Seven Easy Ways to Boost Your Metabolism ?

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Metabolism is a word that describes any and all chemical reactions that occur within the body. The rate at which metabolism occurs in your body may vary depending on a lot of things. The rate at which our body metabolizes is also shown in how many calories we burn and how much energy we have. A higher metabolic rate means we burn calories much easier and it is easier to both lose weight and then keep it off. Here are seven easy ways to boost your metabolism for weight loss.

Eat More Protein

Eating any type of food can increase your metabolism for a few hours, but some work better than others. Protein takes the most amount of time and energy to break down in the body and therefore needs more calories to do so. Consuming more protein keeps your body working for longer and can also leave you feeling fuller for longer. Protein rich foods include milk, egg, cheese and white meats such as chicken.

Use Keto Supplements

Keto supplements are a great way to burn off those stubborn pounds, as they not only improve weight loss, they also improve your metabolic wellness. They are often used on the ketogenic diet, but you can take them to supplement your current diet plan. A good weight loss supplement from a company like KetoLogic will be allergen free, vegetarian and lab tested, giving you peace of mind that they are safe for your body. You can learn more about these supplements and the many benefits they have by visiting the KetoLogic website.   

Drink Cold Water

Water has many benefits to the body and we should aim for around 2 liters a day. This is much better for the body than any other drinks, especially those containing sugar. Replacing sugary drinks for water can easily reduce your calorie intake, as sugary drinks are usually the hidden calories that you don’t account for. Drinking water has also been found to speed up your metabolism temporarily. Studies have proven that drinking 0.5 liters of water can increase the body’s resting metabolism by 10-30% for 60 minutes. Having it cold further generates a calorie burning effect as your body must use energy to heat it back to optimum temperature.  

Lift Weights

Only doing cardio is not the most effective way to lose weight and speed up your metabolism. Muscle is the most metabolically active and therefore building your muscle mass can help to boost your metabolism. This can cause you to burn more calories every day, even when your body is at rest. Lifting weights can help you to retain muscle mass and stop the dip in metabolism that often occurs throughout weight loss.

Complete High Intensity Workouts

High intensity workouts, also known as HIIT, are becoming increasingly popular as they are very good at helping you burn fat faster and for a longer amount of time. HIIT involves a very intense and quick burst of activity. Doing this can aid you in burning fat by increasing your metabolic rate and is better than many other types of exercise. If you want to try HIIT, check out this guide for beginners and these great HIIT routines that you can start today.

Sit Less 

Sitting down a lot is bad for your health and causes you to burn less calories, leading to weight gain. As technology takes over our lives and many jobs are now behind a computer sat down, this is not good news for office workers. Standing up burns more calories and in comparison, sitting for an afternoon rather than standing would cause you to lose out on burning an extra 174 calories! If you do have an office job or one that involves a lot of sitting, try standing for short periods of time or nip to the water cooler every so often.

Get Enough Sleep

Many of us do not sleep enough and this can wreak havoc with your metabolism. A lack of sleep has major links to being at risk of obesity for many reasons, one being that sleep deprivation can lower our metabolic rate. Not getting enough sleep each night has also been linked to having an increased level of blood sugar which is a risk factor in developing type 2 diabetes. Another reason sleep affects our weight is due to the fact that a tired body produces more of the hormone ghrelin, which is the hormone that causes us to feel hunger. That is plenty of reason to get a good night’s sleep.

Any, or all of these, are great ways to boost your metabolism and can help you burn more calories each day. A healthy lifestyle and exercise can lead to a boost in metabolism if you incorporate protein rich food and HIIT workouts into this. Sleeping enough and sitting less are also linked to a faster metabolism and keto supplements are an easy way to speed up the weight loss process.

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