actually want to put it on a T-shirt. Check out this list of the 20 greatist health and fitness matras along with some clever memes you can post in your social media accountability groups.

Watch TV

The final way to fix the workout boredom is to find something worth watching. Sure you can watch the other people working out around you, but that can send of creep vibes after awhile. Instead, try watching some good old-fashion TV.

Some gyms have TV/DVD stations that you can use. If your gym doesn’t than you may need to invest in a portable version. Watching movies or shows will keep you going as long as you commit to viewing only when you are exercising. This can work at home too.

This will keep you in motion for forty, eighty or even longer duration workout sessions. Just be sure to be selective on what you watch. Exercising is really not an ideal time to break out your favorite adult entertainment movies. You will either get slapped with a lawsuit or hurt yourself.

Most people drag their feet when it comes time to hit the gym. It isn’t just because they are unmotivated. Working out can suck all the life out of you when it becomes dull and humdrum. Changing the way you exercise can keep your mind in the game and not wandering off on its own.

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11 Responses to “Breaking the Boredom of the Workout Routine”

  1. Except for the last piece of advice, all of these are good advice. For beginners, the TV might be okay, but as you progress, it takes away from your concentration.

  2. Circuit training is my fav at the moment i find sticking to rigid sets reps and times i am able to stay focused on my workouts

  3. Agree with most of what is said ie. circuits or intervals defo great way to beat boredom and keep you occupied both mentally and physically, however, watching TV is good for long haul cardio that is not too intense however, when more experienced you need to push on, get an ipod and turn that volume up…No good casually strolling watching TV i don’t think…

  4. As a manager and personal trainer, I’m constantly looking for ways to break the monotony of working out. One way I’ve found to get my cardio outside of mind-numbing steady state methods, is to do High Intensity Interval training, particularly using a Tabata protocol. Pick four exercises, e.g. burpees w/pushup, planks, body weight squats, and twisting crunches. Do twenty seconds of each exercise at the desired intensity, with a ten second break between each station. I use a Gymboss timer to help keep the timing straight. Do a full four-minute round, do an active rest of two minutes, walk or get on the treadmill, then do another round. Take another two minutes active rest and do a third round. This will get anyone moving, the pacing and variation are such that boredom is impossible and thirty minutes will pass like nothing at all. Enjoy!

  5. all good advice except the last one. Im not so sure about the TV during workouts maybe for beginners but as you advance it takes away from the concentration of your lifts.

  6. Great bunch of tips. I have actually tried working out with two other people at once though and find the downtime a distraction, maybe once in a while to get some workout tips swimming around.

    I find that the ebb and flow of focus can be bad so I have to be regimented in my workouts and focus on very few sets and all to failure to get out in 30 minutes or so.

    As far as running and stuff I have always found it great to become a cardio freak for a few weeks every now and then just to change things up. It is great having the variety.

    • I have trained with two people at once before and don’t particular care for it. I think it would be much easier to train with so many partners if you are powerlifting. The way I train, I start my next set before a third person would ever start their set. Sometimes sooner. Also, glad to have to comment on Project Swole. I’ve been browsing your fitness tips ever since you joined Top Sites Fitness half a year ago or so.

  7. This is excellent. I know when i work out sometime i get bored of the same old routine. Now with this advice i can spice up my workout routine easily.

    This help to keep me more motivated towards my goal. Thank you for posting this.

  8. Good points on here to keep you motivated. One difficult thing for me is that I have a family and it’s difficult for me to get out and do a hiking trip or sight seeing. I would rather keep myself in the gym and have the ability of free will for whatever i want to do. If curiosity gets to me, I will try a new exercise on the spot. If I like it, I will incorporate it into my workout.

    Another thing that I like to do on my running days is try and go as fast as I can while lip syncing to the music that I am listening to. It kind of helps get my mind off the running, controls my breathing, and keeps me going for longer without realizing it.

    Funny thing, I use Mantras but I never realized that I did until after reading this. Good stuff Steve!! Keep it coming!

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