How Bodybuilders Can Eat Clean and Train While They Travel

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Fitness VacationIf there’s one part of a bodybuilder’s lifestyle that’s more important than the workouts, it’s got to be nutrition. If you’re not giving your body the fuel it needs to build muscle, all your efforts are going to go to waste as you burn out and lose both your energy and your muscle mass.

Traveling makes it even more difficult to stay on top of your nutrition, especially when you’re mostly limited to the offerings of airlines, terminal food courts, and restaurants. To keep your fitness routine up while you travel, it’s important to keep training and eating clean all the while.

Get acquainted with sludge.

It may not sound like the most appetizing food in the world, and it might be a bit tough to stomach at first, but it’s the traveling bodybuilder’s best friend. Most builders make their sludge by mixing whey protein and peanut butter or almond butter with with water until it reaches a pudding-like consistency.

Since you can’t bring liquids through airport security, pack enough pre-measured bags of whey and almonds to last through your flight, and a Tupperware container for mixing. Either buy bottled water in the airport, or take advantage of courtesy cups on the plane. Use a little less liquid than you would normally, and you can make your own protein-rich sludge anywhere.

Eat healthy at the airport.

When you’re off the plane during your travels you’ll have a lot more options for nutrition, but restaurant food can still be a killer. When you’re counting calories and tracking grams of protein and fat, a single sauce or a meal cooked with butter can throw off your entire meal structure.

Ask for your vegetables steamed, and always specify no butter. Have your meat cooked dry whenever possible. If you need carbs in your diet, a dry baked potato or rice will serve you well.

Plan your departure date on a recovery day.

Training while you travel may not be easy, depending on your regimen. You can easily spend an entire day with almost no physical activity when you travel, since you can expect to spend hours both sitting on planes and in airports while you wait for boarding.

It might help to plan your trips so that you fly on a recovery day.

Work out the day before your flight, and take advantage of the sedentary time to let your muscles rebuild themselves. Also, look for gyms and fitness centers in your destination before you travel. You might even be able to score a room at a hotel with an in-house gym.

Small details add up.

Sticking to your training regimen and eating clean while you travel may not be easy, but you can go anywhere you like with minimal disruptions by following these guidelines. Click here for more great information that can keep you on track no matter where you go. Whether you’re going away for vacation, business, or even competition, remember these simple rules for eating clean and training on the go, and your body will never disappoint you.

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