5 Myths About Metabolism and Weight Loss

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Myths About Metabolism

Most of us believe that weight loss has something to do with a fast metabolism. So we fill ourselves up with caffeine and what-not to speed up our metabolism. The truth is that it only speeds it up momentarily, and it does not lead to weight loss, at least not the way we think it does. There are so many myths about metabolism that we really need to dig into them and learn the truths.

First, we need to understand what metabolism is.

What is Metabolism?

The term metabolism refers to the chemical reactions in the cells of our body, which convert food into energy. There are two types of metabolic reactions: catabolism and anabolism. Both of these processes are important for the functioning of our bodies, and both need to be understood to differentiate fact from myth.

Here are five myths about metabolism.

Myth #1: You can speed up metabolism through certain foods and lose weight in the process.

Truth #1: Foods like coffee, chili, and green tea speed up the basal metabolism weight by an insignificant amount. There is no evidence to prove that it can lead to weight loss. If you want to increase your metabolism rate, you need to build muscles. More lean fat means less metabolism rate, while less fat means more metabolism rate. To speed up your resting metabolism rate, you need to build up muscles and get rid of fat. A recent article mentions that the higher resting metabolism, the better it is for weight loss.

Myth #2: High metabolism during exercise leads to weight loss.

Truth #2: According to an article by Vox, there are three ways that our body spends energy. Most of the energy our bodies spend is for functioning while we are at rest. Our bodies also exert energy to digest the food we eat. Lastly, the body exerts during physical activity. Our bodies burn a few calories, almost 10% to 30% of overall energy expenditure, during exercise. Hence, exercise does not change weight dramatically unless you have a high metabolism. That is not to say that physical activity does not reduce weight; it does. However, weight loss with the help of exercise happens slowly.

Myth #3: Low-calorie intake will boost weight loss.

Truth #3: It does not! Starving yourself does not boost weight loss. Your body will use fewer calories to perform the same functions, which can affect your overall health. You may feel lethargic and unmotivated. Low-calorie intake for a certain amount of time can lead to dramatic weight loss. However, it is neither sustainable nor beneficial in the long run. Once you resume your regular calorie intake, your weight will increase. Hence, only reducing your calorie intake is not the solution. You should aim at eating healthy and avoid fast food.

Myth #4: Overweight people have a slower metabolism than people with less weight.

Truth #4: People with less weight have less muscle weight. Hence, it means that their metabolism is slower. When you lose weight, your body requires less energy to function, which means that your metabolism rate is lower. Moreover, dieting leads to a decrease in basal metabolism. The basal metabolism rate refers to metabolism when we are resting. Dieting and other fast weight loss programs do little to boost metabolism.

Myth #5: Taking small portions during the day boosts metabolism.

Truth #5: Studies show that there is no relation between smaller portions and metabolism. However, it can help you lose weight. Counting calorie intake isn’t a sure-shot method of losing weight. Everybody processes calories differently. Some folks have better luck eating once a day or following intermittent fasting. You have to experiment to see what works for you.


Generally, there is a lack of understanding of how our bodies function. In addition to this, there is no single weight loss program that works for everyone. More weight loss programs focus on high-intensive workouts and a low-calorie intake. While you may lose weight, it is unhealthy and leads to poor health. Be sure to evaluate all of the myths about metabolism to be sure you understand the real truth.

Before you begin any weight loss program, consult a doctor.  

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  1. It’s true that metabolism is linked to weight. But contrary to common belief, slow metabolism is rarely the cause of excess weight gain. Thank you very much for sharing this!

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