Can Sermorelin Therapy Enhance Mass in Bodybuilding?

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sermorelin therapy to build muscle

People have always been attracted to achieving extraordinary strength, but it’s important to have some knowledge on the subject before proceeding on a hardcore fitness regimen. Sermorelin therapy helps in attaining and maintaining such a feat. It is a GH-RH (growth hormone-releasing hormone) with a peptide sequence of 29 amino acids which works by acting on the pituitary gland in the brain and increasing the endogenous release of HGH (human growth hormone). Nobel Laureates R.Guilleman and Andrew Schalley described the necessity of GHRH for the development and growth of the body, it has been used for both therapeutic age-related diseases and enhanced growth purposes since the 1970s. 

How Sermorelin Works in the Body

After the age of 30, the levels of growth hormone in the human body start to decrease leading to numerous health problems. This can be corrected either by directly injecting either human growth hormone or a releasing hormone peptide (GHRH). Sermorelin therapy is a better alternative to direct HGH administration as it avoids an unnecessary increase in amounts of growth hormone. HGH therapy may also lead to dysfunction and atrophy of the pituitary gland. Another problem with direct HGH is that the body eventually stops responding to it. This helps the human body by providing proven health benefits to Sermorelin.

Increased Muscle Growth with High Levels of Energy

With the decreased growth hormone in the body, the body loses energy levels and the speed of weight gain is increased. GH-RH therapy helps the body to regain energy naturally and allows the body to burn fat fast. Using HGH to help build muscle will require the fat to provide energy for longer durations. The correct levels of hormone enhance the body to support more lean mass and therefore have a huge impact on overall strength, endurance, and vitality for bodybuilding.

Decrease in Body Pain

According to research published in the Journal of Physiology, studies reveal how the wear and tear of tendons, muscles, and ligaments are controlled by growth hormones. GH releases various growth factors like IGF-1, which help in the creation of collagen and maintaining the strength of the body. Hormone therapy lessens joint and muscle pains helping the person to gain more muscle mass and bone density.

Anti-Aging Properties

The aging of the human body is multifactorial and an imbalance of hormones is one side effect that occurs. With increasing age, skin becomes loose and wrinkled. GHRH therapy has shown a significant reduction of wrinkles and regaining a healthier state of the skin. The immune defense of the body also decreases with age making us more prone to illness and infections but therapy can make the immune system more efficient as well.

Other Vital Health Benefits of Sermorelin

The body recovers better from daily life activities and exercises when hormone levels are adequate. It reduces the risk of heart diseases by decreasing LDL or bad cholesterol levels and increasing HDL levels. Sleep quality improvement and decreased mental stress levels with GHRH are additional health benefits required for bodybuilding. You can read a bunch more great information about the pros and cons of Sermorelin at where medical claims are also fact-checked by professionals.

Potential Side Effects 

Adverse reactions to Sermorelin therapy are exceptionally rare but these may include headaches, agitation, nausea, vomiting, or flushing. The most common side effect is the irritation of the injection site, which is often caused by inexperienced self-administration. It may present as pain, redness, swelling, and itching typically lasting for a short duration.

Final Thoughts

Sermorelin is an effective GHRH analog, which is beneficial for various health and age-related problems with minimum side effects. While the functions and effects of Sermorelin are understood, there are no clinical trials undergoing in the USA. Proper evaluation of the body is necessary before using it and the prescription of the doctor is necessary. It is an outstanding substance used not only for bodybuilding but also to promote mental, physical, and overall wellbeing by countering the aging effects on the human body.

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