The Resveratrol Diet

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Recent studies say that resveratrol may counter diabetes and insulin resistance, two well-known culprits of obesity.

Some studies have recently reported that the supplement resveratrol, most commonly found in red grapes and wine, aids in preventing and treating obesity. In fact, consuming a full wine bottle’s worth of resveratrol reportedly has the same effect as being on a reduced calorie diet. Of course the calories in wine offset that particular effect. =)

Let’s examine how and why we can use resveratrol to help us lose weight.

Resveratrol Effects Proven In Studies

In laboratory experiments, mammals that had been given higher doses of resveratrol turned into the equivalent of a human marathon athlete. Despite being fed a high calorie diet, those mammals did not gain weight. They also experienced a slower aging process.

Resveratrol has the same positive effects on humans as well. Those weight loss effects are also partially attributed to suppressing metabolites of estrogen. The same estrogen that is directly linked to body fat retention and the metabolism of lean body mass (muscle).

Furthermore, with estrogen suppressed we are more likely to experience muscle growth and an increased libido. Those extra 10 pounds of fat will be shed in no time, and your body will be harder and leaner than ever before.


So, how can you manipulate to your diet to make the most out of supplementing with resveratrol?

The Real Resveratrol Diet

Follow these rules to make the most of your resveratrol diet:

  1. Get Resveratrol – get a two month supply of resveratrol (click here to get a free trial)
  2. Use Resveratrol – take your resveratrol every morning with your daily vitamin
  3. Limit Calories – multiply your desired body weight by 12 and limit daily calorie intake to that number
  4. Limit Carbs – aside from your post-workout drink, never consume sugary or starchy carbs after 6pm
  5. Eat Often – eat 3 small meals and 3 snacks each day, large meals are not permitted
  6. Increase Protein – strive for .8 grams of protein per pound of desired bodyweight
  7. Increase Fluids – if you can drink a gallon a day, great! Eight, 8 ounce glasses works too
  8. Get in Motion – if you aren’t working out at least 3 times a week, you should start. If not, make sure to walk as much as possible, take the stairs, ride your bike to work, whatever you can manage.
  9. Record Progress – weight yourself, take measurements, record max lifts, note endurance thresholds… do whatever it takes to track your progress

Here is a sample of some foods you could eat throughout the day. This is by no means a complete diet, but does include somewhere around 2000 calories for the day.

Sample breakfast – 2 eggs plus 4 additional whites, slice of whole grain toast, glass of skim milk, orange (550 cals)

Sample snack – 1 piece of fruit, 1 serving of low fat cottage cheese, water (250 cals)

Sample lunch – turkey, cheese, and veggies wrap with whole grain flat bread, mustard, pickles, low sodium V8 juice (400 cals)

Sample snack – 1 serving of all natural peanut butter with celery, water (250 cals)

Sample dinner – 6 oz of chicken marinaded in your favorite dressing, steamed broccoli, 1 sweet potato, glass of diet soda (450 cals)

Sample snack – 1 serving of sharp cheddar cheese, water (150 cals)


Try to mix up weight training with high intensity cardio 3-4 times a week. You should be exercising for no less than 3 total hours each week. Even more important than dropping 5 pounds, you really want to exercise to maintain good health.

Resveratrol Diet
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