What Are the Side Effects of Protein Powder?

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Your Questions

I get plenty of questions in various comments throughout the website, but I also get comments and questions via the contact form.

Generally, I address those questions through e-mail, but often I do not have the time to reply to each and every question personally.

From now on I want to take a more proactive approach to answer your questions by posting them separately in the blog. This way we can be sure that everyone benefits from the Q & A.

Russel wrote:

“I’m 19 and am just starting to try to build some muscle. I was wondering what happens when you consume too much protein and your liver or kidneys can’t handle it, what are the side effects?”


First of all, there really are no side effects to using protein powder, as long as you use it intelligently. There’s no reason to eat more than 40 grams of protein in a meal. There’s also no reason to live on protein supplements.

side effects of protein powder

Real food will help keep you healthy.

Protein powder is just a ‘supplement’ to your normal whole food diet. Muscle Milk is definitely the best product to choose to ‘supplement’ your diet with extra protein, but you don’t want to base your entire nutrition plan around it.

That said, I want to examine this question from the following three angles:

  • regarding the digestion of lactose
  • regarding the digestion of excess protein and developing kidney stones
  • regarding your body being in a state of ketosis


Take it from me first hand if you are lactose intolerant, you will want to get the whey protein isolate. Isolate will contain less than 1% lactose, which is the sugar in milk that causes lactose intolerant individuals to get sick. Digesting a small 1% concentration of lactose is usually tolerated pretty well by lactose-intolerant people.

Standard whey protein powder has about 5-6% lactose. I have heard of several lactose intolerant individuals, including myself, who have a hard time with the lactose concentration of regular whey protein powder.

Excess Protein

Your kidneys will have a very hard digesting too much of any protein. Excess protein is responsible for two reactions in the body:

  1. Your blood will turn acidic.
    Your blood pH should be in the 7.0 range. When blood becomes very acidic, the body must correct itself by making your blood more basic. The most basic available element in your body is calcium (showing off my college degree here). Your bones will release calcium into your blood, which will then bind to the acidic byproducts of the protein, turning your blood back to a neutral level. Goodbye healthy bones, hello osteoporosis.
  2. You could develop kidney stones.
    That doesn’t sound too bad until you realize that your body is going to need to remove those little calcium deposits that are floating around in your blood. These calcium deposits end up in your kidneys to await your next trip to the restroom. I’m sure you have heard of kidney stones and now you know one of their causes. Ouch! Be sure to limit your initial intake of protein in order to ensure your body responds well to it.


Another thing excess protein can do is to put your body into a state known as ketosis. It doesn’t matter what you have heard in the past, prolonged ketosis is bad for your kidneys. Your body will begin to burn fat for energy, which is good; but this is the result of a complete lack of carbohydrates, which is bad.

Most medical resources regard ketosis as a physiological state associated with chronic starvation. Glucose is regarded as the preferred energy source for all cells in the body with ketosis being regarded as a crisis reaction of the body to a lack of carbohydrates in the diet. Ketosis would thus be a dangerous state which unnecessarily stresses the liver and causes the destruction of muscle tissues.

This is still the view of the majority in the medical and nutritional science communities, although in recent years it has been challenged by a number of doctors and adherents of low-carbohydrate diets, who dispute both the body’s preference for glucose and the dangers associated with ketosis.

The Protein Shake Diet

Some people also drink straight protein shakes all day long. This wrecks havoc on your body because it loses it’s ability to properly digest fats and carbs. A good principle for protein supplementation, is that that your diet should be consistent by consuming protein, fats, and carbs in moderation.

A 40/30/30 (p/f/c) diet is much better than a protein shake diet, at least over the long term. Moderation is key for healthy eating. Check out these 105 protein shake recipes to ‘shake’ things up a bit.

In general, there are no side effects related to supplementing with whey protein. Follow some of the tips above to make protein supplementation an important and useful aspect of your diet.

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510 Responses to “What Are the Side Effects of Protein Powder?”

  1. Hello, I want to lose weight and have found that I am slowing down and weight gaining as a female hitting my dreaded 40’s. I have tried my old ways to lose weight and its not happening like it used to so I want to know if I buy some kind of shake in the morning and lunch and then a snack and a normal supper and then maybe treadmill for an hour a day? I don’t want to get dizzy and have 3 kids so I need a lot of energy too. I would like to lose 30 lbs. and also don’t mind if I lose some muscle. I purchased ISONatural today and now I am reading about how protein shakes may affect your kidneys making me wonder if I should use them at all.

    • In my opinion and experience, one protein shake a day will not hurt you and in fact will probably help you a LOT in your fat loss efforts.

  2. hi im 17yrs,176cm,,,54kg weight,,,,,nd i dnt tk ny proteins or weight gainer. ….bt know i wnt to gain weight …so please help me

  3. hi im 17yrs.176cm.54kg. nd di dnt tk ny proteins or weight gainer . but from know i wnt to gain weight . so please help me

  4. Hi i am 14+ this year and weigh arnd 60+ kg,I want to get bigger. Shd i take weight gainers?
    I have been working out for a few months alr and theres result but my arms arent getting any bigger although its getting stronger and its like i have not enough fats to build anymore muscles. pls advice thanks

    • Weight gainers shouldn’t be necessary at age 14. You just need to follow a good routine, using compound movements, train your legs, and eat, eat, eat. It would be ok to add maybe 1 protein shake a day, but it is more important to eat real food. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and 2 quality snacks in between. Even if you go to school days, you can still make a diet like this work.

  5. Hi steve your blog is awesome I am 25 6′ and 92.5 kg I have stated using creatine so I was wondering if there will be any side effects in the future?

    • It all depends on your physiology whether or not you will have side effects from creatine. Some folks do and some don’t. Some professional athletes report tendon and ligament injuries associated with creatine, but most experts agree that it is the fault of some other performance enhancing drugs. I personally experienced great results from creatine, aside from some short term side effects like cramping when I don’t consume enough fluids. To this day I don’t experience any long term side effects that I can attribute to create use. I can’t tell you to use it or not, so it’s your decision.

  6. Hi, I’m 20 yrs old ,79 kg and 180 cm height . I take 1 shake of protien (3 scoops = 59g) and creatine after each workout plus healthy meals, and I workout 6 days a week . Do I exceed in using protein ?

    • You don’t need that much protein, especially after a workout. One scoop will suffice, or you can even just stick to chocolate milk after a workout. If you really want to try something, you’ll use a specially formulated post-workout supplement after your workouts.

  7. sir im 18(53kg) and i have recently started going to gym to gain weight and muscles but i dont use any protein powder becoz parents tell its not good for health … i eat 3 bananas before workout and 4 boiled eggs after workout are they sufficient or should i add anything in diet please suggest

  8. Hi Steve!

    I am a 51 yo man 6’2″ and 185lbs, I desparately want to build some muscles and work out 6 days a week. However my cholesterol was a bit high and through execise and diet, brought down a bit. Which products combination is the safest for me and how do I use it.



    • The following advice comes with a disclaimer: be sure to talk to your doctor before starting an exercise routine or diet plan. Especially if you have a history of any kind of cardiovascular disease or illness. Now, my $.02

      First of all, you don’t want to lift weights 6 days a week. I can see lifting 4 times a week and including cardio training twice, though you will want to transition from endurance cardio to high intensity intervals once your body is ready for it. You can do some additional cardio as well, but it’s probably not needed unless you are training for a marathon, triathlon, or some other sport or race. As far as supplements, all you really need is some protein powder. Maybe invest in some fish or flax oil supplements for good health. A multivitamin is probably a good idea too, and make sure you get adequate calcium and vitamin D.

  9. I am a 61 yr old female. upto the age of 51, i weighed 130kg. i dieted for 1 yr and lost 65 kg. i kept this weight off until last year. but since 1 yr, my wt has gone upto 85kg. i started dieting and taking ISO 100 twice a day (28gms each time). I work out 4-5 days a wk but because of my knee problem, my work outs are limited. i started dieting 2 months ago.I feel the protein drink is making me gain weight. shall i stop having it? i take itat 9am and the other one after my workout at 4.30pm. i feel very sleepy and lethargic after i have my ISO 100 no carb, no fat protien drink. Please advise. thx.

  10. As soon as I read about the side effects of protein powder I discontinued use straight away as it was making my digestive system unhealthy and I put not having enough fibre to blame. I only continued use before hand to rebuild my muscles after starting a physical demanding job. I had no idea that these protein diet shakes were destructive to the kidneys and bones. I think people should really do research into these body building diet fads that we see on the tv before hand and read the fine print after all they are trying to sell this stuff they are only going to emphasize on the positive outcome which is weight loss from fluid loss and muscle mass the only positive thing that came out of using a protein shake for me.

    • Your weight gain should stay, unless your calories drop below maintenance when you stop the protein, in which case you will eventually lose weight from the calorie deficit.

  11. hey sir i really want to knw that does drinking an protien powder once time in a day hav any side effect to my body or not… n used to smoke 3 to 4 times daily ….
    plz do reply me sir
    i m 22yrs old n 65kg

    • Sir, protein power has no side effect except to gain weight – gain muscle if you lift weights, gain fat if you are lazy. Do not smoke ever again sir.

  12. Whey protein prevents cancer, its has got an amino called cysteine, when gets into the cell converts to glutathione, a potent antioxident…….So have "whey" all the way……peace sharan.

  13. I am 55 and *possibly* hypoglycemic (which isn’t what this Q is about but might be useful info.) For breakfast I eat a a whole grain cereal mixed with nut meals (hazelnut, almond and pecan), yogurt, and a half scoop of protein powder. Cereal is eaten slowly over course of the AM. I have an early supper consisting of a huge raw veggie salad with lots of ingredients including some tofu for protein. During the day I snack on a protein bar and/or rice cakes with peanut butter.

    During workouts I sometimes experience rapid-onset of dizziness and a horrible feeling of depression and physical exhaustion. My weight-to-height ratio is good, so caloric intake seems to be OK.

    My questions: could I be getting too little protein, given that I don’t eat meat? Could this cause the bad feelings during and after workouts? Or would hypoglycemia be a more likely cause of depression and fatigue after exercise? Any recommendations?

    • I think you are better off consulting a doctor about your potential hypoglycemia. Just off the top of my head, it could be a blood sugar crash in the middle of your workout. For someone without hypoglycemia, I would recommend sipping diluted Gatorade, Powerade, or whatever you use for a post-workout shake, throughout your workout. I doubt it has anything to do with your protein intake.

  14. I drink one protein shake a day. it contains 16 grams of protein, I eat protein enriched foods every meal such as beans eggs meat along with vegatables and wheat bread and brown rice, I have lost about 10 lbs in 1 month. the thing I have noticed is constipation, the opposite of lactose intolerance. I continue to drink plenty of water and watch and see what developes. Not really worried about kidney stones because the beans are loaded with carbohydrates and protein.

    • Robbin Puryear i think that the general public should be able to handle your comments, if they are adults and can understand this and really have a genuine concern on the subject. I applaud you for being so candid and honest,because i get constipated too and all i know is the protein diet, how should in incorporate good carbs? lol it drives me crazy

  15. thanx for the info on kidney stones and protein shakes. No more shakes for me. My hubby keeps making them for me/ I will excuse him- he didn't know……or maybe he knows that I am insured lol.

  16. I drink 3-4 protein shakes a day But i do mix in frozen fruits. Also, you have to keep in mind that different protein shakes have different amounts of protein. So for example, if your drinking a shake with 20 grams 3 times a day its totally different then drinking a shake of 60 grams protein 3 times a day. As a general rule of thumb you should be consuming 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight.

  17. i want to take protein power i am so skinny but i have piece muscle.I want to get mass but how much i ate i am not getting mass …i am very unhappy so i want to take protein powder…every body says it will occur kidney stone..is it true ?please tell me how to take food properly and about having side effect………………..^^^^^
    i am taking good weights ,even i am skinny i am able to take hold of weights
    in bar weight i usually take,
    chest max:60 kg{upper,lower,base}
    biceps max:50 kg
    triceps max:30 kg
    wings:60 kg
    shoulder:30 kg
    leg:60 kg
    plz tell if i want to modify it tooooo

    • Firstly, try my Werewolf Muscle Training routine. Secondly, supplement with protein powder if you don’t have a history of kidney stones. If you get a kidney stone, stop using protein powder. It is not common for protein powder to cause kidney stones, but it is possible. Just don’t use too much protein powder. One extra shake a day will help you, and consider adding more high calorie foods like peanut butter, other nuts, whole milk, and olive oil or flax seed oil. Other than that, I’d say your not training with high enough intensity. If you can curl 50kg but only bench and squat 60kg, then something is wrong. Lift heavier on the compound exercises like bench, squat, deadlift, and shoulder press; and stop doing so many biceps curls.

  18. Dear Steve,

    Thanks this site is great. I really want to start the gym to gain muscles, endurance. Is there still a chance for me? Sad to say, I’m 55 yo, 150#, 5’6″. Any advise for a beginner? I appreciate your reply.

    • At 55 you are still a spring chicken. You have a good 20 years of intense exercise and another 10 years of moderate intensity ahead of you. Seriously, you can do any workout on this site as long as you have no existing medical conditions that would make certain exercises contraindicated (bad for you). If I were you, I would stick to a full body routine 3 days a week. My Generic Full Body routine or my Full Body Fat Loss routine would be great for you. Consider using endurance cardio instead of HIIT cardio initially until you get used to it. Gradually increase weight and intensity as you learn about your body.

  19. Hi i am currently drinking High Protein IGF-1 (USN) drink 3x a day! I am eating little snacks throughout the day and having a big meal in the evening! I am trying to lose weight though would this add weight on?? I am going to the gym 3 x a week and trying to run at least 2x a week!!!


    • You might add weight or stay the same, but you should be more concerned with your total body fat. If body fat goes down, that’s all that really matters. Be sure not to add calories to your daily total if you are not already losing fat.

  20. hi im 24, working out regularly for months now.. 5’5 70 kilos.. my only reason why im working out is because i dont have time to play basketball anymore and of course, i want to stay healthy and fit.. problem is im gaining too much muscle even though i don’t really lift heavy weights. should i cut down my protein diet or just less lifting and more cardio?

    • You should actually switch to lifting really heavy weights. When you use a higher rep range like 10-15 reps, you are training to gain muscle. Instead you want to focus on a lower rep range like 3-5 reps to develop strength. You should also try doing some Olympic lifts and plyometrics, which both use light weight or body weight, to train for speed and power rather than muscle mass. For cardio you’ll want to focus more on high intensity intervals with some endurance cardio sprinkled in for all that running up and down the courts.

  21. Dear Steve,

    Im 30 yrs old and hight 5’11 and 86Kg im going to the gym atleast 3 to 4 days a week. i want to get more mussels.please let me know what is the best protein for me?and how should i use it. Thanks

    • Optimum Nutrition Whey Protein. Use 1-2 shakes a day. Mix with skim milk unless you are really skinny. If really skinny, mix with 2% or whole milk.

  22. im 22 yrs old i workout for 6 days in a week im 75kgs and i love bodybuilding and i really want to take part in compition . i used different types of supplements and a lot of it . but now the problem is when ever i start using supplements i feel dizzy ,i feel breathless ,heavy breathin n all .. im really tensed plz suggest sumthing as im crazy about this sport and i want to compete one day..

    • That’s tough. I don’t know what supplements you are using. Sounds like you might have high blood pressure but I wouldn’t know. You should consult your doctor.

    • Only indirectly. How? Use protein – get stronger, leaner, look good naked, increase self esteem = more people will want to have sex with you and a healthier body usually means you will function better sexually.

  23. hey..um 20, 5’6….whats the best suppliment for weight gain, lyk in a weeek o two…ya startcing changes on ur body….! thaxs

    • Actually I’m about to publish an article on Pure Ecdysterone that I used to gain 20 pounds in 90 days. Only myself and one other person in the US can get this product as we have an exclusive deal with the chemist who is extracting the stuff. I’ll be publishing an overview and a PayPal Buy Now button later this week.

  24. i m 6’1 ft tall and weigh around 98 kg…i have started taking ‘whey protein’…along with water..i want to reduce my weight…i regularly hit the gym….and take the shakr 3 times a day…r there any side effects??

  25. Hi , I am 23 , 5’6” & weighing 56 kg . I want to go for protein shakes coz i want to build up . I am an ectomorph . Any suggestions ??
    Thanks in advance !! (-:

    • Too much protein in the diet can have a couple of side effects. The 1st is that it will create a build up of acid in the tissue. This will put stain on the kidneys and can in long run leas to calcium being taken from the bone to try and alkalize the blood. This can create osteoporosis. Also will make muscle recovery slower. Eat lots of greens or take some barley grass powder daily.

      Another thing will be that no matter what macronutrient you ea (carbs, fat or protein) if you consume more then you are burning can be converted to fat. How ever if you are increasing your training and muscle mass is gaining the muscles will use the protein to replace the losses from your work outs.

      • So what exactly do you consider “too much protein”, Sandi? I’ve never heard of protein causing ‘a build up of acid in the tissue’. Please cite a reference to support this claim. The metabolism of excess amino acids create ketones, which can put strain on the kidneys in extreme cases.

        One common theory is that the metabolism of protein also creates an essential amino acid called methionine. Methionine is necessary for certain bodily functions such as detox, digestion, and muscle building, but it can be toxic. In excess, methionine will acidify the blood, which will leech calcium from the bones in an attempt to neutralize the acid. These claims often point to animal protein as the culprit. Unfortunately these claims are unsubstantiated and tend to be pushed by vegetarians. In fact a study (https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/11914191) shows that animal protein actually increased bone mineral density, while plant protein decreases bone mineral density. Yet another reason to avoid soy protein.

  26. i am 23 years old and m using biorecharge formula 1.. are der any side effects in future using it..

  27. ive heard 30 grams of protein for every 3 hours. ive also heard 30 to 40 grams. which is true? is it size dependant?

      • okay thanks. also, someone at a football camp told me and hundreds of other people that excess protien turns into fat. i know the consequences of having way too much protein at once, but that sounded like a lie to me.

  28. im 18 and i have been going to the gym for 2 years now and i never get the result that i wanted i get mucle but not wat i desire. and im stiil skinny wat weight gainer should i use?

    • Mix protein powder with whole milk. Eat all natural peanut butter. Train really heavy at least 3 or 4 days a week. Avoid cardio.

  29. It seems that Optimum Nutrition Protein Powder is really a wonderful product in supplementing our diet with extra protein. May be we can try this one. Thanks for sharing. Nice post!

  30. for a little over a week i came up with my own deit plan which require more protein. My breakfast everyday is a boiled egg, cup of skim milk a orange and sometimes a high protein shake (13grams).All day i drink water. Lunch has been protein bar low in carbs maybe some strawberries or a garden salad and or 1 cup of brocolli. in the middle of the day i eat plain low fat yogurtonly. Dinner will be salmon brown rice brocolli again maybe some more milk and thats all, so far nothing more or less. I will work out in the mornings for about 30 minutes but here’s the problem, i feel weak and dizzy it really concerns me because i think i’m doing all the right things but now i’m not so sure. Any advice will help!

    • When do you feel weak and dizzy? If it’s during your workout, then you may want to consider eating more calories an hour before you train. It also sounds like you might not be eating enough calories. Consider keeping track of your protein, fat, carb, and calorie intake each day for a week. Not sure how much you weigh, but you probably need at least 1400-1600 calories a day just to survive, and I don’t think you are getting that many calories eating what you outlined above.

  31. Hi I’m 16 and I just wanted to know if there is a danger to become fat when we use weight gainer protein ??

    • You gotta be careful when you use weight gainers. They are not all very high quality, most are loaded with sugar and other empty calories. I prefer to mix my protein powder with some healthy foods like flax oil, natural peanut butter, fruit, yogurt, etc… You can find quite a few protein shake recipes in my protein shakes post.

  32. I am 25, 165cms and 56 kgs and for the past 6 months i m going to GYM 4 days a week.
    I want to start taking some nutrition for weight gain.
    Please suggest.
    What about Nitro juice & Optimum nutrition.
    Also tell me the side effects if any of these nutritions.

    • I don’t have any experience with nitro juice, but I feel it’s a nitric oxide enhancer. I like either NO-Xplode or Xtreme NO, which you can get by clicking here: Xtreme NO. For protein powder, my first choice is Shakeology and my second choice is Optimum Nutrition. Click here for Shakeology. Click here for Optimum. I also highly recommend XTend, an amino acid drink mix that tastes awesome. None of these products have any side effects, with the exception of NO-Xplode, which I find makes me feel ill if I take a full serving along with an energy pill.

  33. Hi, I am 23, 6 foot and weigh 69kg. I am going to the gym at least four times a week and taking protein shakes 3 times a day plus regular meals to try and stack on the weight quickly. Is this too much protein? If so, when are the best times to be taking protein shaes and how many should I be having amongst ordinary meals.

    • Not sure how much protein is in your shakes, but if you trying to gain weight then extra protein shakes will definitely help.

      • i am putting 3 scoops into each shake and creatine as well. If I cut down to one shake a day plus regular meals will this still be enough to gain mass?

        • You can probably cut down on the amount of protein in each shake. There’s no reason to go over 30 grams of protein per shake for most people. Given your size, you can probably tolerate 40g. You can use 1 or 2 shakes a day to supplement your diet. At 69kg, which is about 152 lbs, you can definitely benefit from any and all extra calories. I’ll assume your goal is to weigh at least 180 lbs or 82kg, so I’d say you should be looking to get at least 180 grams of protein each day.

        • That is to much!!!you can only probly about 30 grams of protine in a meal.Bodybuilders eat tons of protine but spread it out over 8 meals a day.

    • You do not gain weight by taking only protein shakes. In fact it helps you to reduce extra fat.
      Carbs and bulk powders will deffo help. Such as Meltedextron.

  34. and my concern is, i read all the stuffs about muscletech’s effect. but does that apply to females as well? or is it a different case?


    • Muscletech has been busted for slightly inaccurate labeling in the past – not sure if it’s alleged or proven. In any case, you should try Shakeology instead. It is a much better product for weight loss and good health.

  35. hi! this website is great. i learn a lot from it.

    id just want to consult about protein powder. im female and would like to build muscles and strength. i use muscletech-nitrotech, consume 1 cup after every workout. i only drink it when i work out and only once in that workout day. im afraid of damaging my kidney. do you think im doing it right to build muscle and stay healthy?

    i go to gym 3-4 times a week, focusing on 2 muscle group each work out. thank you!

  36. I’m 20 years old and i’ve only 52 kg.I have been going to the gym for around 1 month.i’m 5’53 taller.which protein powder will be more useful for me to gain weight and muscle…??

  37. hi! i want to use protein shakes but some peoples says that after using protein shakes very bad smell comes from the body. Is that true??

  38. hello, im 16 years old, weighing about 55kgs. im finding it extremely hard to gain weight and therefore looking for a solution by trying out the whey protein powder. which brand do u recommend and how much of it should i use a day? (i plan to start working out once i get the powder)

    • Use either Optimum Nutrition whey protein, or Shakeology. Both can be purchased by clicking the corresponding links in the sidebar.

  39. i would highly recommend that anyone using protein powder, get one without aspartame or sucralose.

    Trust me, aspartame is very bad stuff. And most powders contain tons of it. Just look it up to learn more.

    Dont know why everyone needs their protein to taste like chocolate shakes anyway.

  40. Hello.. I’m 5’9″ weighing 70 Kg and age of 20 years.
    I possess athletic physique.
    I want to increase my height by 2-3 inches and put serious muscle mass..
    Please suggest a diet program and exercises for me..
    I’m available for gym 6 days a week.

  41. Hey Steve, I am 175 lbs 5’11..I have been lifting weights for about a year, there looks to be some improvements, but i am looking for more, but I do not want to gain weight. Any protein I can use to gain lean muscle, but not gain to much weight?

    • Any regular protein powder will help you, but be sure to mix it with 2% or whole milk, or even juice. Also, eat more calorie dense food like natural peanut butter and flax oil.

  42. hey steve, im lactose intolarent and i was wondering what a good protein powder would be for me.
    i really want to try optimum nutrition 100% whey, would that be ok?

    • I think you will be sick from any 100% whey protein powder. Consider something made with vegetable protein, or start taking lactaid pills when you drink a whey protein shake.

    • Yes you can. You should eat lots of low fat meat like fish and chicken instead. Be sure to drink lots of water and consult with your doc or a nutritionist if you want someone to micro-manage your diet.

  43. hi there.
    I have been going to the gym for around a year now and although my strength has built up, my body hasn’t. i have changed my work out to more reps and lower weights, I am considering protein shakes but wondering how often to consume them, I also do 2 days of running between my weights work out. should i have protein after that as well?

    • You should definitely add some protein shakes. Train in the 8-12 rep range for a couple of months to try to build some extra bulk, or use the Project Swole Werewolf Training routine to gain muscle mass.

  44. Hi Steve,

    I am skinny and weigh 112 lbs , 38yrs old but with high cholesterol levels due to genetics. I am not taking any drugs to cut cholesterol and would not like to take any.

    I would like to gain at least 20-30 lbs considering my height (5’10”)and have been told to take whey protein and more calories but that could increase my cholesterol.

    i have chosen to follow the P90X system and the nutrition plan that comes with it.

    Any suggestions from you would be highly appreciated.


    • The P90X system is not good for gaining weight. The workout and nutrition plan is pretty good, but it is used for getting ripped, not for getting big. For adding calories, simply choose foods that are low in cholesterol like chicken and fish. Avoid red meat and eggs. Use a cholesterol-free protein powder and increase your calories by using protein shakes, low-cholesterol meat and fish, healthy fats, whole grains, fruits, and vegetables. Check out the Werewolf Training program on this site for a routine that hundreds of people have used to gain hundreds of pounds of muscle.

  45. […] blood. It sound nasty because it is nasty. According to the post, “What are the Side Effects of Protein Powder,” written at Project Swole, the author discuses how excess protein can cause acidic blood, […]

    • This is correct and it will draw the calcium from your bones into your blood stream to try to counter this, which intern will cause kidney stones. But this shouldn’t happen unless you sit down with your container of protein and eat it by the spoonful for a week strait! I have been on and off protein for years and the worst thing i have had happen is put on a lot of water weight because I used a crappy brand!

  46. Hey Steve I been going to the gym for about a year now and my torso is pretty ripped, but my arms and legs let me down. I have started taking weight gainer to create some bulk, but is it normal to feel some discomfort in your stomach? Or a UN-usual feeling?

    • Harry this is not usual. i think maybe you should try a differnt brand to the one you are using. No supplement should give you any discomfort if it is stop using it! I would try a pre workout formular to help you get the most out of your work out.

  47. i am 29 yrs old , my weight is 53k.g i want to gain my weight,help me which kind of powder i have to use to gain my weight(around 70k.g) under 90 days

    • It’s not that simple some protein works in different ways for different people. I have found the best product to be WPI (whey protein isolate) it has a very high protein content and low carbs it also absorbs into the system faster but there is also rice protein and soy protein that are very good. I have three shakes a day, one first mid morning, mid afternoon and one before bed. Always check the content of protein powders for the quantities of protein and carbs you want as low carbs as possible and high protein. also you could use a mass weight gainer supplement like Pro complex gainer by optimum.

  48. So i have been on just about every different type of protein, creatine, Nitric acid, amino acid you can imagine, the best way to tell a protein powder is not by what people tell you, you need to investigate your self. Read as much as you can, I’ve found for me personally a protein powder with high protein, around 37g per serve and low carbs, about .15g per serve is perfect but this will vary with different body types and metabolisms. A good pre work out formular never go’s unnoticed either, this will help push yourself to hit that extra hight when doing reps. It will also help with recovery, but again each suppliment effects people differently so its best to do some reading first. Also keep an eye out for new products coming out on the market, it wont matter what your on and the results your getting there will always be someting new and possibly better just around the corner. If anyone needs anymore tips and hints on what they should and shouldn’t do let me know.

  49. i am 20 yrs old , my weight is 39 i want to gain my weight & my height m small so can u help me which kind of powder i have to use to gain my weight & my height don’t suggest such kind of powder does will do side effect .

    • Use Optimum Nutrition protein powder in a protein shake, once or twice a day. Lift weights. Grow. Can’t help you with your height though.

  50. Hi! I just wanna know how much protein powder will I use every time I go to the gym and should i drink before and after the work out? By the way I got to the gym thrice a week. I am 5’11 weighing about 172 pounds, 16 years old and my goal is to get more meat in me. ( If you know what I mean =D ) Thanks!

    • 20-40 grams of protein in a protein shake. Before the workout is fine. After the workout you should use a post-workout drink like Biotest Surge.

      • Yea. thanks for the help! πŸ™‚ By the way doing this wont give me side effects in the future right? like prostrate cancer or kidney stones.

  51. hi i am 15 years old and my weight is 48 kgs i just joined gym and i need a protein powder to gain weight so which one is the best for me i usually dont eat a lot and how much should i consume without side effects

  52. Hey there Steve, you sound like a pretty smart guy and I have a few questions.

    I am 18, 175lbs, 6’1-2” and I work as a Pipefitter on a 9 days on / 5 days off shift. While i’m working I wake up, have breakfast, go to work. During a day at work (some days more physically exhausting than other) I have 3 breaks about 3 hours apart where I eat enough food to hold me over to lunch, then lunch, then I eat a little bit to hold me over till supper. After supper I work out for 30-40mins. every day, and some days I run on the treadmill for 5km. I eat healthy, I’m in really good shape, and I have a fair amount of muscle in my upper and lower body (max bench: just over 200lbs.) I want to get bigger and stronger but I don’t know how much or what type of protein to consume, and I dont know when to consume it or for how long? Please help me out, it would be greatly appretiated.

  53. I was thinking,if i take whey protein and have achieve the muscular looks that i want,should i stop consuming the protein? and if so what will happen to the muscle that i have gain.will it turn to fats even if i continue working out the same way with the same intensity as i use to but just without the whey protein?

  54. Now since i red this I’m scared to take protein shakes. Like will it give me some cancer or cause diseases or hurt my body in anyway? I wanna take this protein powder called isoflex would that be a good kind ? And I wanna get big muscles but I’m skinny what could i do ?

  55. i am trying get some information . im 15 years and im 55 kilos only. im doing exercises everyday at home with my home gym. can i take protein powder to get bigger muscles at 15 years?

  56. Hi, me and my step brother have recently started using a multi gym at my house.
    Our main aim is basically just to build up muscle and become more toned.
    We are doing 1 hour sessions, 3 times per week and drinking a protein shake before eacy session…
    Can anyone suggest an effective routine to use to see the best results??

  57. Hi i am 18 in year old and 175cm tall. But my weight is only 44 kg. someone suggested me to take protein powder. Is it have any side effects.Can I have it?

  58. Hey im 16 and have recently started doing weights im very skinny and workout everyday benchpress dumbells and weights for my legs. im currently using hyperboli mass and am taking one scoop of protein a day and was wondering would i need to take any more than that..

  59. hey steve..i m 21 yrs old.i am 5’10” and weigh 72 kgs
    i have recently started gyming and i want to build muscle…..
    can u suggest me about suppliments n other related thngs

    • Read the whole Werewolf Training for Muscle Gains post. Then if you have any questions, search the site for specific answers.

  60. hey im 19 and i work out and train five days a week. doing upper body weights in the morning and muay thai and brazilian jiu jitsu at night. i work out for about an hour in the morning and the train 2.5 hours at night(on most days, at 3+ days but weights every day. i am 6ft5 weigh 122kgs. ive come down 8 kgs in a year and my goal is to get down to 105-100kgs and have lean muscle mass. i realise i am overweight to begin with but without sounding in denial i do have quite a wide and solid frame. i use hydroxy ripped which is a lean protein with minimal amounts of carnitine and chromium picolinate in it which i take 2-3 times a day. my question being, how can i maximise my weightloss even further/faster and what is could i be doing and what am i doing that is wrong?

    • You probably aren’t overtraining, but given the amount of exercise you do, if you start to plateau, feel sick, or lose motivation, then I’d consider that you might be exercising too much. The next thing I’d look at is your diet. Diet is responsible for 75-80% of your weight loss progress. Dial in those calories, increase protein, lower carbs and target them around your workouts, eat healthy fat. If it is too complicated and confusing, consider hiring a nutritionist for a month or so.

  61. Hi, my son who is 12, swims 15 hours a week in an elite competitive swimming club. He is very skinny and wants to put on more muscle weight to help improve his speed. He has a very good diet and renews his carbs 15mins after training, as suggested by dieticians. Would you recommend protein shakes – or is he too young. If you do recommend them, can you suggest which ones and how often, thanks.

    • Protein shakes are great for everyone in moderation. I wouldn’t recommend more than one a day for a 12 year old. I’d suggest you mix Optimum Nutrition protein powder with whole milk and perhaps something like fruit, yogurt, flax seed oil, or whatever else you find in the cabinet. This guy is going to need more of a weight gain shake than a skim milk fat loss shake. Read my 105 Protein Shake Recipes post for great protein shake ideas!

  62. Hey I workout five days a week and am taking protein powder right after a workout. I do chest Monday wed and Friday for about forty minutes and do some tricep or bicep for ten minutes. Tuesday I do shoulders and Thursday back forty minutes. the Tuesday and Thursday I run three miles and wall sits then do abbs for ten minutes. Satuday and Sunday I might run once again. Any suggestions for my workout?

    • Do you train chest three times a week with 10 mins of tris and bis. You do shoulders Tues and back Fri, run three miles and abs on both days.

      I don’t see any real leg training and your are wasting time training your chest 3 times more than anything else.

      What is your goal: fat loss or muscle gain?

  63. I am a 44 year old male and have abused my body over the last 10 years or so, I love my beers. I have recently joined a local gym and absolutely love it. (6 times per week, 20 mins running, 30mins muscular 20 mins swim and sauna per session) I want to start to build some muscle and would apprecaite info on which suppliments I should and when i should use them as a beginer

    • I would just stick with protein powder, but you can also choose any of the supplements listed in the Werewolf Training supplement section to give your workouts an extra boost.

  64. Hey

    Im 20 years old and I have started to put on some mass. I have 6 small meals a day and get my required protein through the meals + 1 scoop of the protein supplement (I use ON Hydrowhey protein – generally just after my workout). I was wondering if its OK to continue this throughout the year, or should I stop the protein powder for a few months once my box (3.5lb) is complete and then restart again.
    A friend mentioned it being bad for the intestines or the kidney, dont remember.

    • You should be fine to continue using the protein supplement, just don’t overdo it. You don’t need 3 protein shakes in a day, so if you are just using the one scoop a day I don’t see a problem.

  65. I am 15 years old and only 1.5 metres tall. I have just bought some Syntha-6 Protein powder and I want to know if there will be any side effects I should know about. I only weigh 40kg aswell. I just have the simple stuff.

  66. my son has been taking musashi now for 1 month or more and has developed a slight but anoing short cough or grunt id like to know if anyone has experenced the same symtoms if so please post a coment or posible cause, could it be an alergic reaction if so i need to know if its the protien powder hes been mixing it with milk i just found out someone said to change to a rice or soy based powder if thats the problem then can someone please let me know hes 6;1 and 65kgs at 20 years old any help would be of assitance thank you

  67. hey i m 21 years old and i need a protein shake…i waz juss wonderng if i use protein shakes and afta some months i stop gyming….will my body go thin again? or will it stay the way it did when i waz gyming?plzz help me..

  68. I have a fairly normal diet, but I take about 100 grams of whey protein. I also try to eat the same amount of carbs as protein. I feel like my body has become really adapted to my protein intake, because I feel hungry during a lot of the day. I want to add about 25 grams of protein, but I’m worried too much of it is bad for my health. Do you think that since my body has adapted to 100 grams that it’s ok to add another 25 grams. I see that bodybuilders eat like 1 or 1.5 times their bodyweight in protein.

  69. I am 21 years old and i have just started going the gym to tone up, i was looking into protein shakes, but i am not sure which one is best to buy, when to take them, and how much to take after the gym, i want to be 100 percent sure before i start taking them, and want to no the side effects. i am going to the gym 4 times a week. can you please give me so information about it.

  70. hello friends , its john ..i am 18 years old and 5’6 and 123 Lbs..i want to get weight and mass and also some peoples told me that may be it will help you get height if you are younger than 22-21..so recently i bought Mega mass 4000 and simple mega mass protein powder for me .. but i feel regret now cause some of my friends suggested me to not to use it ..cause it may cause hair lose or kidney failure .. so i wanna just make sure .. What do you peoples Suggest me ..Shall i use it or not? and how much weight would i gain if i use 2kg mega mass pack.. im So worried Please Help me friend ..!

  71. my is 70 years old he has hight blood presser, kidney failler and he just has his surgery , prostoctomy last 2 weeks , since he doesnt have any appetaite i am thinking to give him the protein powder .

  72. hi.. im 15 years old. i just wanted to no if this will get u stroger and more muscle mass… im new to this work out stuff.. and im tryin to get my bench press up and way more squats.. what kind protein will help me.

    this is my work out routine
    squat 400 4x’s 3 day a week
    dead left 385 2x’s 3 days a week
    bench press 160 1x 3 days a week.

    im trying to get my benching way more up.. plz help

  73. Hey, not sure if you’ll reply to this but its worth a shot.

    Well, I’m 19 years old, 5’10 and weight about 133 pounds (lbs). I’m underweight, I know that, I look skinny. I’ve been “pumping iron” for about 3 months now and have put on little muscle because I do not want to over do it.

    Talking with my dad today he suggested for me to gain a little weight, he said about 3 stone -_-

    Well, what do you suggest? I’m 9.5 stone now…

  74. I’ve started taking protein powder as a supplement to my green smoothies with which I usually consume in the morning. This more of a health choice for me rather than an attempt to build muscle. I’ve purchased lifetime life’s basic protein powder which I’ve been putting in my smoothies. My drinks consist of pineapple, bananas, blueberries, OJ, (some kind of green), some maca powder, and a scoop of the protein powder. I usually put a full scoop of the protein powder which is 22 grams of protein. I’ve been noticing though that I’ve been feeling really tired and heavy headed afterwords. Is there such a thing as too much protein for some people?

  75. Body weight workouts can be great. Push up variations and pull ups are awesome exercises. Once you are really fit then pull ups need additional weight, but for most people they provides an excellent workout that builds a lot of muscle and helps support the spine into older age.

  76. hey steve recently i started to hear about protein powder but i didn`t try it before im 21 years old and 48 kg female my goal is to reach 55 kg but it`s really hard for me to gain wheight and i can`t go to the gem so would you plz tell whar kind of excersises i can do at home to be appropriate with the protein suppplement? and the quantity of powder.btw i don`t want muscles i want more kg.thank you

    • Body weight squats, lunges, push ups, pull ups, and sit ups. You can be far more creative than that too. Just search around for bodyweight workout routines. Use 1-2 servings of protein powder each day.

  77. Ah – I’m taking ON Natural because it doesnt have artificial sweeteners. I don’t get sick from it (bloated, gassy, tired) like I would from others. However, I’m fairly sure it’s not non-GMO has I asked them to comment on it and I didn’t get a reply both times.

    I figure, if I’m going to be taking this stuff 2-3 times a day I should find the healthiest kind. TBD…

  78. Get swole, of course πŸ™‚

    I’d ideally read a fairly athletic/muscular build and overall be very healthy with minimal cardio.

    Target: 5’11” 180lbs with low/average body fat.
    I’m having a lot of trouble putting on anymore weight though.

    So far, haven’t gotten sick of the shakes over a year. I’m considering looking into a non-Soy, non-GMO protein, any suggestions?

    • Off hand I’m not too sure. I use Optimum Nutrition protein, and they definitely have a Casein product, but I think it might have some soy in it.

  79. I’m drinking 4/5th-1 scoop of whey (20-30 grams) with water or milk right when I wake up and this is my pre-breakfast meal so I can last getting ready and driving to work – before I get to eat.

    Then on work out days, I will have a full scoop before I eat dinner.

    Then before I sleep I drink 4/5th to 1 scoop of casein, which I use to wash down my multivitamin.

    In addition to all of thus, I aim for at least 2 full meals and healthy snacks in between.

    1. Is this too much in the powdered supplement form?
    2. Any suggestions on how to improve this?
    3. Any warnings about the process I take?


    • Actually it all sounds great to me. I’m afraid you might get sick of protein shakes if you’re not absolutely dedicated to it, and I’d like to see more calories from whole food, but ultimately I think you will do good on this type of diet for a while. What are your goals?

  80. hey, I’m 15 years old and I am quite skinny and I have recently used Maximuscle Progain, but not seeing much difference. I do weights about 5-6 times a week but at home, so like push ups, chin ups, dumbbells etc.. I was wondering what is the best muscle gainer (not weight) out there?? Thanks.

    • You probably won’t gain as much weight at home as you would training in a gym. I suggest you skip the push ups in favor of bench presses and overhead press, and skip whatever you are doing for legs in favor of squats, deadlifts, and interval sprints. Use Optimum Protein mixed with 1%, 2%, or even whole milk, in order to add calories to your diet.

    • I was using Maximuscle Progain, but was not seeing any weight gain as well. Tried the Progain extreme, have to say it did work. I also tried other weight gainers but they didnt work.

      Progain extreme is expensive though, but gives u the result. I guess its cos of it contains creatine, glutamine which is not in progain. But im not sure if its suitable at your age to have these creatine and glutamine.

      • I’ve been experimenting with different one’s. There is definitely a difference.during my search for information I saw a blurb on this guy Anthony Roberts who is supposed to be some expert in AS, but just got his website siezed? – I guess there is a story about him on steroidtimes.com with some wacky cartoon. Anyone know more details?”

  81. Hi, I am inquiring for my father. He is 85 and has lost a great deal of weight after being ill. He was told that perhaps he should take some extra protein shakes or powder which they gave him with meals in hospital. Would this be safe at any age?

    • Protein shakes are safe for persons of any age as long as they don’t have a medical illness that could be exacerbated by increased protein consumption. I’m assuming since the hospital gave him extra protein with his meals, that it wouldn’t be an issue. Give it a try.

    • Why put more stress on an old persons body by introducing protein? I’d suggest going with the simpler amino acids which don’t accumulate in the body and are virtually harmless (too much of one amino acid might be bad though). An old persons digestive system isn’t usually what it was when it was younger. Tearing apart those tough protein molecules isn’t easy, even for a youngster. Try supplementing with amino acids for more vitality. I highly recommend spirulina. It has the perfect combination of amino’s.

  82. Hi Steve. I just started going to a gym like 3 days a week for now i’d like to go more but the aches won’t let me anyways. I’m like really skinny and i can’t gain weight. I’m 6’1 and 65Kg. I’m thinking about taking some protein stuff but I don’t know which one to use and I don’t know how to use them(like how much and when). Can you help me pls ??

    • If you want to get rid of the aches, switch to spirulina powder instead. You get protein in the form of amino acids which can repair the muscle right away. You won’t get the aches with spirulina if you take enough (about 10-30 grams) right after exercising. Why eat protein that takes time and energy to break into its simpler amino acids?

    • search vince del monte’s workout. great for skinny guys! it costs a little, but believe me, you’ll be educated PROPERLY on how to gain weight in a healthy fashion. and you say your going to the gym 3 times a week? 3-4 times in really all you need, its stupid to go everyday unless you are taking steroids.

  83. Hi steve,
    I am 6’0 and 65kg. I have been very active and want to start weight training now. I play basketball twice a week, Judo 3-4times a week, and planning to work out 2-3 times a week.
    Will consuming extra 175grams of whey protein isolates be too much? I eat a chinese diet, not much protein intake from meals, and it’s very hard for me to gain weight. im 25 years old btw.
    Thanks for your advice.

  84. Hi steve,
    I would like to know if this cytogainer will give me any sideeffects after drinking it?
    And if i drink it after my workouts and go running after that, is it ok?
    And I am 15 years old , is 54g of protein per serving too much ?

    • 54g of protein per serving is a little much. I prefer not to go over 30-35 grams within a 2 hour period. Bigger people can probably tolerate more, as I’m only about 5’6 185 lbs.

  85. Hi, im charlie, 16 and am 5 ft 9 or 10. i am sick of being skinny, and weigh about 55kg, i want to bulk up an build loads of muscle, but i dont have a clue what to buy?


  86. Hi ! I am 13years old and i have been training in gym for almost 1year and the effects were very slow, i want to ask which kind of protein shake i should take in order to train my muscles fast

    • Protein powder mixed with 2% milk, or whole milk if you are a hardgainer. It is more likely that you just need to adjust your training so that you use more compound lifts and train with more intensity.

  87. Hi! I am 18 year old and i was thinking for talking supplementso which supplement should i take but I dont want any side effect

  88. Hi, i’m 18, about 6 foot 4 and i weigh about 85kg, ive been doing weights for a few months and the current supplement i use doesn’t feel very effective.
    im trying to find a good protein supplement for my body type can you give me any suggestion?

  89. Hi im 14 i weigh 110 ibs im 5’5 in grade 10 and im tired of being the little guy i lift 15 pound dungbells and do p90x routines can i use protien and if so how much per day? thank you so much

    • You can use maybe 1 protein shake a day, but at your age you are better off getting all of your calories from whole foods.

  90. ny question is will drinking the protein with water or whatever, will it cause me to hsve diaherra? because as soon as i drink it within an hour i am in the bathroom with diaherra.

    • I would say either:
      1) You have low quality protein powder, or…
      2) You are sensitive to the kind of protein you’re using. Is it pure whey? Are you lactose intolerant?

      You might be the kind of person who has to get 95% of their daily protein from whole foods.

  91. hi i am 15 and i wana get some muscle i am about 5foot 9 could you reccomend a protien powder and how much to take please.


  92. Hi Steve,

    You’ve done a really good job replying to all these comments, hate to be awkward and add another,

    but do you have any specific numbers on what’s a safe amount of protein to avoid increased risk of osteoporosis?


  93. hey,i am 18.i workout everyday at gym.my height is 5’11.but i only weigh 49 kgs.my gym trainers have advised me to take proteins,but my parents are not allowing me as they say it has many side effects.they say it harms liver,kidney ,sexuality.is it true?please suggest me.

    • Taking a protein supplement could help, but so could increasing your overall calories. Seems like your parents might not have any idea what they are talking about.

  94. Hi,im 183 cm and 73 kg,my bmi is perfect probably have 10-9% of fat but i just can`t get 8 pack abs
    i have only six
    i`m on a moderate diet too.low carbs low fat more oatmeals and veggies
    eat 6 times a day
    what should i do to get these last 2 abs showing?

    • For some people it is nearly impossible to see all 8 abs. I could never really get my bottom 2 abs to dial in, even when I was between 7-8% bodyfat. You will have to get to probably 6% bodyfat to see all 8 abs, and possibly dehydrate yourself. Try cranking up your ab training by finding ways to add resistance to your ab exercises. Aim for 5-8 rep sets instead of sets of 20+, as low rep sets will make your abs thicker. Diet like a banshee out of hell and add a HIIT cardio workout to help you get down to 6% bodyfat.

  95. hey im 22 yrs of age and weigh 60kgs.im lean and short.(5.6).started gym few days back and was wondering if i should start using protein powder..heard its got side effects….but i really wanna gain weight and pump up my muscles…….please help

  96. hey, im 16 years old and weigh 11 stone. im into cycling and want to perform a lot better than i already do, will protein shakes help me gain leg muscle and lose some unwanted fat?

    • Yes, they sure will. Try Optimum Nutrition whey protein and mix it with milk to gain weight. Use higher fat milk if you are a serious hardgainer.

  97. Hey I’m 23 years old 5ft 11 74kg looking for a goal of around 83kg

    I go to the Gym around 3/4 days

    Trying to make it 5

    Iv been taking protein for around 2 years now

    At the moment on training days I take 2scoops 44g protein of Optimum Nutrition for breakfast

    Before work out one scoop of No-shotgun 18g protein
    After workout one scoop of No-Synthesize 20g protein

    On Non training days I Have 2 scoops optimum nutrition in the morning
    and 2 scoops in the evening

    Any ideas or suggestions ????

    I try my best to have a balanced diet each day also

  98. Hey Steve,
    Glad to see your active response to the post. Appreciate that!.
    I’m 25 years old male, 6’2″ in height and weigh around 156 lbs.I’m a vegeterian and try to keep myself healthy by taking all sort of fresh veggies and fruits [egg attimes]. I have been very active in gym workout for the past 3 year. I workout 5 days a week with proper schdule from monday thru friday. Though I have gained around 40 lbs in the first year, my weight is oscillating between 150-160 lbs till now. I want to look muscular, but presently looking lean due to inadequate muscle. I’m not sure whether i should change my diet or workout or include any suppliment in my diet. Please advice.

  99. Heyy… m 21 yrs old weighing 75kgs n height 5’11… m having 14 n half inches of biceps and 42 inches of chest widout any protein… no i wanted to have more muscular build… n wanna have some protein for that… so kindly tell methe best protein with no side effects… n routine too if possible… n for how long i have to take it to have 20inches of biceps n 48 inches of chest.. kindly reply soon… πŸ˜›

  100. Hey im !7 6’5 and i weigh 180 lbs. Im trying to put on some more lean muscle mass.Problem is my Parents are worried about supplements. Im trying to educate them more on Supplements and how its needed for athletes and lifters to reach full potential..My mom is worried about it hitting my liver and so on..Any threads or information i can show them to educate them more?

    and i would like to know some feed back on Cytogainer if its the right product to take for gaining weight…

    • Supplements are not needed to reach your full potential. Too much protein is not good for your liver or your kidneys. Your mom is justified in her concerns.

      However, protein does help you gain muscle, and supplementing with protein powder can make up for protein deficiencies in your diet, or if you’re having trouble eating enough calories to gain weight. As long as you don’t go crazy by eating way more than 1 gram of protein per pound of goal bodyweight, you should be good. Consult your doctor if you have additional concerns.

      Not entirely sure which threads or studies I could show them, but I bet you could find something.

      I think Cytogainer sucks and I would use Optimum Nutrition or Advanced Muscle Whey Protein if I were you. Find links to both products around the site.

  101. I am 24 yrs old. Just started going to GYM. Interested in taking supplements, powder whatever, but not sure should I? Heard of its side effects such as loss of hair, early old age. If you say yes, then please suggest which one should I go for and how do I take it, I mean along with milk, juice or water may be?……please advice…..Thanks

    • Protein powder does not cause the side effects you mention. It can be mixed with milk, juice, or water. You will have to experiment to find what works for you. I prefer skim or 1% milk myself.

  102. Hello, im 16 years old (so is mostly everyone who is posting on here), anyways… I just bought this six-star whey protein – powder, and i have a few worries.

    First of all, i did a quick reading on anabolism, and it said something about increasing the size of your left ventricle of your heart, and also said it could increase the chance for liver damage if your cells are reproducing all around your other organs (others meaning not muscle)

    also… just to include this on my post – the wrapper of the bottle says it puts it’s user in an anabolic state (just throwing that out there)

    finally i would like to know how long it should take for me to lose about 35 lbs, im 6’4″ and 229 lbs, I watch my diet more than i used to, and i work 6-8 hours doing intense interior painting, which usually gives me a good burning of calories i assume. My muscles always ache after the next morning, so i decided to get some protein powder to “buff up”

    anyways… i’ll be watching this topic for a reply.

    Thanks – Josh

    • Anabolics usually refer to steroids or pseudo-steroids. Indeed if you are using anabolics you could be at risk of heart growth, which is not a good thing.

      However, when your body is in an anabolic state, that just means your body is in a state where it can comfortably recover from muscle trauma by repairing tissue and building new muscle fiber. The opposite of anabolic is a catabolic state, where your body is breaking down muscle tissue for energy. The catabolic state you want to avoid at all costs.

      Most of the time your body is in an anabolic state as long as you are eating plenty of food, sleeping well, and giving it a reason to adapt to any of life’s stresses, including resistance training. By the supplement manufacturer writing that stuff on your bottle, it is just a marketing gimmick. Don’t be concerned.

  103. Hey Steve! I’m 15, around 60kg and maybe 5″7. I want to start taking Protein Shakes, but I’m afraid of side effects. So I eat a lot of egg whites. I just want to ask, are Protein Shakes like Steroids? And are Protein Shakes more effective than Egg whites? And if I do start drinking Protein Shakes, should I eat it during every Meal of the day and after every work out, or should I only take it after work outs?

    • Protein Shakes are nothing like steroids. Egg whites are good, but I’ve read in several places that you need the enzymes from the egg yolk to fully digest the whites. I think I once read that 1 full egg should be included for every 5 whites. Someone else can correct me if I’m wrong. One or two shakes a day should be plenty. After a workout you want to use a post workout drink like Biotest Surge Recovery.

  104. hey steve… i have man boobs problem
    i do some workout with dumbbell for my chest and push up…
    can i take protein? i was afraid because of protein my boobs will be bigger…

    • To get rid of moobs you need to lose fat. Work on your upper chest to help flatten it out. Working on your mid or lower chest will only make the moobs seem bigger. 75% of the solution you are looking for, involves losing bodyfat at all costs. Train your lower body if you are not, as it will help you lose fat faster.

  105. Hi my name is Salem i am muslem i just wanted to know is the protian HALAL for muslems or not i mean the inegraion of the portain tnx

  106. hi, i m rohit 20 years of age n i really wants to build muscle. so i m taking pro complex gainer which my coach told me. n whn i told my friends abt it there response shocked me saying there r side effects of using this protiens so i m really tensed abt it.. HELP ME thank you.

  107. Hello Steve,

    I am 23 years old, 5’8″ tall, and 168 lbs. I have started going to the gym 4 days a week, weightlifting and doing cardio. I am taking “All natural elite whey protein isolate” after each workout. Since I have started to take it I have been getting bad acne on my back. I drink a lot of water while working out and have pretty good hygene. Could this be a side effect from the protein powder? Is there anything you can suggest to help prevent this from occuring?

  108. Hi, im 14 and abit chubby but i have not had my growth spurt yet. I do weights and crunches every other day at home. my friend uses maxi muscle would this help me lose abit of weight and build my muscles?? or should i wait abit and start using it when im abit older?? or can you recommend any plans for me?. Thx alot!

    • I don’t know about Maxi Muscle, but if it’s a regular protein shake good. If it’s a weight gainer shake, avoid it at all costs if you want to lose fat.

  109. hi,i am 18 years old.my height is 6.2.i am going to gym and completed 3 months.in my gym some people say me to take protein powder and some say not to take protein powders as it is harmful for our body.i am confused.i need your advice that should i take protein powder or not?if yes than which brand should i take with no side effect?

  110. Hi, I m 20 and kinda skinny but my body is complete shape. I want to get big. What product do you recommend and what excercise i.e people say that if you work out on your legs you will get big, also how long should i stay in gym.

  111. Hey, I’m 16 and am quite fat. I’ve recently bought dumbells and have started doing curls every other day and you can now actually see the musccles πŸ˜› but I am not too bothered about muscle at the moment, I just really want to lose weight and be slim. Any tips?

    • You need to get on a fat loss workout immediately. Try the fat loss for men routine. You also need to get your diet under control, as it is responsible for 75% of your progress. Take your goal bodyweight, multiply by 12, and eat no more than that number of calories each day.

  112. Hey, I’m 16 years old, 5 foot 7 inches, and 70 kilos. I do a bunch of ab workouts, leg workouts, and I need to know hot to burn fat and gain muscle at the same time. Any suggestions on which protein shake to use? I need a supplement with the minimum side effects.

    • Optimum Nutrition protein powder has minimum side effects. It is the best protein powder you can choose.

  113. hai i’m 20 years old i had went for gym sometime before and stopped it later. so i lost my muscles which i was proud once. now i want to go to gym again improve my muscles so which supplement is suitable for me with minimum side effects

  114. hi, i am 5’5″ and 136lbs ive been working out for about four months now & i have well defined biceps shoulders chest but still have a layer of lower belly fat. i want to ask you if i should get rid of the belly fat before start taking protein powder because if i keep doing cardio exercise’s i cant increase the size of my biceps and triceps. …..simple words what is the right time to start taking protein powder

  115. hey im 20 years old im 6 foot 11 and i weigh 350 lbs and i have major titty issues like my sisters felt them and said “Those are boobs” lol that was hurtful anyway i dont have any kind of workout plan i cant really walk for longer that 15 mins and im just going downhill U.U:: oh and did i mention that i only eat once a day and its a really big meal besides that my diet ibncludes alot of pepsi…>.<::

    so i was basically wanting to increase my pecs definition and my abs oh and my biceps lol and i have no idea where to start,im a real tough case and im sorry to bother you im really in a bind though because i make $500 spending money and that includes my food money so i really need help appreciate any response ^^:

    P.S i really hope im not a lost cause,and wat is HIIT and HIRT?

    • oh and ive never trained before and i really dont know where to start…AT ALL ^^:: the only times i ever lost weight was once because i was anorexic then i got over that and the other time was because i became lactose intolerant and i had already been ingesting alot of milk and chocolate like reeses pieces like at the time i had eaten like 60 cups in one day then i started having dihorrea for about three days then i couldnt stop bleeding out and that lasted about two weeks in the hospital and i lost about 60-70 lbs that way so i hope this paints a picture^^: srry about the detail>.<:::

      • I’m not even quite sure what to say to you. Your lifestyle and diet needs a complete overhaul, and you need to get on a full body workout routine. I think there is a very good chance that you should talk to a therapist, because I think you might have some underlying issues that you need to talk about. I do not mean any offense to you, but it sounds to me like you need professional help. Please do not be discouraged. If you get the help you need, fix your lifestyle, change your diet, and start working out, everything will fall into place.

  116. Hey, I’m 15 and weigh 170 pounds and am 6 feet tall, I just started lifting weights and was wondering if i should do cardio too. I have a really small piece of fatty layer covering areas such as the lower bicep area and abs. What should I do other than lift weights and follow a diet plan?

    • Instead of just “lifting weights”, you need to be training and conditioning your body. That might include a regular weight training routine, but it also should include some HIIT and HIRT sessions for conditioning. Remember too, diet is responsible for 75-80% of your progress.

      • I agree with steve, i would say Jog, heavy and light weight lifting, swimming is very good as it works nearly all the muscles in the body, i normally hit gym for 3hours a day 5 days a week the 1 hours swimming after that. i dont use and sort of protein powders or anything like that.

    • 170 is a good frame to work with if u 6ft tall you should grab a weight gainer/protien i recommend mass 600 ive taken it for 5 years the best bulking protien ive ever used very clean for the body good for you as well. If u wanna kick it up just a little notch you can get some creatine but at ur age i would not worry about it your growing naturaly.

  117. Hello, my names shahrukh, I am 14 years old, i Do martial arts and i want to build more muscle, im really toned out but i want to get really big, Im 5ft 7
    Cheers mate

  118. Im 17, Im About 5 foot 6 and about 77.5 kg and i was wondering to lose weight on my stomack and chest could i use USN Diet Fuel to help me lose the weight i workout 3-4 times a week and i want to use some diet powder. what side effects does it have would it stunt my growth? would diet pills work better for me?

  119. I’m about 5’11 and weigh at 104 kilos.. I’ve just started to get really involved in the weights and gym.. So far i have at least 2 WPI Shakes.. one in the morning as i’m not really a breakfast eater.. and one at lunch time.

    Is this satisfactory? I usually train pretty hard at the gym with weights thou.. and for recovery usually have NO Shotgun

    Is this adviseable?
    or can you offer any other suggestions


  120. Hi im 17 this year and I’m quite heavy, weighing at 75kg. I want to check if this protein shake ‘Optimum Nutrition 100’ will put on more weight? Because i’m looking for one which one make my training for fruitful. I only hit the gym 1-2 times a week and maybe a light workout at home on top of that. Will this protein shake be good for me? Thanks.

  121. hey i was wondering should i train to my max body mass and strenght then start using protein shakes or shall i use them even tho i only lately started to train

    thanks ryan parsons

  122. Hello, my name is Katherine. I’m a female – 23 years old – 5′ 7” height – 132 lbs. I’m trying to get back to excercising everyday just like I used to. Right now, I’m only running 1.5 miles every morning. I drink Amplified Wheybolic Extreme 60 powder, Women’s Ultra Mega Active powder (a multivitamin product), and Amplified Maxertion N.O. pills, all 30 minutes before and after the run. My question is: given the fact that I’m a female, does drinking all of these affect me in any way? The only side effect that I’ve encounter is having to go to the bathroom a lot more than before. Please advise if there’s anything better out there to tone up and gain lean muscle. Thank you.

    • I don’t see any problem with your supplements, although I’m not sure if the NO supp is necessary post-workout. You should consult with your doctor if you have more questions.

  123. hey im 15 years old and i weighed 61kg and i do home excersises such as sit ups bench press and curlbench etc… do you recommend me taking protien shakes afater i excersise and is there any side effects if i do take protein shakes 5 days a week?
    thanks you:)

    • You should use a protein shake after exercise, but avoid anything by EAS or anything called Muscle Milk. These products may contain high amounts of lead, arsenic, cadmium, and mercury. Stick with Optimum Nutrition protein powder; always the safest, cheapest, highest quality, and most effective choice.

  124. Hey. I’m 16 years old, 175cm tall and i weigh 56kg. give or take a few kg.

    I wanted to get into sport as a swimmer and i also wanted to do bodybuilding on the side.. would it be advisable for me to use Protein shakes?

  125. Your information about Ketosis being bad is 100% incorrect.
    Zero carb diets where carbs are cycled on weekends are extremely good for fat loss without side effects minus obvious things like grogginess and irritation for the first week or so (after that you feel great).
    Inuits who live on pure meat are shown to be very healthy.

    • You do have a point about the Inuits and carb cycling, but ketosis is still bad for some internal organs like the kidneys, no matter how you look at it. I prefer to recommend low carbs diets (70 grams a day) with weekend carb cycling, for fat loss.

  126. hi, i live in a remote desert area,where there is no gym, my BMI is on the lower end of normal BMI, im 32 and skinny all my life,but now my belly comming out,pls let me know if joggin will help reducing my tummy, seconldy i also want to gain weight in right places so i am thinking of mixing smallportion of protien powder in normal nutritional drink like ovaltin/milo just gain some more protien and minimizing the side effects as i can not go to any gym. waiting for your reply..pls help


    • You can use bodyweight exercises, household items, and out door structures to get a workout in. You need to learn all of the best bodyweight exercises, and how to construct HIIT and HIRT routines. You should do these bodyweight/odd object workouts 3 times a week, use HIIT or Tabata style cardio at least twice a week, and drink a protein shake once or twice a day. If you do this, you will get in shape. You don’t need a gym.

      • i agree i dont go to the GYM i use stuff around the house i.e, door frames to do pull up”chin up”, use different things as weight for when u do crunches i.e 3ltr bottle of water a bag of cement tht the sort of stuff i use, i would also recommend doing some light and heavy, mix it up it makes exercising less boring, and gives the muscle a better work out.

  127. I work out and do weights in d gym for two hrs six days a week and i’m taking creatine monohydrate supplement. Are there any possible side effects?

    • There are a few possible side effects, but the one you might notice is cramping from lack improper hydration.

  128. hi my names daniel im 17 years old and ive just started weight lifting im wanting to gain weight so can bulk up in muscle mass, im sick of being skinny, im quite tonned anyway but want to build more muscle mass, i weight 56.6kg and im 5ft 6 and half inch. i was wondering what i should be taking supplerment wise so that i can forefill my dreams off gaining lean muscle. PLEASE HELP ME. thank you

    • You should read the entire Werewolf Training for muscle gains workout. Follow the routine and the nutrition plan.

      • sir, i m work-outing in gym since last 2 years. ma workout was on irregular basis with irregular diet. Now ma age is 21years. before starting workout ma height was 5’6 and weight was 58. now m 5’8 n half and weight is 76 and all this i have gained from ma home based diet without any supplements. my question to you is should i take any extra protein supplements and is there any side effects??
        please help me out sir because m in great confusion??

  129. hi i am 15 i play football in high school. i am 220 and 6’2 i lift in the morning for like a school period and after school i have practice. i am wondering what protein shake i should take. i heard the pro complex gainer is good. i am trying to gain more muscle.

  130. I am doing regular workout. which protien is good for gain muscle. is the “True Mass” is Good for Gain muscle?

  131. hi steve.
    i hav been workin out for past 6 months…im 174 nd wgtz 68..
    i workzout pertty good….my muscles are gettin defined…but need to increase the size..expcly biceps….and also im takin ON whey isolate…
    is dat ok for size increase or sld i change…and aslo increase the weght in play wil change the size??

    • To grow, lift heavier and eat more. It’s more complicated than that, but you have this whole website that you can read in order to find out more.

  132. hi i am 16 years old and i am very slim i wanted to gain weight by having the weight gain shakes is this alright to have ?

    • Weight gain shakes are usually loaded with sugary garbage. You can drink some meal replacement shakes that don’t have too much sugar, but you can mix your protein shakes with whole milk or even heavy cream if you really want to gain weight fast. Also consider adding peanut butter to everything.

  133. Hey Steve,
    I have recently been doing a lot of workouts at home, trying to lose weight and tone up. I have been on a strict protein diet with little carbs. I do take protein shakes 2-3 times a day, the one that i take after my workout has some L-Glutamine, and L-Argenine in the shake as well. I have lost a little bit of weight but really havent noticed anyting around my belly. should I not have as many protein shakes?

  134. Hi I’m 5’9 155 and I lift 220 and I’m only sixteen how much more weigh or mucle mass would I gain if I star using your product and how fast will the results show?

  135. Hi Steve, great site!
    I am 31, 6’7″ and currently weigh 19st 4lb. I am slim with a large bone structure (and a bit of a belly). I want to achieve muscular size and also lose that belly. There’s so many exercises and diets and supplements my head’s spinning. I know the three major exercises that I must do (Bnech, Deadlift and Squat) but could you advise the BEST exercises to build muscle with (and amount of reps,sets)? Also, due to my size I am struggling to eat amount of protien and calories that I’m told I need (4000cal a day + 400g of protien) can you give me any advice on this (I currently use Impact Whey and Creatine Monohydrate).

    Many Thanks.

  136. Hey, i’m 21, about 6ft and weigh about 9 and 1/2 stone. I really wanna put on a couple more stone, but the trouble is, i have colitis, when means i lose a lot of fluids when i go to the bathroom. Also, i’ve tried eating more at meal times, but i find i get full and nauseous easily. I’ve been eating lots of fish and meats, but it doesn’t seem to have made much difference. Anyone got any advice for a weight-gaining diet, without risking kidney stones or whatever? Also, how long will it take to gain a couple of stones? Thanks

  137. Hey Steve,

    my doctor said that i need to quit protein supplementation to my dad, saying that its bad for my kidneys. Aren’t I allowed to take it moderation though? I’ve been getting results from taking whey protein, and i don’t want to stop.


    • Do you or your dad have a medical condition that puts your kidneys in jeopardy? See, I don’t know your medical history, so I can’t say for sure. However, any regular person without medical conditions that are contraindicated to protein supplementation, can use protein power. One or two protein shakes a day won’t hurt a healthy person.

  138. Thanks for this info guys. I will now be able to tell my mate Ivan if he continues to live on protein, he will turn into an acid blooded ball of muscle with bones like Betty White.

  139. I am a 23 year old male, recent college grad. I put on a beer gut in college and haven’t worked out since my high school days. I want to get rid of my gut while gaining muscles. I am 6 ft 3 in and 210 lbs. I just started lifting again (going four times a week). I also just bought ON’s Complete Protein diet as well as AMP amplified wheybolic extreme 60 for after workouts. How much of each should I use on a daily basis? Thanks!

  140. hi i m research student and my toic is arverse effect of protein supplements alz help me for this and tell me any web site which help me out for this thankng u, nadia

  141. Hi, I’m 14 and I just got a whole workout routine from my Coach. It includes all around muscle weight training. Cardio too. I was thinking, should I have TWO protein shakes at this age? Or maybe just ONE in the morning? I do workout after school (afternoon) and usually eat a meaty dinner. Does all the protein end up going to my muscles no matter when the workout took place? Also, I intend to get that protein power you keep suggesting, but if you could just suggest a good amount for me to take that would be great.

  142. Hey steve i’m allergic to milk and sugar(fungal infection in the intestine). i’ve also been advised not to eat processed carbohydrates.
    1. Will it be okay to eat loads of rice for dinner( to stack up the carbs) if i wanna work out in the mornings??

    2. I also wanna know which type of protein powder to take since i’m not sure about whey at all.. would creatine be good after the workout??

    3. Plus i have a family history of kidney stones… so should i “load” up with creatine or not??

  143. hey im 14 going on 15 in to 3 days and ive been taking whey protein for a while like about a week and a couple of days and ive been seing some results but i was wondering if its true that when i get old and dont work out or stop takeing whey protein will the muscle i have turn into fat i also want too know if doing 100 push ups a day with a 2 day break in between is too much ive been working out ever since last summer and ive been increasing it little by little. and i want to know if drinking whey protein and doing all those push ups make my penise samller….. thanks

  144. Hey Steve,
    Been going to the gym 3-4 times a week and I’m in pretty good shape. Recently I’ve been taking alot of advice from your pages and try to fine tune my workout. Thank you for that. The upper portion of your article indicated that excess protein can lead to early stages of osteoporosis, develop kidney stones and Ketosis. To be honest, I thought that any excess protein will just end up as waste material. So my question is that I am taking Pro complex and each scoop has 60 grams of protein and I usually take that 3 times a day when I work out (Morning, pre and post workout). This also goes with a couple meals a day. I weight 185 and 6 feet tall. Do you think this is too much protein I’m ingesting? Thank you.

  145. Hey, I am 23yr old male, I’m 5’5 and weigh 114. I was thinking about taking the weight gainer powder to gain weight but my question to you is , ” do I have to work out?” I just wanna have a little meat on my bones. My bride to be is 5’5 as well but weighs 136 she looks very well but says I make her look fat. Trust me I am nothing but skin and bones.

  146. Hey,
    Im a 15 year old 270 lb kid. This first time ive started getting active, Ive been working out since summer of 09 for my football team. Every1 takes protein shakes n what not to gain muscle. I thought about taking it but they say i cant cause im too big. Im trying to lose weight and gain muscle at the same time. What do you recommend I do??? Im more fat than flab if anything but my doctor says i should try turn my fat into muscle

  147. I just wanted to know that If I am using Protein supplement regularly and Suddenly I quit and still continue to exercise regularly then what will it affect on my Body.

  148. im turnig 16 drinking the protien shake will make my muscle big and does it works for push ups i also want to say what protien powder will be good for a 16 years old who dont to gain cholestrol

    • It is true only if the extra protein puts the number of calories you consume above the number of calories you burn. Excess calories make you gain fat.

  149. Hi, I’m 14 and I just got a whole workout routine from my Coach. It includes all around muscle weight training. Cardio too. I was thinking, should I have TWO protein shakes at this age? Or maybe just ONE in the morning? I do workout after school (afternoon) and usually eat a meaty dinner. Does all the protein end up going to my muscles no matter when the workout took place? Also, I intend to get that protein power you keep suggesting, but if you could just suggest a good amount for me to take that would be great.

  150. Steve
    I had a fatty liver 7 months ago. Gamma GTP was 225. Should be between 0 – 60.
    I went on a liver diet, stopped boozing, exercised and have lost 32 Kg.
    I look rather thin now, however according to the BMI chart 79Kg is right for my height – 187cm. Well I decided to lift weights to get a six pack. I got a lump on my left side above my dick. It was diagnosed as a hernia.
    Also, I expected my Gamma GTP to be normal but it is now 200.
    I lift heavy, eat 4 times a day. Lots of veggie no sugar, butter, margarine. Brown bread, etc.
    Breakfast – musseli with honey and soy milk.
    Snack – bag of unsalted organic peanuts.
    Lunch – 2 whole wheat sandwiches with avocado, egg, salmon, lettuce.
    Snack – Carrot cake – or natto – fermented sticky soy beans.
    almonds and walnuts.
    Dinner – Soup, brown rice, chicken breasts or fish or shrimp, potatoes and vegetables like broccoli.
    Sometimes beef steak with the fat removed fried in olive oil.
    I drink whey protein drink twice every day. I take six L-glutamine capsules, four creatine capsules, two longjack capsules, four multi vitamin tablets a day.
    I take four nitric fuel tabs before working out and a two scoop choco whey protien drink with soy milk.
    I think I have enough protein, but wonder why my liver enzymes are up.

    • Hi David,
      The Gamma Glutamyl Transamylase (GGT) is an enzyme that the liver secretes when its metabolising (detoxicating) factories start to give up. The most common cause of this is BOOZE. I guess you have had too much of booze before, and even though youhave stopped now, these are merely the after effects. You must STOP drinking whatsoever, or drink at the most 1 glass of wine/week for atleast couple of years.
      The lump you got is not a result of protein shakes, but a hernia as you correctly mentioned, usually due to defective structuring of your abdominal wall accomapanied by a defective exercise routine.
      Usually the abdominal wall gives in when you put too much/exert too much weight on it, and internal organs – usually intestines find their way to go through some of the openings in the abdominal wall and end up elsewhere. If there is a natural tear in your abdominal wall, I think you should give up lifting weights that involve any stress on the abdomen and consult a doctor for a surgery known as hernioraphy. Usually your hernia should reduce itself back to the wall, but I have a feeling you will overdo sometime and there are quite nasty complications if it can’t go back.
      None of these complications are due to protein shakes, but you might do well to cut whatever fat you take in your diet, be it in form of meat or oil. A cholesterol check up is also required as the Liver metabolises cholesterol and a high cholesterol would be an extra risk factor for you.
      I would also advise you to see a fitness expert and let them know your details – I am guessing you are taking too many capsules for the wrong reasons – You would need just 1 multivitamin ideally per day, and that too only if your diet doesn’t suffice – which here is not the case.
      Your liver enzymes being up doesn’t mean your liver is failing, but it does mean it has had enough of toxic substances in form of alcohol.

  151. Hello,
    I have been working out almost everyday for the past 6 months. My goal is to build muscles and burn that little belly I have. I have heard that protien shakes make you grow including your belly?! Is that true?
    I generally take the shake after my work out, and before I sleep witha spoon of L-Glutamine
    I need your professional feedback on this
    Thank you

    • Sounds like you are doing the right thing. Protein shakes won’t make your belly grow anymore than eating a chicken breast would. Unless your protein powder is spiked with HGH, and it probably isn’t. But if it is, please tell me who the manufacturer is so I can stock up. haha j/k πŸ˜‰

  152. I am way too skinny for my height, i want to gain pur body fat on my stomach and my whole body…What can i do? What can i take? Will drinking a gallon of muscle milk a day help?

  153. Hi,

    i am a thin built girl, 26 yr. 3 yrs back i had started protein shakes along with few other supplements n appetite boosters to gain weight. i did gain a few pounds then n have maintained the weight even after discontinuing shakes n supplements.. but i feel that since then i have been menstruating significantly lesser than what i used to.. i was menstruating for abt 6 days everytime.. but now i menstruate hardly for 2-3 days.. i donno if its a coincidence or i have some other problem or its coz of these shakes.. what do you think..?

    • Well sweety, I can’t really help you because I don’t know a whole lot about menstruation. If your bodyweight is too low, your periods will be shorter and your cycle will probably be erratic. If this is possibly true, please consider speaking with someone about eating disorders. If this is not the case, and your doctor says you are fine, then consider yourself lucky that you only bleed 2-3 days a month instead of a whole week. Sorry that I couldn’t be more help.

  154. Hi,

    Im 15 and looking to start using protein shakes, is it true that if u use them and find results, then if you stop using them you lose your muscle and become fat?

    Is this true?

    • No, that’s not true. You lose your muscle and become fat if you stop exercising and start eating like a typical fat American.

  155. I’m almost 14 and I wanna gain some muscle mass and a little more weight because I’m going to do football in high school. I’m 5′ 3″ and weigh around 103 lbs. I was wondering if protein powder or protein shakes would be a good addittion to my diet and exercise. It would be reaally useful to know.. thnx

    • Protein shakes would probably do you good if you are starting some serious training to prep for football. I just have to say this to cover my butt, especially since you are only 13: Be sure to check with your doctor before starting anything new.

  156. I’m about 5’9 70 kg, strong lower body from cyclying, thick legs but weak upper body, thin arms chest..
    I’ve just bought dumbbells and protein powder. How often and how much should i take of the powder shakes? grams/drinks?
    Should i change my eating habits much? If i eat too much I get a fat belly.

  157. Im 17, im taking 4 tablets of 2200 amino acids per day and a genetics brand weight gainer.

    3 days ago I drank less than a glass of vodka with orange juice and I began feeling pain on my chest, then I couldn’t breathe very good.

    Does this have anything to do with the supplements I am taking?

  158. Hi….I weigh 85kgs and 180cms in height. The brand name MegaPro whey protein powder is available with me, and i would like to know whether it will give me lean muscle mass or muscle mass. Does whey protein powder help in weight loss?

  159. Forgot to add , i also go to the gym twice a week and have a bit of muscle already will that make it alot better if i take shakes?

  160. Hi , Iam 16 about 5″8 weigh 65kg and i do kickboxing just wondering if taking protein shakes will be worth it because il need to get a bit bigger. If so what kind (make) and how much of it , Thanks πŸ™‚

  161. Hi,

    I am 27yrs old, My weight is 76 Kgs and height is 5″7 ,I m having severe hair loss,I jog daily for 3 kms.i have some excess weight on my upper body(chest) as well,i drink alcohol and smoke occasionally.Please let me know what to do somebody told me that i shud take high protein and low fat / carb diet. Also can u suggest that i should start taking protein shakes or anything else…


  162. I’ve taken protein shake (Maximusle Progain) two scoops and need to keep going to toilet for s”Β£t every 1 hour or 2

  163. hi,i am 20 years old,5ft10in height weight 60kg,i want to gain some weight,i do not go to gym ,but i do my workout at home i have gym equipment at home,please give me some tips about diet can i take protein powder and which protein powder can i take

    • Get 140 grams of protein a day. Use Optimum Nutrition protein powder. Drink 1-2 proteins shakes a day.

  164. i am 15 years old and looking to put on some upper muscle and impress the LADIES !. but i need reinsurence that my penis woint get smaller by taking protein shakes becuase this wont impress the LADIES ! πŸ˜‰

  165. i am 14 and i am going to be 15 in august.my height is 5’7 and i weigh 45.8 kg….ppl tell me that i am under weight…is that true? and if so can u tell an easy and effective way of gaining weight and some body mass….i used to exercise daily before school and i am quite built i have a six pack and i have pecs as well as biceps and triceps…but i am skinny so i stopped exercising until i gain some more weight. i was thinking about buying protein shake but i am not sure if i should use it as i am only 14….so can u just answer my question by telling me if i am under weight, some ways of gaining weight and body mass and if i should use protein shakes at this age.
    i hope to hear from u thankyou

    • You are pretty light, but I’m not going to scare you by telling you that you are underweight. You can probably gain like 20 pounds in 6-9 months if you’d just eat right, but something tells me that you don’t have much interest in eating every 2 hours, every day, whether you are hungry or not. You can use protein shakes, but more importantly you need to eat calorie-dense foods like whole milk, peanut butter, and flax oil. Hell, make your protein shakes with heavy cream and peanut butter if you need to, but definitely get some calories in your system boy!

  166. First: I utilize this website often and think it is a great resource. Since adhering to the routines and advice on here I have begun not only to lift more, but not have any fatigue or injuries to try and work around (just the occasional healthy tightness or light soreness). I overly work myself no more, and get the results I used to kill myself trying for. Now that the praising is done>> MY QUESTION>> I am using protein shakes and bars pretty regularly (2 shakes a day 25g ea.(before and after workout) and a bar in the later afternoon 32g.) The shakes are 5-6 days a week, the bar is 3-4 days a week. I think I am balancing it enough with other foods but want a multi-vitamin that helps with digesting protein. I heard that these exist. What vitamins should I be taking that will help digest protein? I don’t want to be huge and ripped, just don’t want kidney stones etc…

    • The following was copied from somewhere:

      Ensure adequate amounts of digestive factors. After chewing, the food’s next stop is the stomach, where an adequate amount of stomach acid (hydrochloric acid) is the next necessity. Stomach acid is required for adequate breakdown of proteins. Without adequate stomach acid, not only is protein digestion ineffective, but also digestion of vitamin B12 is seriously affected. Vitamin B12 digestion and absorption requires that it be liberated from protein. In addition, intrinsic factor, the protein that is necessary for vitamin B12 absorption, is low when stomach acid is low.

      Low stomach acid (hypochlorhydria) is common, especially in older people since as we age, we make less stomach acid. Research suggests that as many as half of the people over 60 years old have hypochlorhydria. A variety of factors can inhibit sufficient stomach acid production including the pathogenic bacteria, Helicobacter pylori, and frequent use of antacids. Hypochlorhydria is also associated with many diseases, such as asthma, celiac sprue, hepatitis, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoporosis, and diabetes mellitus. Signs of hypochlorhydria include a sense of fullness after eating, bloating, excessive belching, indigestion, multiple food allergies, undigested food in the stool, and peeling and cracked fingernails.

      In addition to hydrochloric acid, the production of pancreatic enzymes and bicarbonate is also compromised in some people. If necessary, these digestive factors can be replaced with appropriate supplementation. Digestive enzyme support can also be obtained from fresh pineapple or papaya, which contain the enzyme bromelain, and other fresh vegetables and herbs. Processed foods, like canned pineapple, contain little enzyme activity since digestive enzymes are proteins, which are destroyed by heating, such as in the sterilization process. So beginning a meal with fresh fruits or salad can provide support for healthy digestion.

      Vitamin B2: Helps with the breakdown of protein, fat and carbohydrates
      Recommended daily amount: 1.6mg

      Vitamin B6: Helps the body absorb protein and carbohydrates
      Recommended daily amount: 2mg

  167. Hey i’m 14 years old and i want to get stronger so i’m thinking of taking protein poweder but what my concerne is that if u stop taking the powder after you are strong and built will u lose all yor muscle.
    Or will I keep all my muscle if i keep up a normal weight lifting routine.Cause i was told all that protein powder does is blow u up not make you stronger.I just wanna know if once i stop taking the powder will i keep my muscle or will i get weak and gett flabby.

    • Protein powder is food. You eat food to gain muscle. If you stop eating food you will lose weight. Therefore if you eat protein and gain weight, then stop eating protein but don’t replace those calories in your diet, then you won’t have enough calories to maintain the muscle mass, so you will lose it. It’s not like protein is a magical muscle gain supplement though – it is only food.

  168. Dear Sir,

    I’m a Daily jogger an use to have close to 3 KM of joggin daily basis apart from that my daily exercise incluse normal push up ( 30-40). This is the only labour exercise involvment.

    I’m 30 Yrs and height is 5.11″ weight-76 Kg vegetarian. My daily diet containts 2 majot meals 1 breakfas and milk twice in a day.

    I Would like to start using of a good protien shake which can compensate my daily energy requirement so kindlky advise is it ok for me to start the protien and if yes can i get it in India .

    • You can use protein powder, and you should. Try ordering some from Bodybuilding.com by using my referral link somewhere near the top or bottom of this post. Good luck!

    • Lift heavy. Eat meat. Buy protein from Project Swole by clicking on the links in the post or on the sidebar.

  169. im 16 years old i just had a workout session wanted to try drinking protien shakes after i heard what they could do but when i got it 1 of the guy said dont drink it, it can mess you up and sometimes u can puke out blood etc is it ok for me to drink it ?

    • Whoever you talked to is probably a nut sack. Drinking protein shakes will not make you puke up blood unless you are deathly allergic to them, and you would already know if you are allergic to them because you wouldn’t be able to eat dairy products.

  170. maybe it’s all in my head, but about 2 months ago about I starting eating 1 scoop of whey protien weight gainer a day, plus a good three meals, and my penis doesn’t seem to be getting as hard as it used to… I’m only 25, I don’t use any drugs/alcohol. ever heard of anything like this?

    • Maybe your whey protein is contaminated. Which brand are you using? Not Optimum Nutrition I bet. Protein powder by itself does not affect that stuff.

  171. iam about 23 years old my weight is about 53kgs and height about 5ft9 inch and iam a leen looking personality. what diet and protine supplements would you advice to take me for more muscles and good body shape are there any side effects for for these supplements.


    • they said that if u take protein powder then in the future if u stop working out all the muscle u have gain turns into fat!

      • That’s bull. Muscle can’t turn into fat and fat can’t turn into muscle. You use protein powder while you are training to help build muscle and recover from workouts. If you stop training then the total calories you burn in a day will decrease, so you must also decrease the calories you consume in order not to gain fat.

  172. Hi steve
    I purchased optimum nutrition 100% Gold standart but I am confused when to take it ? I take one level 1 hour after my breakfast and one level after my workout. is that ok ?

    I am also confused if i should take it in off days ?

    • Drinking a protein shake is OK anytime. After your workout I suggest you use a post workout nutrition drink like Biotest Surge Recovery. It is OK to use protein shakes on off days too, especially since growth happens during recovery and recovery happens during off days, so that is when your body needs protein the most.

  173. Hey, I weigh about 160 and i want to increase my weight to 180 without losing my 10% body fat. How would i go about something like this? Protein supplements with plenty of workouts?

    • Werewolf Training for Muscle Gains. If you aren’t willing to let the 10% bodyfat slide a little, you are going to have serious trouble gaining 20 pounds of muscle.

  174. Steve

    I have been taking Meso-Tech complete but i have been told that this particular product can cause a loss in labido. Have you ever heard of this before or is this just another one of these rumours?

    • I’ve never used Meso-Tech, but it’s just another crappy Muscletech supplement, so I wouldn’t be surprised if it caused a loss of libido or caused your feet to fall off or something. Muscletech sucks.

  175. Hey Steve…m a big health freak… and m trying to gain a lot of knowledge on these supplements and dosage and after reading ur posts i thot ur the best person i could ask a couple of things m really curious to know abt . OK firstly can we combine gnc aminos 4400 and 1800 ? if yes how do i do it? And also i have bought myself nutrex nutrition hemo rage. And nitrotech hardcore pro series for protein. NOw since u know i have stacked all of these but they all sealed and m waiting for u to advise me as to how should i consume these or should i skip something out of this ffor time being???? Thanks steve… waiting ^^

    • The problem is that you are using supplements that I have never recommended, so I don’t know a lot about them. For the aminos, it doesn’t seem like there’s a reason to combine them since the numbers are just basically dosing info. 4400 means 4.4 g of aminos, which 1800 means 1.8 g of aminos. You can use aminos during and after your workout.

      Nutrex Hemo Rage is a glorified NO supplement with creatine. I’ve read some good things and some bad things about it. It is probably a decent pre-workout supplement, but be sure to stay hydrated as I’ve read reports of cramping.

      For the protein powder, just use it anytime to add protein to your diet. Great gains are reported from combining carbs and protein pre-workout, so consider drinking a small protein shake with your Hemo Rage or take a dose of aminos with the Hemo Rage.

  176. I have hepatitis-B should i take protein supplements? Some says whey protein is good for hepatits B and some says not I am so confused , I recently started bodybuilding and i wanna gain muscle I am so confused please help me, and if I am allow to take protein supplement which one wou;ld you recommend me? Another question optimum standart gold has cholestrol in it is it good or bad ?

    • A recent study suggests long-term supplementation with whey protein may be effective for improving liver dysfunctions in patients with chronic hepatitis B. This was seen by a drop in serum alanine aminotransferase (ALT) activity, which indicates a reduction in liver damage caused by the hepatitis B virus. There are also other benefits found when hepatitis B patients supplement with whey.

      Resource: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/11508322

      • Thank you steve thats a relief for me πŸ™‚ I am thinking to purchase Optimum Platinum Hydrowhey but some people say its only useful right after workout and I should take it on other times , is this right? I am sorry if i am asking it in wrong section.

        • ON Platinum Hydrowhey is a sweet product and is a perfect protein for post-workout nutrition. However, years of research and experiments have concluded that glucose is the most important aspect of post-workout nutrition. If you are going to use Hydrowhey post-workout, you need to drink it with some fast acting carbs like dextrose or maltodextrin. Biotest Surge Recovery is the #1 post workout supplement in my book, and I don’t ever make anything off of the sales of that product.

  177. my heels are paining when i start walking after morning sleep or if i sit for to long and then start walking. is it due to extra protein. pl. help

    • nelson: It is not due to extra protein. More likely due to nerve damage, a pinched nerve, or something pressing against a nerve somewhere between the neck and heel. You should have your doctor check it out if you are concerned.

  178. hi guys, my weight is 60kg & my height is 5.11. i want to gain my weight for better personality. some people sggest me to take proteins & supplements but i cant do exercise bcause of my right hand shoulder dislocation. so, is it safer to take proteins in this condition ?
    If yes then plz suggest protein powder name with its price & its procedure.

    • You can always use protein powder for better muscle tone and increased fat loss, but if you’re not lifting you should keep protein intake around .8 grams of protein per pound of body weight.

  179. hi steve
    i just read yr replies today , uve been doing a great job, yr answers are really satisfying.

    i am about 38 yrs male and have started to workout 2 years back and been working out on and off , but for the last 2 months i have been regular. my height is about 6’2 and i weigh about 77 kilos, i think i must be around 80 .
    i have started to take ultimate nutrition muscle juice 2544 as i have been told this will increae my weight and also muscles.
    but am very worried about kidney failures and stones formation.
    pls steve can u advise me if the above is true will i develop this problems and how much intake should i take .
    at the moment i have been taking about 4 scoops at a time morning once and evening once ( totally 8 scoops).
    is it too much or is ok.
    i am reaaly very worried pls advise should i continue or discontinue.
    best regards

    • Sorry but I don’t know anything about that product. Just get about 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight and you should be OK. Contact your doctor with any additional concerns.

  180. thanks for your advice Steve. will try to have just one ON whey just after a workout and try.
    have to say that I tried it without any protein drink as well, but the recovery time is twice as long.

  181. Hi Steve,
    I have started taking the protiens for the past 2 weeks and
    I underwent an urine test which showed some stones in my kidney when consulted a physician.
    My doctor said it was because of the protiens which i took. He asked me to stop immediately.
    I am really confused as to what to do now.
    I do a work out for almost 1.5 hrs when ever i took the protien.
    I used to take one scoop given in the Nitrotech bottle with 4 ounces of water in it as per the instructions.
    what do u suggest. I am interested in using it.Does it effect my sex life?

    • If they doctor said not to use protein powder, I’m not going to tell you to go ahead and use it. It is rare, but some people are sensitive to protein powder and I don’t want you to get sick. Your sex life shouldn’t be affected either way, unless you get kidney stones because then you will be in too much pain to do sex.

  182. Hi Steve,
    I had started taking protiens from two weeks and I had done a check up of my blood and urine and the reports showed that I had some stones in my kidneys.
    I had done the same test bfore started taking the protiens and I dint have these stones at that time.
    The doctor advised me to stop taking them straight away. What is ur advise on this. Will it effect my sex life.
    The reports showed as Amorphates (3+).
    I used to take 0ne ounce (one scoop) with 4 ounces of water as per the instructions on the bottle.
    I use Nitrotech hard core.

    • Maybe you are sensitive to protein and develop kidney stones easily. For you it may not be a good idea to use protein shakes. You should listen to your doctor in this case. Whether you do use them or not, it should not affect your sex life.

  183. luxati: Are you using anything else that would give you extra energy? Protein powder shouldn’t keep you up at night. Consider changing your nightly routine by eliminating all exercise before bed, don’t watch TV or go on the computer before bed, take 3-5 mg of Melatonin 30-60 minutes before you intend to be asleep; use white noise beside your bed – I prefer the sound of rain, thunderstorms, waterfalls, rivers, or the hum of a fan, and try reading in a quiet room or even while laying in bed. Also, if you get yourself worked up by anticipating insomnia, you will get insomnia. Just relax and realize that there is nothing you can do about life at that moment – it is time to go to sleep and you can deal with everything else in the morning – then clear your mind, or maybe even go to a ‘happy place’ – picture yourself on a beach, in the mountains, or anywhere else you go to relax. Combine all these strategies and you should be able to fall asleep at night unless you are on a serious energy supplement.

  184. Jay: I don’t know what else you are eating, so I can’t say if it is too much for your body. My general feeling is that you should be fine with 1-2 shakes a day. Keep your total protein around 1-1.25 grams per pound of bodyweight and you should be fine.

  185. i work out 4 times a week and drink two shakes for each day i work out, and 1 shake for the 3 days i dont is this too much protein for my body ?

  186. Hi Steve.
    Since you are interested in this topic I just felt like letting you know. Have been using ON cassein in the eve and whey right after the workout for a couple of months.

    You are very right about how different people react differently to protein supplements.

    I am experiencing a case of severe insomnia.

    Feel like I am loaded with something that causes me to have excess of energy all day long and when it comes to sleep its there again.

    An hour and a half workout in the morning and 4km jog in the eve should put you to bed at night. I stay up till 3am and wake up before 7am. Have to stop supplementing immediately and I am very sad about it.

    My muscle gains were excellent but I will have to opt for a good noght sleep.

    • Vik: I’ve never known protein to make someone constipated, but people have a wide variety of reactions to food and supplements. It is possible, but it doesn’t happen to me.

  187. steve i am 15 i have been drinking supplament for about 2 weeks now and i have gained 9 pounds in muscil mass but over the weekend i take off and i feel bloted why? i have seen resalts though i have increased my lifting power 65 pounds in two weeks

  188. I am 61 and in generally good shape, bicycled for years (at least 1000 miles per year. The past two years I’ve converted to weight training (three days a week) plus spinning (three days a week). I’ve always been thin 6’2″ 195lbs. Joined a gym 2 months ago (with a personal trainer)and really haven’t seen the results I’ve been looking for. I’ve reduced my body fat but haven’t seen any gains in muscle mass. I feel better but would also like to look better. Also I just had another issue arise — a minor case of gout. I have been using a Whey protein drink 40 grams a day and need to know if Whey based supplements contain large amounts Purine (the largest contributer to gout). I’m looking for info for us “old guys” that haven’t given up.

  189. Dear Steve,

    Hope you are doing well.

    I am 5ft 6in, 28 yrs & weigh 64 Kg. I started going to the Gym for past 2 months now. Just like to know, how much protein shakes will I consume? I used to drink milk and eat eggs in breakfast. Moreover I used to take Non-veg food, mostly chicken two times a day. So does I need to have protein shakes with this kind of food habit?

    Looking forward to your response.

    • Puskar: A protein shake a day should not hurt you. Add up your total protein intake. If it is around 120-140 grams, then you’re fine. If it’s under 100 grams, then you could stand to add one protein shake to your diet. Good luck

  190. do you think a diet of eating a lot of protein and low fat and average amount of carbs is good.. But all from natural food non of that protein powder stuff i don’t like it..

  191. hey steve m taking amino acids along with my protein…cn u tell me what is the right time to take amino m so confused?

  192. Hey Steve..its really nice to have someone likeu giving ur time for all these queries..Appreciated! well i have few too really really curious to know .. i am a total health freak and have been working out for 3 yrs now and m highly on protein shakes and eating 12 egg whites a day since i dont eat any meat. But today i met a cardiologist and he told me that these protein suppllements are extremely harmful be it ANY which has got me worried cus m on it for 3 yrs now. and i do follow all the precautions keeping myself hydrated thruout the day, and he also spoke abt our body size is according to our dna and we shouldn modify it by consumin thhis stuff. he sounded pretty serious and has asked me to stop. So wat do i do cus i dont wanna become thin and loose whatever iv gained???
    And ps: Does alchol (beer) occasionallyharms our body to a great extent??? Thanks steve

    • Nick: I would advise you not to talk to this cardiologist about protein supplements. He clearly has no idea what he is talking about. Supplementing your diet with a protein shake once a day will not hurt most people. If you have extenuating circumstances that make protein shakes harmful to your body, then that’s another story, but if you are a pretty healthy male then protein supplements won’t hurt you. In fact, they are even more useful to you personally, since you are a vegetarian. Just remember that whole foods are always better than supplements, so while one protein shake a day is fine I wouldn’t recommend drinking like 3 protein shakes a day. Try to get the majority of your protein from whole foods. Egg whites are good and so are beans.

  193. I am weighing 86 kgs, my height is 5″4 inches. I have recently joined gym to reduce my weight.

    The gym trainer has advised me to take protein powder. However I want to know if protein powder is suitable for an overweight person like me. Will protein powder help in reducing my weight ?

    • Sameer: Protein powder can be useful for losing weight, especially if you replace at least one of your regular high calorie meals with a simple protein shake.

  194. Errm do protein powders such as 100% whey protein affect ur genitals ? becuase i have heard rumors bout it .. so i’d like to know more about it

  195. YO steve i been workin out about 6 mths now, ive dropped my weight from 270 to 230, and bench has went from 190 to 270lbs, i take NO xplode, and syntha 6, but im a diabetic and although i keep very tight control on it, is there any supps i should and shouldnt take, i took creatine when i first started,but have been off for about a month,but took a shot tonight. What you think?

  196. n my height is 5.6
    if i started to have proteins,is it needed to have a lot of foods also.??
    .coz i usually skip my breakfast…

    • john: Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. You shouldn’t skip it. And no, using protein supplements doesn’t mean you need to start eating more food.

  197. sameer: Sorry man, I’m not trying to give advice for putting together a steroid cycle. I think I got into that a little bit months ago in one post, but I’m not going to get into it now. You will have to look elsewhere for that info. Just remember that Testosterone is always the king of anabolics. That’s all I am saying.

  198. hi,m i’m 19 years old and i’ve been working out for about a half year i’ve seen amazing results in strength and size but i take in alot of protein between weight gainer and protein shakes but i only have around 2 to 3 glasses of water a day and my kidneys seem to be a little sore think the problem is not drinking enough water?

    • Sameer9: If you are over the age of 21, know how to run a cycle properly, and know how to come off a cycle properly with Post Cycle Therapy (PCT), then I guess the choice is yours. If even one of those previous points is not true, then NO you shouldn’t take deca durabolin.

  199. hey steve i m 20 years old
    i m so thin. my friends suggested me to eat amino mass protein powder to increase my weight and to develop my muscle can i go through them??
    it have either side effect or not???

  200. hi , i have been reading about over use of protein as i was wondering if i am getting too much. heres my background . i weight train in the morning about 60 minutes of low rep high weight broken into three day 2 body part cycle. (chest/tricep) , (back/bicep) etc. after this i drink gnc protein powder 60 grams of protein. in the evening i go to mixed martial arts training and spar and jiu jitsu wrestling. after this 2 hours i take another 60 grams of protein.

    i figure i get about 60 grams of protein from my food as i eat mostly veggies/rice /beans/cheese and not a lot of meat.bringing my total to 180 grams protein. i weigh 185 pounds . i have had a few people tell me i should get 1 gram of protein per pound i weigh. is this too much? as i have seen webistes saying people should take .5 grams protein per pound of weight.

    i would appreciate anyones input on this . thanks to all. and i like the site , glad i found it.and sorry for the long post.

    • Dan: For someone working out as much as yourself, 1 gram per pound of bodyweight should suffice. For strength and mass gains, .5 grams per pound of bodyweight is not enough, in my opinion. I wouldn’t use more than 40 grams per serving though, as your body can only utilize so much protein at one time. I would aim for 3 x 40 grams rather than 2 x 60 grams.

  201. Hi Steve, I am 15 yrs old and just started working out seriously about 1 month ago. My friends use creatin, but i use protein. Which one is better? Also, ive heard creatin will cause kidney stones. Is that true? How can that be prevented? Thanks!

    • Brooks: Protein is better, with protein from real food being even better than protein from supplements. I wouldn’t say creatine ‘will’ cause kidney stones, but I suppose it could. One of the by-products of creatine is creatinine, an acid similar to uric acid. The way the body neutralizes acid is by binding it with elements such as calcium, zinc, iron, and phosphorus. Therefore, you would be at risk of developing a kidney stone composed of calcium oxalate. Your best solution is to cycle the creatine 30-60 days on, 30 days off, and ALWAYS drink ridiculous amounts of water when on… like a gallon or more a day.

    • sameer9: Please eat lots of healthy food, high in protein and good fats. Be sure to lift weights at least three times each week.

  202. btw, I feel alright now and still quite energetic, but i rly don’t want kidney stone cuz i saw my dad once suffering from it

  203. Hey, Steve

    These days i’ve been working out recently
    However, I took a day off without working out cuz i was stuck on school work, missed out dinner so relpaced with some simple made noodles and protein.

    My freind warned about taking it without working out causes heart and kidney problem

    Man, I;m worried. I used to take protein without workout. It is those kind of night growth one, especially u have so many school work. but I only take it once a day

    Is it all right, cuz I just can’t calm myself down

  204. hey steve m taking nitro tech hardcore for gaining and also taking amino acids bt m nt satisfy wid d result..can u tell me the best way to eat these supplements…and ya hw cn i reduce my body fat..

  205. hi. im sameer i used endura mass i help to gain weight but after few month i will not used dis. then after few month my weight reduces.. then some ppl advice me 2 take endura mass n go 2 gym to gain perment weight does it help? n hw long i should cont.. dis endura mass n gym… to get perment weight… im 5.11 height n weight is 58….

    • sameer: if you want to get big and maintain your size and strength, you should continue to use ‘endura mass’ and go to the gym… FOREVER! muahahahahah!!

  206. A while ago I saw that someone had questioned a connection between protein shakes and infertility. I have read that soy can be linked with infertility, in some cases and to some extent. This would not be true for powders made from whey or egg.

    • Kristen: indeed, soy protein is linked to elevated estrogen levels in men. This could lead to infertility. Men should avoid soy protein at all costs.

  207. marcella: What are your goals? If you are trying to gain muscle then a weight gainer might work OK. If you are trying to stay lean I would opt for a protein powder rather than a meal replacer. Meal replacers have more carbs than plain protein powder.

  208. branden: I personally think that’s a load of BS. Too much protein powder can leech some calcium from the bones, so keep your protein intake at or under 1 gram per pound of body weight, and try to get most of your protein from food rather than powder.

  209. Hi steve..!! gr8 stuff for those who want to be in perfect shape.. Well i am 23 (69kg, 5.9″) and i want to know that wat is the best time to have these pro-shakes and at what quantity, so that i can gain more size without gaining more fat. And how can i schedule these shakes. i.e. before or after lifting. Waiting for your reply.

    • Daksh: You should focus on eating whole food. But with regard to protein shakes, try for 1-2 a day. After lifting you should consume a post workout drink like Biotest Surge, but otherwise you can down protein shakes at any time of the day.

  210. Hi,

    I am a 25 year old female I am 5’8 and I weigh 110llbs. I have always been skinny and I am just now starting to work out. I have started taking a weight gain protein supplement that my guy friend told me about. I have one a day (3 scoops) even though I dont work out everyday. I was just wondering what exactly will this protein/weight gain supplement do for me? Will I gain weight for real or become more muscular? I have been taking it for almost a month and no change in me at all…..

  211. hi there. may i know will protein supplements cause infertility or low sperm count? any doctor or nutritionist here to consult me on this matter?
    here’s the myth: our body produces testosterone. as we take protein supplements which go to muscles building, our body system sense the presence of extra testosterone, and lowered the normal testosterone in our body. thus, our own testosterone level gets lower and causes less sperm production but the supplements we take goes to muscle building. is it true? does protein related to testosterone?

  212. Hii Steve..!! Doin a gr8 job through this site..! Sumthin about me (age 23, height5.9″, weighs 68 kgs). I have been lifting since last 4 months without any pro-shakes or suplliments. i think its the high time that i should go for some proteins and other things.. as my body is stagnent i.e, not gainin any more size and also its the start of winters so it would be more effective at this time. What would u suggest to gain more size and at what schedule(like after/before excercise)..?? And is there sumthin like protien shakes are more effective in winters than summers becoz as ur body sweats more in summers…??

  213. hey steve, i’m 22 and i have been working out for a year now. for the past 3 weeks my shoulder been killing me i took a week off it feels a little better not a 100% better. i know that its my join in my shoder that is making my shoulder hurt. a nurse in trianing told me that its the protein supplement that i was taking (muscle milk). she said protein supplement are not good for you unless you have torn muscles which i don’t have. she said your body dose not need protein supplements. she said from your body not needing a protein supplement it takes the calcum from your bones and your body pisses them out, from that it makes your bones weak and makes them rub on the joins. do you think that can be the cause of my shoulder problem, because i do hear a pop when i move my shoulder or do you think she just talking a hole lot of b.s…

  214. Steve, first of all i want to thank you for putting together this useful information about protein supplements in a single page.Great job indeed.
    Steve, i am 25 , height is 5. 6″ and weighs 64 Kgs. I have been working out in gym since last 6 months. From last 2 months i have been using protein shakes. First month i used Cytosport complete whey and now i am using 5lbs ON Pro complex. I take two scoops of the powder daily 1 in the morning and 1 after workout. In addition to this i also eat 5 egg whites daily and some non-veg stuff once in a week. Do you think i am having excess protein per day and need to cut down my protein intake or is it a moderate amount that i am taking? my second question to you is that how frequent can i take these protein powders. How long can i continue using these shakes? i dont have any plan for quitting gym in near future so can i continue using these shakes regularly for next couple of years or i need to give a break after some time.

    • Sanchit: I don’t know that there’s is a need for you to ‘give a break after some time’, but you should be aware that using too many protein shakes on a daily basis for years is not as good as eating a high quality, high protein diet made up of mainly whole food. Of course I want you to click on my links to buy protein powder so I can make enough money to keep this site running, but honestly you should be focused more on real food. Four scoops a day should be fine, but I definitely would not drink like 3-4, 40 gram protein shakes every day for 10 years. Real food is always better. As far as how much protein you should eat in one day, read my post about it.

  215. READ!!!!!! The information you are reading from this “trainer” is not from a certified doctor. Protein powder can cause kidney stones, weakened bones, the body uses fat instead of carbs for energy which puts undue stress on the kidneys and liver, plus, the body breaks down and finds it difficult digesting carbs and fats. Don’t take advice from anyone but a doctor people! The information I provided is from a medical journal.

    • Kelly: Relax. I don’t dispute anything you’ve said here. We know that digesting protein puts additional stress on the kidneys, especially on an excessively low-carb diet. Protein powder supplementation will not, in and of itself, cause kidney stones or weakened bones. Excess protein in the diet can lead to kidney stones, which I have mentioned many times all over this website, and bones will not be weakened as long as people ingest their protein in moderation with plenty of calcium and vitamin D. I seldom advise taking in more than 1 gram of protein per pound of bodyweight (usually only in the case of a bulking cycle or a bodybuilder), and often advise taking in less than 1 gram per pound of bodyweight.

      Next time please provide a link to the medical journal if you are going to call me out. Thanks.

  216. Hey Steve,
    I feel some kind of dehydrated after
    i take in about two scoops of whey 100% protein powder.i also feel some bitterness on my tongue after! isit cool or i gotta do soming about it. plz help me wit dis.

    • George: There might be an aftertaste to your protein powder. It happens sometimes, especially with a poor quality product. Protein powder doesn’t dehydrate you, so you should just drink more fluids.

  217. Is there any Ways to identify
    ON(Optimum Nutrition) Whey Protein Powder…Which is Real and Which is Duplicate…
    I there Any Duplicate Exists Corresponding to that

  218. Hey Steve, I’m 28 been around 135lbs for over 10 years now, I’m sick and tired of being this size. I’ve started to hit the gym 3 days a week and I was considering taking some sort of Protein shake, however, I’m somewhat worried about some of the side effects you mentioned such as the kidney stones and losing calcium from your bones to neutralize your blood πŸ™ Are those cases just the extreme? Or are they common? Should I just eat more instead? Or are protein shakes worth it?

    • Sam: I wouldn’t worry about the side effects of protein if I were you. They are not that common. Just be sensible about it. Try to get most of your protein from whole food and supplement with a protein shake or a protein bar once a day if necessary. If you want to weigh 150 lbs, I’d recommend eating 150 grams of protein a day until you hit 150 lbs. Eat more calories from other foods too: complex carbs and healthy fats.

  219. Good article but I’m wondering if there’s any research on MSG (monosodium glutamate) in protein supplements? This is a big issue in other foods but seems to be overlooked and completely unregulated in the supplement market.

    I was having serious insomnia even after a killer workout – normally I’d sleep like a baby for 9 hours straight. Then I discovered my protein supplement was packed with MSG! Switched brands and problem solved.

  220. Hello Steve,
    My question is if iam not going to gym for 1 week, shall i take protein supplemets (1 scoop/40g of protien)for that 1 week as a maintanance is it safe, and what do you think of Sci-Mx Lean Grow MRF supplement is it good ?

    • Praveen: you can still use your protein supplement if you are taking a break from the gym. I’ve never used Sci-Mx Lean Grow MRF so I can’t comment on it, but I always choose Optimum Nutrition protein powder when I can.

  221. hey i am 15 years old,i am thinking on taking protein shake and workout at the gym,isit true that when you start taking protein and if u stop your body will shrink or your body will be in a funny shape?when i start takeing protein i should not stop?will we really get kidney stones if we take protein? I would greatly appreciate your advice. Thank You

    • Timmy, protein powder will not turn your body into a funny shape. You can use it whether you are or aren’t lifting. As long as you are lifting, whether you are taking protein powder or not, you will not shrink unless your total calories are less than maintenance. If you start using protein powder, you can stop at any time without side effects. You will not get kidney stones taking protein powder unless you use too much of it, or eat too much protein in addition to the powder. Even as many as 3 shakes a day doesn’t have to be bad, as long as you are eating sensibly other times.

  222. Hi Steve, great article! My question is I have lost about 30 lbs of fat and want to reduce the last bit, and also gain muscle mass. 1) Are those two things simultaneously impossible? 2) What type of protein supplement should I consider? Thank you.
    P.S. Reducing the remaining stubborn fat more important that gaining muscle mass, because I know have some good muscle definition underneath. Thanks.

  223. Ho,

    i am 26 year old and lost weight around 13 kg in 1.5 months , now i have to build my muscles, so some one advised me to take protien powder along with protien assylum and steroid tabs.

    just wanted to confirm wheather its good or it has side effects also.????

  224. hey steve, I am 18 years old, I drink protein shake twice a (2 scoop a day), only sunday I dont take protein shake. I heard that too much protein will make our hair fall and heard I should’nt drink protein shake everyday and should take just 2 – 3 times a week, is it true?

  225. Hi Steve,
    I am 43 and have always been on a diet.
    I take those Boots and Ensure drinks
    in place of meals at least 4 days a week
    to try to cut calories but I’m still not
    losing any weight. Could only drinking those
    liquid protein drinks slow my metabolism?
    Thanks for you help.

  226. Hi there Steve,

    I am 25 years of age, my weight is just 7 stones and a half and I am 5ft4 tall. Allot of people say I am under-weight for my age which I think is a fair comment. As well as the Nintendo wii fit says I am under-weight. For me that’s a sign.
    No matter how much I eat I am not able to gain much weight.
    Allot of people have suggested I get my ass in the gym and lift some weights.

    Just as I was to order some personal weights I came across your site.
    My questions are, I am thinking of buying some weights such as Pro Power 35Kg to 50 Kg cast barbell dumbbell set and a Pro Power multi-use workout from Argos which I can use to do chest press, leg extensions, back leg curls and crunches / sit-ups.
    Along with that I can use the dumbbell set to do squats and work the arms.
    My friend also told me to get high protein shake such as Promax or promax extreme.
    I have also been told to train at least 3 times a week and drink protein shake 2 times a day.
    Do you think this it the right move for me?
    How long should I drink the protein shake for?

    I would greatly appreciate your advice.

    Kind regards


  227. Hey steve, i have been working out for long now, i have taken optimum whey for almost 3 years and it did show me results , however i feel if the ideal consumtion of protein is 1 gm per pound of body weight then i would have to consume 165 gms as i am 75 kilos in weight, i can only get that kind of protein from 6.8 scoops of optimum, i know i know that some protein can also be absorbed from chicked , beef, fish etc. I have switch over from optimum to Isopure as it has more protein content. I feel my bones are getting weaker and they tweak and crack, no pain though unless i really stretch them a lot.

    Please let me know your thoughts


  228. Im 18 yr old and have been working out since i was about 15/16. I bench 215lb and i can do 3 sets of 15.So im sure you can tell i possess some strenght. I try all types of protein shakes and im TRIED! I just dont seem to be able to reach the body i dream of. I am really considering steriods.

  229. Hi Friends,
    I am 22 and my weight is 54. I wanted to try weight gaining powder. I am a bit lazy do u think i should workout when i use this powder n will it effect if i stop gym. Recommend me a good weight gaing powder. I only anted wanted to put some weigt.

  230. Hey Steve… Thanks for the information u sharing with all ….

    Well i have a question here:

    I don’t go to Gym to workout however I do some workout at Home. (dont take heavy weights) just lite exercise…. i have got tummy fats… please let me know how to get rid of it… Also i want to gain muscles and am planing to take whey protein u mentioned above. …. any comments would be appreciated…

  231. hey Steve::I am Raj 23years i have done my exercise 1year before and i left it now.Again am planng to do exercise,one of my friend suggested me to take “micronized CREATINE powder” and i bought it can i take this powder does this powder gives any side effects to my body..some people are sayng that this powder will generates lot of heat to body..i need your suggestion Steve regarding this powder.

  232. hey steve…great resposes…
    i hav a question though –
    I heard from someplaces that the optimum amount of protein intake for a person is 1gm per pound of body weight but some say its 1gm per kg…which is correct?…
    and my other question is if i stop takin proteins after some time then what will be its effect on the body…thanks,cheers…

    • DJ SS: it’s 1 gram per pound of bodyweight. To convert to kilograms, it’s 2.2 grams of protein per kilogram of bodyweight.
      Example: a 200 lb man would eat 200 grams of protein. That same man weighs 91 kilograms x 2.2 = 200 grams of protein.

  233. hey steve, thanks for all the clarifications, but again why all the people allover the world say that protein, aminos and creatine may be a threat for the user’s manhood, i mean sexual potency and fertility, even doctors in my country say so, they say that one can lose erection due to the use of these products???!!!!

    • aymen, I have no idea what you are talking about. I’ve never heard anyone say anything about protein, aminos, and creatine having any effect on virility or fertility. That’s what you get for listening to French doctors I guess. ( just kidding =/ )

  234. To put it simply, creatine helps your body to produce ATP quicker, which is the substance muscles use for energy. Protein is the building blocks of muscle tissue, and amino acids are the building blocks of protein all with distinctly helpful properties important for building muscle. You should start eating extra protein and aminos right away when you begin lifting again, but you can wait a couple weeks until you get back into the rhythm of lifting before starting the creatine.

    Front loading is when you take 10 grams of creatine every day for the first 2-3 days before cutting back to 1-2 grams a day for the next 3-4 weeks. Read the instructions on the bottle if there are any, they should tell you how to most effectively use your brand of creatine.

  235. That helped alot. But it also raised a few questions. I want to know: What exactly does creatine, protein, and the supplements(amino acids) do exactly for the body? I’m new to all this, as far as using anything to help improve my muscles. I just started lifting around december. And I kept lifting until around when school let out. But when it did, I stopped completely. Should I start using any of the above immediately when I start lifting or should I wait a while? And plz explain “front loading”.

  236. Hey Steve. Please give me an answer. I’ve been wanting to know the answer to this for months. I’m 14, therfore, my body isn’t anywhere near done growing. I’m going into high school and I want to be able to play a sport but I need to bulk up first. I’ve been told about protein and creatine shakes. My question is can drinking these shakes cause any kind of stunt to my growth of height or body and can they cause any other problems in my body?

    • The improper use of creatine and protein powder can have adverse effects on your body. Not your height, but possibly kidney and liver issues. Creatine can also cause cramping if you don’t drink enough fluid. However, if you use creatine properly by front loading for a couple days (although some new creatine products don’t require front loading), then a normal serving every day for a month, you should be fine as long as you drink about a gallon of water a day. Don’t stay on creatine forever though. Use it for a month and then take at least 2 weeks off.

      With the protein, just keep your daily consumption to 1 gram of protein per pound of bodyweight. Eating as much as 300-400 grams of protein per day isn’t that great for you. It puts undue stress on the kidneys, and your body will just store the excess protein calories as fat.

      Also consider supplementing with amino acids including glutamine. The prime time to take your aminos is immediately post workout. Try a product called XTend. Click here to get some. I sip my XTend before, during, and after each workout. Aside from amino acids, protein shakes, and creatine, you need to focus on eating more than you ever thought possible (use peanut butter and 2% or whole milk to get in those extra calories if you are a skinny hardgainer).

      Make sure you lift heavy and use compound exercises as often as possible. Being so young, you are also a prime candidate to learn how to master Olympic lifts like cleans, power cleans, squat cleans, hang cleans, jerks, clean and press, push press, and various snatches. In the meantime, don’t forget about squats, deadlifts, bench press, overhead press, bent over rows, and pull ups.

  237. alright steve.im 18 years old.male.iv started doing weight to build a bit on my upper body just wondering witch protein powder to use?have been using elite whey protein isolate for a bit now is that the best for me?

  238. a nutrtitionist told me that protein shakes can cause infertility!!!! is it true??? please help!! cheers….

    • That is absurd. Protein shakes don’t cause infertility; only angry ex-girlfriends with scissors or a large knife cause infertility.

  239. Rohith:
    You should get some Optimum Nutrition protein powder if you want to increase protein intake. Don’t get those weight gain shakes though, as they have far too many carbs, calories, and sugar. You could try a low sugar Meal Replacement Powder (MRP) if you wish. EAS sells some.

  240. Hie Steve.. I am a 18 year old guy… I am goin to a gym for around a month.. I am jst 62 KG… I feel I am too thin.. Some pple adviced me to take a protien named mega mass that is something 4 Kg… Is is advicile 4 me to take protien powder… And I heared some pple saying If we stop gym after taking protien.. Our body will get a irregular shape.. And it will be impossible to stop gym cuz of protien..

  241. I have heard that a diet that includes a large amount of protein (shakes), can cause you to be short winded???
    We know a bb player that seems to be living proof. He works out hard, plays a lot of AAU games, but when he takes a week off, he gets totally out of cardio conditioning.

    • ray:
      I know nothing of such side effects. Most likely the BB player you are referring to does not take his training seriously enough. In fact this is evidenced by him taking weeks off. When you want to be in top physical shape you have to train almost daily, and basketball is a tough sport. The best athletes in the world play basketball and hockey, and you have to be in some kind of shape to sustain that much running, sprinting, jumping, and skating in a 3 hour period. It most likely has nothing to do with protein shakes unless the guy is drinking way too many shakes and making himself fat.

    • ismael:
      Protein should not make your nuts hurt. Is it possible that something else in your diet is causing kidney stones? Check with your doctor if the pain is severe or recurring.

  242. Hi, my question is do protein supplements affect people emotionally or mentally? And how do they affect them physically?

  243. […] and be disciplined enough. Never eat only protien (like the Atkins Diet [read about the dangers of too much protien]) or only carbohydrates (the You Gain a LOT of Weight Diet) Balance is what healthy eating is all […]

  244. Great write-up Steve. I always advocate the healthy diet than those gimmick diets like eating nothing but protein (aka Atkins). A lot of people just do not realize the risk involved.

  245. Thanks for your comments Kyle. Everything on the right sidebar is there for a reason. It’s either something I’m promoting, a group I’m involved with, a link exchange, or something else important. You are right about the page layout though. I’ll consider making it wider. In any case whether I make any changes or not, it’s my website so you must RESPECT MY AUTHORITAH!

  246. Yo Steve,

    You’ve done a decent job with this site tho I think it’s a little short on the content. Couple of points: 1. i think you can make the page layout wider. People have higher resolutions nowadays so you dont need 3 inches of gray on each side. 2. too much crap in that column on the ride side of the articles.

    Anyway keep in touch. Beefcake, BEEFCAKE!

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