The Missing Tools to Your Nutrition & Exercise

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The body is amazing. It is capable of phenomenal strength and recovery, but there are times when a person can experience problems and not know the cause of them. When this happens, a doctor might conduct a variety of tests to discover the root cause of weight gain, fatigue, and other issues.

But wouldn’t it be great if you could diagnose yourself? I don’t mean ask Google or query WebMD, I mean wouldn’t it be great if you could recognize your fitness or nutrition bottlenecks and change your lifestyle to fix the issue?

Let’s explore some common types of problems the body can experience by lacking something it needs.

The Right Diet

All bodies aren’t the same. Some people can eat carbohydrates all day and not gain weight. Others can eat meat and a high amount of animal fat and not gain weight until they eat a moderate amount of carbohydrates. An allergic reaction or inability to digest a certain type of food can affect how the body metabolizes food. The wrong foods can cause inflammation and weight gain as the body’s hormones become imbalanced. Keep in mind that excessive alcohol promotes inflammation and restricts recovery.

The Right Intensity of Exercise

You can exercise three to five times a week and not experience real results. Adopting a vegetarian diet might not produce results right away when you want to lower your blood pressure. You can wait to see what’s happening with your health, but it might mean you have to work out harder. If you hit a plateau, you may need to introduce circuit training into your exercise regimen.

The Right Focus

Sometimes, you have a person who exercises, eats relatively healthy and can’t lose weight. It’s unfortunate and unfair. At times, something else is off in the body that causes this issue. It can be a thyroid issue where the body can’t burn calories like it used to. Adrenal fatigue can cause this problem as well as an imbalance in hormones that usually promote overall well being. Sometimes, a lack of sleep can cause problems for weight gain and cause other problems that can lead to weight gain.

The Right Vitamins and Nutrients

A lack of vitamins and other nutrients can cause problems in the body. These problems can go unknown because it’s hard to monitor the number of vitamins we eat on a regular basis. You might not know the right amount of nutrients and vitamins you need and the right combinations of foods to eat. For instance, you might know that you need regular protein for muscle growth and function, but it might surprise you to know you need methionine in order to build muscle. If you ate a diet rich with garbanzo beans, you might think you have enough protein in your diet, but you’d need to eat oatmeal, yogurt or other foods that have methionine in them.

Sometimes, it is just a matter of the body receiving the right type of help in order for it to function like it once did. This is especially true for those who are older. As people grow older, they lose muscle, experience weight gain, can’t digest foods like they used to, or the body can experience a different level of hormones. A product like le-vel thrive can help the body to recover from exercise more quickly and experience greater health.

The Right Amount of Water

It can sound surprising that you may be missing out on water. However, it’s more common than you think. A regularly active person needs about half their body weight in ounces of water per day. Water helps brain function, the way muscles respond to exercise and heal, the way the body burns calories, how the body releases heat with sweat and more. You could become overly heated and experience a host of other problems. When you exercise, you need a greater amount of water because you sweat and exhale a larger amount of water. Be sure to replace sodium as well because drinking a large amount of water and sweating can deplete the body of sodium.

On one hand, it can be frustrating trying to find the cause for your health issue. On the other hand, it’s nice to know that just one item can create a solution. Of course, living a healthy life can help to rule out a wide variety of problems. If you sleep the right amount, drink enough water and eat a healthy diet, you can find a solution more quickly.

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