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“Should I try CrossFit or cardio?”, “should I be doing 5 reps or 4?”, “should I be doing Insanity to get my muscles in shape before summer?” these are all valid questions that every gym goer and fitness enthusiast ask even after months of working out. Picking the right routine can be incredibly confusing for anyone. Even the celebrity fitness trainers have a tough time selecting fitness regimes for their clients after dedicating the better part of their day to their fitness and health.  

Asking these questions shows that you are serious about your health and fitness. It also shows that you are finally ready to take the next step and take matters into your own hands. For most fitness enthusiasts the next step involves taking their fitness regime back home with them. In fact, today, gyms go wherever the fitness enthusiast goes. You don’t have to pay a fortune to buy the membership of a fitness boutique and drive there four times a week to exercise. Health and fitness mean a lot more than sweating it out on the stationary cycle or power rower with crowds of strangers.

Why is it becoming popular to rent fitness or buy fitness equipment?

People are gradually moving away from the “fitness center” trend towards at-home fitness. The last couple of years have seen an incredible increase in the rate of home-based gyms and fitness equipment hiring businesses. Many of these businesses lease out all kinds of exercising equipment one might need including treadmills, spin cycles, elliptical trainers, power rowing setups, weights, and medicine balls. Click here for details on gym equipment rentals. These companies have made fitness affordable for everyone including the college-going millennials and homemakers.

What should influence your exercise regimen?

The first challenge of setting up a home-based gym is finding your own fitness routine and following it. Since each person has a different body type, it is impossible to say that one HIIT circuit will suit two people equally. We have seen people of similar built, and stamina prefers two very different intensities of workouts. Apart from personal choice, fitness routines also depend on the ultimate goal of an individual. While you may be interested in losing weight, someone else might want to gain muscle mass. Typically, novice gym-goers have either one of the three following goals –

  1. Feel great, look great – it is not a sin to be a little vain at times. You want to look good this summer, and we don’t hold it against you. It is essential to feel comfortable in your own skin.
  2. Feel healthy – a lot of people are finally realizing the importance of good health. Maybe the doctor has inspired you to lose some weight or increase your stamina. Nonetheless, you need to include fat-burning exercises in your routine.
  3. Be happy – exercising sends a surge of the “happy hormones” through your brain. Being happy is the key to success and satisfaction in life. You need an exercise routine that will motivate you and satisfy you.

Your personal goal can be a combination of more than one of these goals. Once you have your priorities straightened out, you will find it much easier than before to set up an exercise routine that works best for you.

How to choose the exercises for your fitness routine?

You should try and find out which exercises you enjoy the most. Some people like to run outside, others like power yoga, some prefer cycling, while others stick to CrossFit. To be happy while working out is not impossible; you need to find a combination of exercises that work for you. Since you already have reliable gym equipment rental services at your disposal, it should be easy to set up an exciting and efficient workout routine within a couple of days. If you have the option of consulting a fitness trainer, you can ask him or her to check if you have created a balanced routine.

  • Always remember to add variations to your routine. Do not commit to the same sets and reps every day. Remember, your exercise should not feel like another chore. It should provide you with the mental peace and happiness you need to complete the more taxing tasks in life. Variations should help you meet your short-term goals every week or every month.
  • Do not set goals that include losing body fat percentage or dropping x pounds by the end of the month! Your short-term goals should be more inspiring like running one lap around the lake without breaks by the end of the month or finishing 30-squats without taking a breather.
  • Never put yourself through exercises you don’t like. We are here today because there are thousands of activities and you do not know how to pick a few for your daily routine. So, don’t suffer through a regime you dislike. We will find plenty of ways to help you sweat!
  • Think of your physical fitness as a work in progress. Do not always think about the finish line. Focus on the task at hand. If you have five sets of push-ups due, finish that and then think about the crunches. Working out should not be a misery.
  • Your muscles will feel sore after the initial few days. Do not give up during this time. It is just your muscles saying goodbye to stubborn fat. Strength training is incredibly efficient in building muscle and burning calories. The only side-effect is tenderness after the first few days of exercise.

Your new routine should be the perfect balance of all types of exercises that can help you achieve your set of goals. So, if your goal is to achieve a bikini body by the end of 2019, you should pick exercises that can burn fat from your waist, hips, thighs, and belly. If your goal is to become strong, then you should focus on muscle-building and strength training exercises. The key to happy exercising is keeping realistic expectations. If you want to lose weight, don’t believe that you can lose 10 pounds in one month because a celebrity made it look easy. It is tough to lose weight, and you should not lose confidence if your routine takes time. Exercising should motivate you, improve your physical fitness and mental health.

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