Veda Soothe Review – Dr. Darling and Clarity Nutrition’s Supplement For Joint Pain

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healthy coupleVeda Soothe Review: Does This Supplement Really Work?

Joint pain has been an issue for humankind since the dawn of time, especially as the means of comfort advanced and people switched from hunters and gatherers to couch sitters and television channel surfers. The lack of motion and the decreased amounts of physical exercise people have been getting has caused a decline in the efficiency of the parts in our body responsible for lubricating the space between joints. Since joints have to move regardless of whether or not they are lubricated, the absence of a lubricant subjects the bones to an increased level of friction that eventually leads to the inflammation of those bones.

Needless to mention, inflammation causes pain; in addition, it also shuts down the bones’ healing process before it even begins. When joints are inflamed, the chance of friction and its intensity increase by a long shot so, any movement would be like taking three steps back in the healing process. Now, because it is quite the challenge to stay completely still for enough time for your joints to heal since life is a fast-paced game where everyone constantly has something to do or somewhere to be, Clarity Nutrition has come up with Veda Soothe that is claimed to be able to help speed up the recovery process among a number of other benefits that it provides for our health and physical well-being.

What is Veda Soothe?

Briefly, according to a review of Veda Soothe on Joint Health Guide, it is a supplement with the main ingredient, a spice called curcumin turmeric which has been discovered to have positive effects on multiple areas of the body. The spice is considered to be an anti-inflammatory substance as well as a powerful antioxidant.

After knowing what Veda Soothe is, it is only logical that the spotlight shines onto the next question which, as most believe, is the most important one.

Can a supplement that is simply made of spices actually have any effect whatsoever on the human body?

Well, to give an accurate answer, one must first analyze the active ingredients within the supplement, their functions, quantities, and potency before they start issuing verdicts on the supplement itself solely based on customer reviews which may or may not be of a questionable accuracy.

Active ingredients

Veda Soothe mainly constitutes of five active ingredients:

  1. Curcumin extract

It is a more concentrated, bioavailable version of the spice and the main ingredient in the supplement and as mentioned before it plays a remarkable part that cannot be replaced by any other chemicals. In Ayurvedic medicine and traditional Chinese medicine, it is regarded to be highly effective against inflammatory conditions and liver-related problems because of its ability to affect the signals produced by cells.

  1. Boswellin

Extracted from boswellia serrata, it is well-known for being an effective treatment for type-2 diabetes. In other words, it has quite a significant impact on HDL levels in the blood as it heightens them while lowering levels of LDL and cholesterol. Due to it being able to control blood sugar levels, it, in turn, hinders the secretion of an enzyme called 5-OX, responsible for inducing inflammation.

  1. Quadrangularis

A stem extract that has the same function of boswellin which is to control blood sugar levels among other functions yet, what remains in focus is its ability to keep a stable level of sugar in blood thus, maintaining low levels of inflammation-inducing leukotrienes that are triggered by the release of 5-OX.

  1. Bioperine

It serves a highly important purpose which is to allow easy and more thorough absorption of curcumin throughout the digestive tract. Despite its many digestive system-related benefits, its effect on the absorption of several substances, especially curcumin, has been well researched.

  1. Ginger Root Extract

What makes it highly effective is that it puts an end to the never-ending cycle of pain and inflammation due to the fact that it reduces inflammation, consequently pain levels all the while targeting nerves and initiating a reparation process to ensure long-term recovery.

As it is noticed through the description of each ingredient, they all have separate functions that complement each other which makes them even more powerful and effective than they would have been if used alone. Moreover, each ingredients effects have been researched, tested and confirmed by several scientists through their articles in well renowned medical journals such as; Journal of Diabetes and Metabolic Disorders.

The Science behind the effects

Veda Soothe has been advertised to have many effects, here are the 4 we can report about:

First of all, it is a joint pain reliever which makes sense since curcumin has been proven to have an effect on the pathways between cells where signals are usually transferred but, mainly it impacts NF-KB which is the pathway through which signals that lead to inflammation pass. Moreover, the fact that each capsule contains 500mg of curcumin extract means that it would be provided for the body in enough concentrations to actually have an effect; not only that but also, complete absorption is guaranteed because of the presence of bioperine. The previous data has been confirmed by countless researchers including Susan J. Hewlings and Douglas S. Kalman who published an article in the Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute testifying to curcumin’s countless benefits.

Second, it strengthens the immune system because of the many effects of quadrangularis and boswellin that include; healing bone fractures and treating neuropathy. Boswellin is extracted from resin hence, it contains high levels of a component called 11-keto-B-boswellic acid, also known as AKBA which leaves the body working at maximum efficiency and fights obesity by lowering the levels of sugar in the blood. Another ingredient known for its positive effect on the immune system is bioperine. It has been and still is, used by many cultures to boost the immune system’s performance and efficiency.

Third, it improves brain function by affecting cellular signal channels and providing regular maintenance to the nervous system by means of healing neuropathic damages caused by joint inflammation and constant friction between the bones. When in pain, nerves are only communicating that message to the brain which might cause the nerves to overlook something else that is happening in the body but, when pain is relieved, it gives way to other messages to travel through the nervous system. Not to mention that the brain, in fact, does allow a considerable amount of effort and concentration into translating nerve signals so, the constant pain eventually takes a toll on the brain while not having it allows the brain to allocate its efforts and focus somewhere else where it is more needed.

Finally, it alleviates the mood and boosts energy levels which should not come as a surprise because it is a well-known fact that when you are feeling pain, it is hard to stay positive because you find that you are simply hurting thus, preoccupied with the pain. Meanwhile, as long as you maintain relatively low blood sugar levels, you find that you almost instantaneously become more active. It is actually quite an easy thing to notice; after a big meal, especially one that is quite carbohydrate heavy, people tend to feel sluggish or sleepy mostly because of the changes in sugar levels in the bloodstream. That is why most diets usually advise people to start altering their food intake, both quality, and quantity-wise in order to maintain low blood sugar levels to keep an active metabolism and elevated energy levels.

In summary, the functions of the ingredients match what is advertised by the product therefore, there is no reason for Veda Soothe not to work since all logical explanations and scientific evidence seem to point out that it is an effective supplement that has been well researched and developed before being released into the market.

On the other hand, one can never get enough confirmation and this is why another reassuring way of finding out about the efficiency of a product is to research their makers and see whether or not they actually have the necessary qualifications and ensure that they are not simply looking for profit; keep in mind that profit is a normal goal yet, sole focus on profit usually points out to the existence of some scam.

The mind behind Veda Soothe

Dr. Robert Darling, an American doctor, was the one who first got the idea for Veda Soothe. Dr. Darling is a highly decorated U.S Navy Captain and an author of many books and articles that tackled several topics in the medical field. He was also in service of the White House as a part of its medical unit; skilled enough to become the first board-certified emergency medicine physician.

His years in the Navy among his many years of traveling all over the world – offering medical help in over 40 countries, mostly third world countries where it was most needed – has lead to him being inspired by the effect nature has on the body. He wanted to find a natural alternative that is as powerful as chemicals since he had developed an interest in Ayurvedic medicine. That led him to Veda Soothe.

It is actually quite an interesting background; as a practitioner of medicine, he has marvelous qualifications which indicates that his theories regarding Veda Soothe and the efficiency of its ingredients are not a result of mere infatuation with an ancient form of medicine or a mean of advertising a certain culture but, the outcome of extensive researching, several processes of trial and error which led to concrete conclusions that some natural ingredients are able to work together to deliver an effect as strong as that delivered by any other chemically engineered pills you would take for the same conditions.

Customer reviews

For this product in specific, it is not a reliable method to depend on customer reviews since it is a fairly new release in the market and its sales have not yet reached a high enough number to indicate a large consumer base. So, it is better to wait before starting to rely on reviews since there may be a category of people that the supplement does not work on or some other irregularity which would throw off the results and subsequently the feedback given by users.

However, it is safe to say that the product has not yet received any complaints or negative reviews either which means that it the people who have purchased it were indeed satisfied.

Although there is a lack of reviews for Veda Soothe, being an all-natural supplement, one can simply depend on reviews of other products that are similar in composition to it; with curcumin as their main ingredient. What has been reported by the majority of people using it and other similar products like BioSchwartz’s turmeric curcumin, for example, was that curcumin is highly effective in easing swelling and joint pains in a way that is powerful enough for some of them to lay off arthritis medications.

Company policy

Veda Soothe comes with a full refund guarantee which expresses the company’s full trust in their product. This can be considered as a good sign that the supplement actually works since offering a full refund is a risky course of action because of its capability of damaging the company financially. It is a bold move that not all companies can afford doing.

So, does it work?

With as much accessible information there is and as thorough as can be, the article is one that provides scientific evidence, background information on Dr. Robert Darling and rational explanations based on simple deduction. The latter all point out that the supplement while may not be extensively used due to its recent release, works and delivers what is promised by the manufacturers and what is expected of it with minor side effects; yet, keep in mind that you should always consult your doctor before introducing a new medicine or supplement into your diet to minimize the risk of allergic reactions and other adverse reactions between the new product and your existing diet.


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