How to Prepare Yourself for Bootcamp With Diet and Exercise

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prepare yourself for bootcamp

Joining the military is a big decision and requires quite a bit of preparation before you leave for your boot camp. During basic training, you will be introduced to the military lifestyle and prepared for service physically and mentally. This initial stage can be grueling, especially if you aren’t in top shape. You should start to prepare yourself for bootcamp weeks or even months in advance to get yourself into peak condition and make your experience easier.

Here are a few suggestions to help you get started preparing yourself for bootcamp

See Your Doctor

Before you begin any new fitness program, you should schedule a checkup with your doctor. Discuss the reason for your visit so your physician can evaluate your current fitness level and help you create a nutrition and exercise plan to meet your goals.

Taking this step is crucial to rule out any medical concerns that could affect your planned program. It’s also a great way to get answers to your personal health questions and receive recommendations to put together a routine that can be made more challenging as your fitness level increases. 

Find a Workout Partner

Starting a new fitness regime can be tough. Any big change requires dedication and commitment. Part of military life is working closely and forming bonds with others. Use this idea to help you achieve your fitness goals by finding a partner or group to work out with. There may even be others in your area that are planning on joining the military as well. Together, you can make sure you are all ready for your boot camp. You can encourage each other and keep one another on track.

Arrange to meet in person or catch up with regular phone calls, texts, and video chats. Don’t forget to make it fun. Take the time to enjoy a coffee tasting to connect on a personal level. Your friendship bonds can offer fantastic support both for your upcoming adventure and throughout your life.  

Work on Nutrition

It takes more than good exercise habits to get into excellent shape. What you eat is just as important for your health. Start to pay closer attention to your diet and plan and prepare healthy meals that use fresh, nutrient-dense ingredients. Cut out added sugar and stay away from processed foods. As you prepare yourself for bootcamp by optimizing your diet, get the bulk of your calories from fruits and vegetables, good-quality protein, healthy fats, and whole grains. 

Increase Cardiovascular Conditioning

Cardio exercise is a must to build fitness and endurance. Running is a great exercise and something that you can easily adapt to your current fitness level. If you haven’t been active much in the past, start with short bursts of running alternating with walking to help you get into shape.

As you improve, start to run for longer times until you achieve your target speed and distance. To gauge progress, try running the same distance in a shorter time, or a longer distance over the same time. Or perhaps you want to dabble with HIIT workouts by using interval sprint training. Better yet you might get the biggest benefit out of joining a bootcamp style workout at a local gym. These are all great strategies as you prepare yourself for bootcamp by modifying your workout routine.

Add Strength and Agility Training

While cardio is important, it shouldn’t be your sole focus. You should also carve out time to do some strength training. Lift weights or perform bodyweight exercises to build muscle. Agility exercises are another great tool to add to your routine. They will help you to improve your mobility and balance so you can change direction quickly and even become more flexible. 

Final Thoughts

As you start to prepare yourself for bootcamp, plan intelligently around your personal schedule and known limitations. Create a training schedule for yourself so you don’t overwork any area of your body and risk an injury. Your body needs time to recover after a strenuous workout. Stick to strength training every other day, or focus on a different area of your body each day to give the others time to heal.

With the right attitude and focus on preparation, you can get yourself into excellent shape and enter boot camp ready for the challenge. 

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