6 Nootropic Supplements For Boosting Your Mental Focus At The Gym

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Nootropics are supplements or drugs that enhance memory and cognitive development. They are also known as the smart drugs. The mechanism and actions involve increasing the number of neurochemicals present in the body that will cause the increase of oxygen supply and stimulate good nerve function.

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This memory-enhancing supplement is often prescribed to dementia patients and individuals that are known to have a below average IQ. In some cases, this drug is also taken by gym buffs who want to give their mental focus a boost. But, contrary to the belief that this will make people intelligent, Neurohacks.co says these supplements serve as stimulators or a nourishment that bridge the gap in the synapse and, therefore, cause an increase in the mental and intellectual function of an individual.

Nootropic Supplements


Nootropic supplements are supplementary food that greatly affect the memory, conceptual and intellectual and cognitive ability of a human brain. Here are six kinds of these drugs, categorized as follows:


  1. Racetam – known to be the most popular and currently the best seller among nootropics. They greatly increase the IQ level of the brain, mental functioning and improvement of verbal ability.
  2. Stimulants – most familiar kind of nootropics. Caffeine is one of the substances found in this drug.
  3. Cholinergics – a memory enhancer associated with regulating the mood of the individual.
  4. Dopaminergics – any substances affecting the alertness and attentiveness of the brain by increasing dopamine, a chemical found in the brain.
  5. Adaptogens – marvelous kind of nootropic for hormonal balance and increase resistance.
  6. Serotogenics – substances that affect appetite, sleeping pattern and mood of the individual.


Benefits of Taking Nootropics


It is admirable how some people can easily learn or understand any new subject that is presented to them. You can even consider them as geniuses or ultra-fast learners. But the truth is that most of these types of people are like any ordinary person. The difference in what that they do is that they work hard and have the right concentration when they are studying a new subject matter (outliers, not included, of course).


If you are the type of person who has a hard time concentrating no matter what you do, then perhaps you should do take advance nootropics. There are many advantages. Here are a few examples.


  • Helps in focusing mentally. If you are mentally focused on taking in new information, you are more likely to understand it. It can be hard to focus if you are easily distracted; but with this kind of drug, you focus better on what you are doing and shut off any distraction.
  • Boosts your energy. Studying or researching can be a tiring process. If you have low energy while doing these things, you will learn at a very slow rate, if at all. With Nootropics, it can give you more energy, thus allowing you to focus more on what you are doing.
  • Improves your memory. Memorizing is different from actually learning and understanding. Nootropics help improve memory an alertness so that you can do both.
  • Helps in managing stress. Stress is a major distraction because it is an emotional and physical response that’s hard to ignore. If you can manage it and become more relaxed, you can concentrate more.  


The mechanism of nootropics is to raise the number of brain chemicals to promote attentiveness, alertness, psychological function and mental ability. If you want to buy nootropics, there are plenty of stores available all over the world, even online. In fact, some online sources offer discounts for pack orders.


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