Burn Body Fat Through Weight Training

Ripped ManAny physical activity makes you expend more energy and as a result, if you are an active person, you will burn fat. Normally, the body will transform carbohydrates into energy. However, fat is used as fuel for metabolism and movement.

You could also use thermogenic foods and supplements, such as caffeine and hot peppers, to facilitate faster results, but diet and high intensity exercise are the two top ways to lose weight fast.

Weight Training and Burning Fat

Aside from a sensible diet, your fat loss program should include physical activities such as weight training and conditioning drills. However, the training sessions should implement an appropriate fat loss strategy for optimal results. Training with heavier weights and fewer reps has shown in numerous studies to preserve muscle mass on a low calorie diet, increase strength, stimulate fat burning, and elevate metabolism.

It is a common myth that we should train with low weight and high reps when trying to lose fat – that strategy is just a prescription for strength and muscle loss.

Weight training has a double effect on your body; it uses fat as a source of energy during workouts and it builds muscle. In time, you will have a thinner body with increased muscle definition. Moreover, high intensity exercises such as weightlifting and sprinting will increase your metabolism, which means that you will burn fat more efficiently for several hours after the work out.

Weight training, among other physical exercises, improves your body’s ability to burn fat more efficiently. This is due to both the duration and the intensity of the physical exercises.

Should You Combine Weight Training with Other Exercises?

Jumprope GirlMany people focus only on doing physical exercises for their effect on burning fat. However, you should focus on spending more energy to burn more calories. In order to get effective weight loss, you should burn more calories than you consume. Weight training requires resting between exercises, but several exercises can be performed with little rest between sets in order to achieve more results in a shorter period of time. You can also take a short break while you set up the necessary equipment for the next exercise.

Training sessions that include constant movement like jogging at moderate intensity and little rest will also spend energy and burn fat as a result. Research studies have shown that high intensity bursts followed by short low intensity active rest, elicit the best response in fat burning and conditioning.

The idea is to combine different types of exercises and train on a regular basis. Combining different activities will also keep you motivated and your workouts fresh.

In conclusion, you should combine weight training with high intensity intervals such as tabatas and sprinting, and aerobic exercises such as jogging and jump rope for better results. You should remember that the duration of the work out and the intensity of each repetition will improve metabolism and burn fat. It is not necessarily the type of exercise you use, but the effort that you put into the exercise that determines what you get out of it.

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