How to Deal with Loose and Sagging Skin From Weight Loss

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belly skinLosing a huge amount of weight in a short time-span may not be the healthiest practice out there, but it sounds as no short of a dream come true to many. Still, one of the things that they often tend to forget is that the fat in their body is not the only thing that has expanded over the course of the years. In order to follow up, your skin has probably significantly stretched, as well, which might turn into a huge issue once you lose all that extra weight. With this in mind, here are few ways of dealing with loose skin and getting that beach body you always dreamed of having.

Why Is This Such a Problem?

Ok, so you lost weight, have some extra skin, what’s the big deal, right? It is a serious issue, as reported by NBC news, faced by many bariatric surgery patients or really anyone who has lost 300+ pounds of fat. Keeping sagging skin long-term is even reported to directly affect the longevity of the weight loss.

When you come to think about it, the appearance of loose skin somewhat tampers with your overall success. Even with the most expensive personal trainer, the most exclusive VIP gym membership and the most effective diet, it is always your determination that wins the day. Now imagine not being able to feel pride over all the success, resulting from your hard work and sacrifice, because you have some loose skin as a reminder. Furthermore, you might feel enthusiastic about showing off your brand new body at the beach and then get deterred from this thought by some loose skin. A blow that this could cause to one’s self-esteem isn’t that hard to imagine.

Aside from this, loose skin causes some physical problems as well. Seeing how overlapping of loose skin serve as a sort of a sweat-pocket, people experiencing this problem are quite prone to rashes and irritation. Not to mention the odor that can be caused by this set of occurrences. Last, but not the least important, those experiencing from this will find that the most of the clothes don’t fit them. On one hand, they no longer have a stature for a larger number, but they don’t have the skin for the smaller either. Not a pleasant thought and definitely something that can make one’s life significantly harder.

Won’t It Just Bounce Back?

While such a phenomenon is definitely possible, it is not something you can completely rely on. You see, here it all depends on factors such as age, genetics and lifestyle factors (sun exposure and smoking). Not to mention the fact that the amount of weight gained and lost also plays a significant role in this endeavor. These elements all determine the strength of your elastin fibers and collagen which are in turn responsible for the elasticity of your skin. Furthermore, the amount of time in which you lose this excess weight could also play a major role, seeing how it might shock your skin and prevent it from adapting to the new shape of your body in time. Luckily, waiting for your skin to recover on your own is not your only option.

The Quick Way Out

Speaking about the quickest way of dealing with loose skin, it is vital to mention plastic surgery. Here, you can undergo a simple procedure done by some of the most renowned plastic surgeons operating in Sydney area and quickly be done with it all. The best way to go about this is to try abdominoplasty, which restores your waistline, repositions your belly button to its original location and complements all of this with a bit of liposuction. Overall, it gets you where you want to be in no time.

Now, there are a lot of reasons why you may want to opt for this immediate resolution to your problem. Even though a lot of people like to preach about taking it one step at the time, every makeover process is a race against time. You see, over the course of months and years, your resolve will surely falter or at least significantly decrease in size (not unlike your body). The only thing that can prolong this initial euphoria is the ability to see the results that please you. In this way, going with a plastic surgery isn’t a way to cheat your body into getting rid of excess skin the easy way, but a way to cheat your mind into staying on the right track for as long as possible.

The Indirect Way

One of the simplest and most obvious ways to deal with loose skin is to start building muscle instead. First of all, your muscles will fill some of this extra space, while this will also bolster your metabolism and help it deal with this issue on its own. Finally, don’t lose time with creams or body wraps. The first usually tends out to be completely useless, while the latter can even be potentially dangerous, seeing how it can increase the dehydration rate of your body.

In Conclusion

Finally, you need to keep in mind that a surgery isn’t always a viable option. For males, it isn’t recommended as long as you are above 10 percent body-fat, while for females the number goes at about 20 percent. As for some of the long-term tips we mentioned, they definitely can’t do anything to harm. In general, your safest choice would be to simply try and combine the two in order to get optimal results.

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