Evasive Maneuvers to Battle the Avalanche of Holiday Sweets

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Josie Maurer
Josie Maurer

Josie Maurer of YumYucky.com writes today’s guest post. Josie is a woman who eats and then talks about it. She and her “Greedy Taste Testers” tell us all about the different kinds of foods they eat in an attempt to find a way of life that balances fitness and a taste for great cuisine.

Josie wants you to ditch the weight loss gimmicks, deprivation of so-called “forbidden foods”, and severe calorie deprivation, in favor of Moderation, Discipline, Portion Control, and Commitment to exercising and eating healthy.

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The Battle of the (Belly) Bulge

So you’ve been cruising along smooth with your food-eating under control. You’re losing weight and building muscle, and when you glance in the mirror you can’t help but to notice your sexy swagger. But then it happens. A sugary avalanche starts rolling your way and it’s camouflaged real pretty as holiday eating.

How do you escape that office party complete with cookies, cakes and dainty candies? What happens when your neighbor shoves a 5-pound gift can of chocolates into your claws? All this holiday fanfare can obviously threaten to undo your good fitness deeds, so check out these warning signs:

Your heart rate begins to escalate. Sweat droplets of temptation bead across the forehead as your top lip begins to quiver. Your breathing becomes labored and your taste buds salivate with sugary desire…

How are you going to weasel your way out of this one? Do you just cave and eat the damn food, or do you squirm under pressure and tell yourself “no way!” before you eat the damn food anyway?

Moderation and Self-Control

Holiday eating doesn’t have to be prohibited, but the pressurized squirming is really not necessary. All it takes is a bit of self control (easier said than done, right?). If you’re going to stay within the parameters of your fitness goals, there comes a point when you’ve got to draw the line and take charge. Don’t just start grabbing cakes and pie slices because it’s in front of your face and you’re supposedly having a weak moment. You’re stronger than that. No, really… you are.

Step back for a moment and ask yourself a few questions before you start chewing on the sugar avalanche:

  • How will I feel physically after the gnawing is over?
  • What affect will it have on my fitness progress?
  • Do I really need ALL that food?
  • Is it worth it?

This mind-negotiating is not designed to make you completely turn your back on the food table. It’s meant to slow you down so you can start to think more clearly amid the wooing of all that delectable goodness. Your decision whether or not to eat the sweets should be made with a clear mind and under your own terms that you set ahead of time, especially around the holidays. These pre-defined terms might be loose, hard-nosed, or somewhere in between:

  • Loose: go all out and (hopefully) experience zero guilt after the sweets are in your belly.
  • Hard-nosed: say “no” to the sweets and chew on the prunes you packed instead (but this might not work, especially at a party).
  • In-between: enjoy a small plate of sweets as you take pride in your self-control.

The real battle against sugary sweetness starts in your head, so don’t let your greedy eyeball (I have one of those) make all the decisions. It’s a mental game, and while it usually takes some practice to get it right, you can at least start conditioning yourself to think sensibly when faced with a sweet smorgasbord. Please don’t bust your gut this holiday. It’s going to take some extra effort and self-control, but results-oriented fitness was never promised to the undisciplined.

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  1. Thanks for a very timely article. I managed to avoid most of the temptations right up to Christmas day. That was a bit tougher and I had too much chocolate and sweets. Back to the ‘straight and narrow” now though.

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