Components of a Muscle Building Diet

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How to Construct a Muscle Building Diet

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Aside from opting for the right weight lifting strategies, what you consume before and after a workout is the most important piece of the muscle growth puzzle.

Get this: you can lift as hard you can, sweat as much as you can and spending endless hours in the gym, but as long as you don’t provide your body with the right stuff—diet-wise—your hard work will be futile.

Therefore, if you don’t want to compromise your hard effort and really seek to pile on the muscles faster and more efficiently, here are the diet guidelines you need to live by.

It starts with protein

Yes you know it. Every gym-rat out there is well aware of the importance of protein in muscle growth and proper recovery. If you’re protein-deficient, you won’t achieve any muscle growth no matter how committed you’re or how hard you push yourself in the gym.

Most studies and experts recommend shooting for at least 2g per kilo of bodyweight of protein. This amount may vary from one gym-rat to the next. But the harder you lift and push yourself in the gym, the more protein you’re going to need.

Breakfast of Champions

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. That’s no secret. Therefore, to make sure you get the most bangs out of your breakfast, make sure to get plenty of lean protein and seeds first thing in the morning. According to many studies, a high-protein breakfast will not only help you pile on muscles, but it can also help you lose weight by preventing hunger pangs and overeating. In addition, this type of breakfast can also boost your immunity and help start the day feeling energized and fresh.

Take it at the right times

It’s not just how much protein that matters, timing is also crucial. During the recovery window—the hour following the exercise—this is when what you consume can have the greatest impact. What you consume during this window can have a great impact on how you feel, how quick of a recovery you can pull off, and the speed of your fitness gains. Therefore, make sure to make the post-workout protein shake a part and parcel of your training program.

Add Carbs

For maximum post-workout recovery result, you should also add carbs in the mix. According to research, opting for a blend of carbs and protein for your post-workout meal has been shown to yield the greatest recovery results. And the reason why it’s so is simple: taking carbs after a workout boosts levels of insulin in your blood.

Consume BCCA’s

Taking branched-chain amino acids supplements during your workout is vital for maximum muscle growth and recovery. According to research, boosting your intake of BCCA’s during a workout can deliver your muscles with a steady flow of protein, thus averting muscle loss during the exercise and improving protein synthesis afterwards.

Consume Vitamin D

If you really want to develop a sculpted body and boost your overall health, then you should consider upping up your consumption of the vital Vitamin D. according to a study published in the New England Journal Of Medicine, taking Vitamin D cannot only help you improve muscle mass and strength, but it can also help you regulate blood sugar levels, ward off bone mineral loss and osteoporosis and provides loads of benefits to your health and well-being.

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