Technology is Rewiring Your Brain

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Check out this very interesting article about how the deluge of information in our lives is actually rewiring your brain. Guys, now you have another excuse when your girlfriend/wife accuses you of being distracted and forgetful: “the Internet is stressing me out!”

Your Brain on Computers

In a study, it was found that people who consider themselves multitaskers tend to ineffectively filter out distractions. Try this game to test your ability to filter out distractions.

How does your brain work?
How does your brain work?

I personally consider myself horrible at multitasking. Instead, I like to focus on one problem at a time until it is finished. I check my e-mail in bulk and try not to get distracted when I’m working on projects. On the test above I scored 100% with 2 distractions and 100% with 6 distractions, and I think it is because I am so capable of focusing on the single issue at hand.

Do you consider yourself a multitasker?

What did you score on the game?

I would also have played this game to test your ability to juggle tasks, but I am too distracted by my work to spend even 5 minutes playing another game.

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3 Responses to “Technology is Rewiring Your Brain”

  1. Multitasking is great brain workout as long as each contributes to the others and probably no more than 5 activities.
    Our brain has much, much more capability than we allow it to.

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