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Zola Acai Juice

Wednesday, November 11th, 2009

Zola Acai Juice

Acai Smoothie
Acai Smoothie

I recently had the opportunity to try 7 of Zola’s products: 3 acai juice blends and 4 acai smoothies. To skip the background on Zola, click here to go straight to the product reviews. By the way, I get nothing out of reviewing these products, not even if you follow my links to buy some. This is just for Project Swole readers’ information.

The philosophy of Zola is to bring highly delicious and nutritious Brazilian superfruits to consumers, and that is what they do best.

Zola has an agreement with certain Brazilian communities which allow them full access to the best, freshest acai that Brazil has to offer. Because of this agreement they never have to buy acai on the open market, and they are able to give directly back to their partner communities in an effort to reduce poverty and preserve the habitat.

A recent article in Forbes magazine noted Rio de Janeiro, Brazil as one of the world’s happiest cities. It just so happens that Rio de Janeiro is one of the top producers of acai berries, and the people that live there have daily, cheap access to acai foods.

Could acai = happiness? 😛


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Last Day to Win Free Zola Acai Juice

Monday, June 1st, 2009
Acai Smoothie
Acai Smoothie

Hello everyone.

I am extending the Zola Acai giveaway contest through the end of today.

This is your last day to get in on it.

You could win 7 free bottles of Zola acai juice and smoothies, a t-shirt, and a Zola acai bracelet, which is actually kind of cool, especially since the proceeds go to a good cause.

Read about the contest at the Zola Acai Juice contest page, and sign up before midnight EST on June 1st 2009.

Good luck!

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12 Days Left to Qualify for 7 Free Bottles of Zola Acai Juice

Sunday, May 17th, 2009

The Project Swole Zola Acai Juice giveaway contest is almost over and I barely have any entries!

Doesn’t anyone want 7 free bottles of acai juice from Zola?

If you do, check out the contest before it’s too late: Zola Acai Juice Giveaway

Zola Acai

I’ll even change the rules!

Now, all you have to do is subscribe to updates via e-mail for one vote. Link to me or find me an acai berry recipe to get yourself 5 extra votes. That’s 6 chances to win!

Might as well enter the contest today. =)

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Zola Acai Juice Free Product Giveaway

Friday, April 10th, 2009

Acai Berries
Acai Berries

It’s Project Swole’s second ever product giveaway!

Note: This contest is now over. To read more about my Zola Acai Juice products reviews, go here: Zola Acai Juice

If you play your cards right you can win good stuff:

  • 3 bottles of Zola acai juice
  • 4 bottles of Zola acai smoothies
  • one acai seed bracelet
  • one Zola t-shirt

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