CrossFit – One of the Best Overall Fitness Programs

Why CrossFit Could be Good for Everyone

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CrossFit is one the fastest growing fitness programs in the United States, but why has it been so successful?

High intensity interval training, weight lifting, Olympic weight lifting, gymnastics, and rowing have all been around for a long time. However, CrossFit utilizes all of these movements and creates a complete program that takes the best of all the different disciplines.

This might seem overwhelming at first, but many CrossFit gyms allow scaling down to what you’re comfortable with, a trainer always watching you, and usually a two to three week starter program. This allows anyone of any age or fitness level to take advantage of CrossFit.

How does CrossFit take all of these disciplines and wrap it up in one fat burning, muscle building workout?

CrossFit workouts usually incorporate a conditioning component and a strength component. There is an immense amount of research that proves doing cardiovascular training is great for your heart and health, and burns a lot of calories while performing the exercises.

Performing calisthenics or weight lifting can raise your metabolic rate over a longer period of time, thus helping you burn even more calories during your resting state. By combining both of these, and less rest between exercises, you end up with a calorie blasting workout that shows amazing results.

Example of a typical CrossFit workout:

  • 5 rounds for time of…
  • 1. 5 front squats @135/95 men/women
  • 2. 10 pull ups
  • 3. Run 400 meters

The typical CrossFit gym has every type of person there from soccer moms, to elite athletes. The reason there is such a range is because CrossFit utilizes scaling to any fitness level. The intense atmosphere is tempered by the community environment of everyone cheering on other people to finish the workout. You become friends with the regular people showing up to the gym, and they encourage you to come more often. This leads to you showing up more often, and having another reason to go to the gym!

Don’t have the money to join a gym? posts free workouts, explanations of the movements, and there is a *forum* ( for beginners too! You can either join a gym, or buy equipment and learn on your own, the choice is yours.

I do recommend that you join a CrossFit gym for at least a few months before you start on your own. A trainer will help you learn the basics, you’ll see how workouts are structured, and you can meet a bunch of people into fitness! Go check out a CrossFit gym, and see why CrossFit is one of the best fitness programs available.

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  1. Hi cross fit is a fantastic exercise i really like this and i read you article in this is a very useful for me because you chose good tips and your method is very well for explain people got easily and i try to do in my home then i tell you i changed or not.

    And i invite you to check my i have some tips for mass gain please checck and give me feedback i will wait.

    And the end i really thanks for sharing such a nice type of info.


    yossi yagudaiv

  2. Yes sounds like Crossfit is really kicking off!!!!!!
    Maybe it’s popularity has resulted from the programs ability to combine strength and conditioning in one? I have generally been quite a fit person but have probably lacked the strength that I would like.

    Crossfit could help me get stronger while i still maintain my fitness level. Could be worth a shot.

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