Zola Acai Juice Free Product Giveaway

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Acai Berries
Acai Berries

It’s Project Swole’s second ever product giveaway!

Note: This contest is now over. To read more about my Zola Acai Juice products reviews, go here: Zola Acai Juice

If you play your cards right you can win good stuff:

  • 3 bottles of Zola acai juice
  • 4 bottles of Zola acai smoothies
  • one acai seed bracelet
  • one Zola t-shirt

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Zola Juices and Smoothies

For the lowdown on acai in general, check out the acai diet. For a list of frequently asked questions about acai, check out the acai berry FAQ.

Regular readers of Project Swole are already aware that I think acai is awesome, especially high quality acai juice. There many good acai products on the market and there is also a bunch of garbage. Most of your typical acai juices are diluted, watered down, and enhanced with high fructose corn syrup.

I did find one company that produced pretty good acai juice.

I talk about them on the acai juice page. You have to figure though, if there is one great acai juice manufacturer, there could be more. Well there is. The company is called Zola and they are offering a tight product giveaway for Project Swole readers.

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Enter Zola Acai

The philosophy of Zola is, “to bring highly nutritious and delicious Brazilian superfruits to consumers“. And that is just what they do.

Zola has an agreement with certain Brazilian communities which allow them full access to the best, freshest acai that Brazil has to offer. Because of this agreement they never have to buy acai on the open market, and they are able to give directly back to their partner communities in an effort to reduce poverty and preserve the habitat.

The Zola acai processing strategy is designed to maximize nutrition, taste, and safety of the fruit. They strive to use the purest ingredients and avoid all manual contact by humans.

Zola follows this step by step process for getting acai from the tree to your mouth:

  • The acai berries are hand harvested and placed in baskets.
  • The baskets are shipped by boat, often operated by locals, to the acai processing plant.
  • Acai berries are triple washed by pure, clean, filtered water.
  • Once they are washed, the berries are never again touched by human hands.
  • Once the acai pulp is stripped from the seeds, it is quickly frozen in large drums.
  • This pulp is then shipped off to the US to make a variety of Zola products.

Zola does not necessarily focus 100% of it’s efforts on acai either. There are a number of Amazonian fruits that are nutritionally superior to ordinary fruits like apples and oranges.

Zola likes these fruits too:

  • Acerola – looks like a big potato and known as the “Pharmacy of the Amazon”
  • Cupuaçu – the “Brazilian Cherry” contains 80 times the vitamin C of oranges
  • Cajá – a small orange fruit with a tropical taste
  • Graviola – a green spiky fruit that is said to have been cancer fighting potential than chemotherapy

Zola has found a way to work several of these fruits into great tasting acai smoothie blends. I know they are great tasting because Zola sent me a sample of each of their 7 juices and smoothies, and every last one was yum.

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Why You Should Respect Zola

Obviously Zola is out to make a profit. Any for-profit business is out to make a profit. That’s life. But many businesses don’t give back to the community. Zola does.

Thanks to Zola:

  • more than 140 kids attend a school that is funded directly by Zola fund raising
  • revenue from bracelets made from Zola acai seeds are funneled directly back into the local community
  • $5 of the money used to purchase each storage drum is used to replant and regrow acai trees in the local community
  • Zola acai seeds are directly exchanged for bricks that are used in the local community to build a variety of structures

This is an effort that I applaud. Giving back to the community, helping kids in 2nd and 3rd world countries get an education, and protecting the rainforests are what I consider to be real steps towards world peace, world harmony, and environmental preservation.

Granted, this is just a small step by a small company, but just imagine what would happen if every business and every person gave back to the Earth what we take away from it. I will be the first to admit that I don’t do a great job of recycling or donating much of anything besides clothes, shoes, and toys to charity.

If, by using Zola products, some percentage of my money goes towards a community in need then that is a good enough reason for me to invest in those products. Plus they taste great so I am happy too.

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Do You Want 7 Bottles of Free Acai Juice Plus Some Free Merch?

I am constantly looking to give something back to you guys (and girls) because I really appreciate you visiting Project Swole and supporting my efforts to help people live healthy lives.

If you like acai and you want to win some free products, look at what you can win in the Project Swole Zola acai product giveaway.

One contest winner will receive:

Zola Acai Juice

Zola acai juices are filled with important Omega-3 fats, antioxidants, amino acids, calcium, iron, and electrolytes. Added to each bottle is a touch of organic Guarana seed to help you maintain healthy energy levels.

  1. Acai Original – 100% pure acai juice, no added fruits, flavors, sugars, or fillers
  2. Acai with Blueberry – sweeter than pure acai, this is an antioxidant hurricane of berry flavors – the best of the Zola Acai juices in my opinion
  3. Acai with Pineapple – Brazilian pineapples are juicier and sweeter than most others, this one is a great tropical flavored acai juice
Acai Smoothie
Acai Smoothie

Zola Acai Smoothies

Zola acai smoothies are blends of Brazilian superfruits to accomplish a specific purpose. Each of these smoothies is design to provide you with certain health benefits such as an immune boost, enegy boost, green nutrition, and extra antioxidants.

  1. Immunity Smoothie – 415% of your daily intake of vitamin C plus a variety of other superfruit nutrients
  2. Energy Smoothie – 80 mg of all natural caffeine thanks to a Yerba Mate and Guarana blend
  3. Superfood Smoothie – acai, plus 1500 mg of Zola’s green foods blend, plus high levels of vitamin B, plus the health benefits of greens (chlorella and spirulina), equals the healthiest acai smoothie offered by Zola
  4. Antioxidant Smoothie – 3 1/2 servings of fruits and vegetables provide 120% of your daily intake of antioxidants in this high powered free radical exterminator
Zola Acai Bracelet

Project Zola Bracelet

Handcrafted in the communities where the acai berries are harvested, this bracelet is made using dried acai seeds and the signature Project Zola charm. For every Project Zola bracelet sold, $1 goes back to a non-profit foundation.

The goal is to raise one million dollars by 2012.

Obviously you won’t be paying for this bracelet this time around, but wear it around, show your friends, and tell them about Project Zola. Refer them to this website or to a Zola store so they can get their own bracelet, and maybe a bottle or juice or two.

Together we can help Zola raise their $12 million!

Zola T-Shirt

Honestly, I know nothing about the t-shirt, but Zola says they will give the winner a free Zola t-shirt, so who am I to ask questions? =)

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The Contest

Best Acai Trophy

All you have to do is subscribe to Project Swole by clicking on this link and either post to your blog or find me an acai berry recipe.

Here is exactly what you have to do, follow these steps:

  1. Subscribe to updates through RSS by clicking on this link, or through e-mail using the form at the top right of the page.
  2. Choose one of the following 2 options:
    1. Post a short blurb on your blog telling your readers about Zola acai, acai berries, the Project Swole giveaway, or an acai berry recipe, but don’t forget to link back to https://www.projectswole.com or to this page.

      To make it easy on you, you can use the following code to link back to Project Swole:

      Use either the Project Swole contact form, send me an e-mail, or leave a comment on this post containing a link to your post.

    2. Use either the Project Swole contact form, send me an e-mail, or leave a comment on this post containing an acai berry recipe or a link to an acai berry recipe.
  3. Wait until May 31, 2009 for me to randomly choose a contest winner.
  4. If you win, I will need a shipping address to send your winnings.

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What Should E-mail Submissions Contain?

If you are submitting a recipe:

  • Ingredients with exact quantities (ex. 1 tbsp extra virgin olive oil).
  • Cooking instructions: how to mix it and how to cook it.
  • Optional: your opinions and comments on the dish.
  • Optional: nutrition facts.

If you are submitting a link to a blog post:

  • The URL of the blog post.
  • Don’t forget to link back to us! =D

If you are submitting a link to a recipe:

  • The URL of the recipe.
  • The recipe must be about acai berries.

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How Will We Choose the Winner?

The winner will be selected completely at random from the e-mails and comments we receive with recipes and URLs.

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What Else Will You Get Just For Entering?

What, you don’t care about 7 bottles of Zola acai juice plus free merch? Well that’s OK because there is something else in it for you.

If you win and you have a website to promote, I will post a dofollow link back to your website when I announce the winner, and I’ll submit it to a bunch of social bookmarking resources.

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Terms and Conditions

Contest Ends: May 10, 2009. But I reserve the right to extend the contest as I see fit.

Content: once you submit a recipe Project Swole immediately has full rights over the recipe, to alter and republish as I see fit for the rest of eternity. Once published, no recipes will be unpublished just because you want me to. Also, if the recipe ever ends up in a book or commercial media of any sort, the author of the recipe will not be eligible for remunerations, royalties, or any other monies generated from the recipe or from the sale of said media.

Privacy: under no circumstances will I give away, sell, or spam any e-mail addresses, mailing addresses, phone numbers, or any other private information that you give me.

Subscriptions: when you submit to updates with either the RSS feed or by email, you can still unsubscribe at any time.

Hidden Charges: there are absolutely no hidden charges, fees, or paid subscriptions. This is just a free product give away contest without a catch.

Multiple Submissions: every recipe you submit is a chance to win. Enter as many times as you like.

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What Are You Waiting For?

Step 1: Subscribe to Project Swole updates using an RSS reader by clicking on this link => RSS Updates, or go to the little form on the TOP RIGHT of any page on this website and submit your email address to subscribe to email updates.

Step 2: Send me your recipe(s) or link(s) using the contact form or an e-mail.

Step 3: Ready? GO!

Zola Juices and Smoothies
Zola Juices and Smoothies

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9 Responses to “Zola Acai Juice Free Product Giveaway”

  1. […] Project Swole: Zola Acai Juice Free Product Giveaway! […]

  2. Hey there Steve, thanks again for the fun write up on Zola. Wanted to let you know that I’ve (Chris Cuvelier, Founder of Zola) have a blog of my own now…all about, smoothies!

  3. we need a ph# to call to purchase the acia berry. I don’t want to put my creditcard info online. Pls send me a ph# to call.

    • To order Zola over the phone, call 866.972.6879. Thank you for your concern. Please drive through.

  4. Hi, I am offering this site as my submission for the recipe fulfillment segment of the contest.


    or how about this Naughty and Nice recipe:
    1. use any oatmeal cookie recipe
    2. prepare ingredients according to your recipe
    3. spread mixture on a pizza/round cookie sheet
    4. bake according to your recipe
    5. let cool
    6. blend 2 packs of pure frozen acai pulp with 1/2 cup of apple juice
    7. spread pulp mixture over the oatmeal cookie as if it was pizza sauce
    8. take two large bananas and two apples and a cup of strawberries
    9. slice bananas, strawberries and apples and alternate sliced fruit over the cookie as if they were pizza toppings
    10. then slice it up in pizza slices and serve kids will love it

    It is original 😉


    • Amy:
      Yay, a contest entry! I think you are maybe the forth person to enter this contest. You could very well win it all at this point.

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