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Health Blog for Sale – Get it for the New Year’s Resolution Rush!

Friday, December 17th, 2010

A friend of mine is selling his health blog. You can view the auction here:

This is a PR4 health and fitness blog with a 446668 Alexa rank, 2006 registration date, and just under 30,000 page views per month. It has 190 pages of unique content indexed in Google and already gets 70% of its traffic from search engines.

Make Money Online

If you are interested in making money online, or someone in the health industry that needs exposure online, consider buying Better Body Journal (BBJ). It has solid monthly revenue, and is considered an authority in the health niche. Traffic is consistent and grows every time a new article is written.

Search Engine Trust and Authority

It takes a lot of work to break into the health niche online. A site like BBJ gives you an incredible head start. The site is 4 years old and there is no way someone would ever catch up to that with a brand new website. This is an affiliate marketer’s diamond in the rough.

A Lazy Website Owner

I know the owner personally and he is very lazy with this site. This guy has a goldmine ripe for harvesting with BBJ, but he’s so busy making money other ways that he never updates the site and yet it still gets decent traffic and makes several hundred dollars a month without effort.

The Better Body Journal website has never come close to reaching its full potential. A new owner that is dedicated to it can easily increase its revenue to $1,000 or more every month. Especially with the New Years Resolutions coming up, you’ll probably make a grand in January 2011 alone!

Let Me Whine for a Minute

If I only had some investment capital I would grab this site today and promote P90X and supplement offers like crazy. Just bust out some SEO strategies, start using social profiles, network with other bloggers in the niche, get some bookmarks, and you’ll probably have a sub 100,000 Alexa ranking in no time flat.

Unfortunately I’m pretty broke thanks to medical bills, student loans, and family expenses; and since my “friend” here wants at least $4000 for this site, there is no way I could buy it. In fact I know when someone buys this thing and puts like 6 months worth of effort into it, I’m going to be so pissed off because I will have missed a golden opportunity.

Now Go Place a Bid at the Auction

Therefore, if you don’t want to miss your golden opportunity go to the BBJ Flippa auction and buy BBJ today. I will be envious of you and will probably kinda hate you, but none of that will matter when you are banking a couple extra grand a month. Just please don’t remove my homepage link on the sidebar.

Oh I’m so aggravated right now.

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Technology is Rewiring Your Brain

Tuesday, June 8th, 2010

Check out this very interesting article about how the deluge of information in our lives is actually rewiring your brain. Guys, now you have another excuse when your girlfriend/wife accuses you of being distracted and forgetful: “the Internet is stressing me out!”

Your Brain on Computers


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