How To Create The Ideal Workout Program Just For You

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It’s never really easy to push yourself out of the comfort zone and start something new in your life. There’s always this ‘’starting from tomorrow’’ attitude and a plethora of other excuses we so masterfully come up with that stop us from exercising. It’s understandable. People are simply intimidated by all the different types of exercise they can choose from. Should it be yoga, regular gym or running around the block every day?

People are bombarded with information so eventually, they give up and stay home. It’s not easy to find exercise to be both fun and beneficial. Regarding your personality and lifestyle, there are a few different choices you can lean towards. Being in this struggle myself, I talked to the experts at and asked for their piece of advice on how to choose what is best for me.

Just starting out

If you are new to this or it’s been a long time since you became winded properly then it’s better to start slow. Walking, jogging or swimming would do just fine to get your body moving and getting used to physical activity.

Do not attempt to jump into advanced programmes right away, because you would only do harm, instead do some hiking or try out a running track at your local gym. It would also be smart to hire a personal trainer to show you exactly what to do and how, because it is very important to work out correctly from the get-go.

If the gym or public spaces are not your thing, you can always be active in the privacy of your home. You can start by watching youtube videos or read guides, and when you feel you’ve progressed enough you can move on to the gym and try something new.

You like to push yourself

Are you an athlete? Or you like to push your body and discover new frontiers of your strength and endurance?

Crossfit is a good choice here because it provides a variety of exercises mixed together to make a hardcore programme which puts your entire body to excessive physical stress.

Triathlon and rowing are also good. Powerlifting is great if you want to work on your strength and challenge yourself constantly.

Group exercises

Maybe you can’t find the motivation to work out on your own. It’s perfectly fine to exercise with your friends and thus motivate each other constantly. There’s even a small dose of competitiveness which spices thing up a bit just to make it more interesting and fun.

You can find an activity in the gym schedule in which all of you together can participate, running, cycling, or any other team-based game with a ball would do just fine.

Not a fan of the Gym?

The gym will not magically make you more disciplined or work harder than normal. You don’t have to go there if you don’t like it. Maybe you don’t even like to exercise and find it completely boring and useless. That is also ok.

What you can do is change your daily habits in order to stay fit, you can walk or ride a bicycle everywhere you go, you can change your diet and turn towards healthier and organic food, and subsequently eat less. Spend less time indoors and try to be in motion constantly.

This type of activity can’t really substitute hard work in a gym, but you will have control over your weight and be healthier overall.

What’s best for you

The beauty of it all is that you don’t have to do exactly what the guy next to you does because they show results. It’s all about finding your own pace that fits your physique and interests. You shouldn’t fall victim to a certain program but instead look forward to it every day.

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