Testosterone and Muscle

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Increase Testosterone Levels to Add Muscle Mass

The human body is a complex machine, one that operates using a wide variety of linked and correlating systems. We all like to keep our bodies in the best possible shape – perhaps you work out, or you might simply exercise lightly on regular basis – and there is plenty to know about if you are to get the balance right.

Diets, exercise, and basic healthy living all come together, but what about testosterone? This is a hormone that is essential to the male exercise regime, and one that is helpful in keeping your body in the right shape, but what is it all about, and why should you be conscious of the link between testosterone and muscle mass?

Let’s talk a little more about what testosterone is, and why it is essential that you understand its place in the body.

What is Testosterone?

As we have said testosterone is a hormone; specifically, it’s a male hormone that is essential in building the male physique. Therefore, it follows that testosterone should be useful in regulating muscle mass, and we will come to that in a moment.

The problem is that not every man has the same levels of testosterone in the body. This is why men develop in different physical ways. You can have, for example, high testosterone levels, in which you need to work off some of the hormone in order to achieve the balance. Or, you could be one of many with low testosterone levels, in which case you are open to another hormone – estrogen – taking over and making its presence known.

Put simply, estrogen is the product of low testosterone levels. If you have a low level of testosterone you will find that fat cells form in the belly area – where you least want them. What happens then is that these cells convert testosterone into estrogen, thus exaggerating the fat production effect. It’s definitely not what you want, and yet it is very common.

The cycle begins at that point: the more body fat,  the less testosterone, and the more estrogen, and so on. The problems are exaggerated by the fact that low testosterone has been shown to result in depression, and also fatigue, which means you cannot exercise as you want.

What can you do about it? There are ways to increase testosterone levels when you are low, so let’s have a look.

How To Boost Testosterone

We’ll start by saying you need to sort out an exercise regime – perhaps talk to a personal trainer – and then you need to stick with it. If you suffer from low testosterone, and you stop your routine, you will revert to type – it’s simply the way it is. So, here’s a few things you can do to increase your testosterone levels, tone your muscle mass, and lose that weight you don’t want:

  • Start a Weight Loss Program – the ‘beer belly’ is one of the products of low testosterone and lack of exercise. It’s not a great look. Talk to a personal trainer about getting your weight down. Take advice from a dietician, too, as you will need to combine healthy eating with exercise. We found the Testosterone Land website to be full of information on what to eat and more when raising levels, so it’s well worth a look.
  • Aerobic Exercise – make sure your exercise routine includes plenty of aerobic involvement – this is exercise designed to get the heart working harder – as this will help you burn off the fat cells that you need to get rid of. Include strength training, too, and if you’re looking for advice, find a local gym as they will have people who can help.
  • Sleep and Eat Well – we’ve already mentioned that eating a healthy diet is essential, but you should also make sure that you get a proper and regular sleep. Sleep regulates the body in many ways and poor sleeping patterns can be a massive aid to putting on weight.

These are just a few of the ways in which you can help regulate the testosterone levels in your body, so we strongly recommend you talk to someone about eating and exercising in a healthy way, and get the ball rolling as soon as you can.

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